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from nerdqueen :
hi! glad you're back i'm way behind in updates. my computer was down for a bout 2 wks, so i had to keep a paper diary. and i need to enter it in here.
from nerdqueen :
hmmm, so how 'bout them royals?
from nerdqueen :
that's an amazing article!!!
from nerdqueen :
haha, well i think obsessive is closer to the truth
from nice2knowu :
Hey! No, I didn't go to the Bizarre festival ... I only got to watch Incubus' performance on TV. But their entire set reminded me soooo much of the things I experienced during summer ... *sigh* Soooo many cool stuff happened back then ... Hehe! Silke (the bitch who pissed me off) asked me if I wanted to come along, she thought of going because of the Toten Hosen, but unfortunately, I was FLAT BROKE when I came back from vaca ... So no Bizarre for me, but for Silke - and she got to see Incubus ... ARGH! Didn't really like them, she said. *shrugz* Don't care about her anyways ... Cheers!
from sarahsmells :
Hey! I'm so glad you like my diary! I didn't even know people, besides myself, ever read it. If you read it all the time, I feel sorry for you, for I am quite the boring person! :) Anyways, it's nice to hear from another Incubus fan! Hope your New Year is starting out smashingly. (Whoa, where did that word come from?..I am Ringo Starr reincarnated.) -Ringo bka Sarah :)

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