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from umygoddess2b :
please email i miss u
from othelladub :
i read your diary here and there. i'm not losing much by your locking it up. not that it wasn't written well (it was) - just that it was quite foreign to a thick-skulled fella like me. best of luck ~
from skazank :
I wish you hadn't locked up. I remember you had this other diary of your fictional writing and there was this one story. about a tin man and a woman made of flower petals and I thought it was absolutely beautiful and I've been trying to find that diary containing that story, I believe it was called snowinsummer.. or something or other. but I can't find it and I was hoping you could email that story to me. I just want to read it again.. I hope you're well.
from umygoddess4b :
pixie please jst email or please just add me to your diary
from umygoddess2b :
pixie i dnt no if u remember me but can u please re add me. i miss u soooo much
from jujub27 :
Hello. I heard from someone that you write beautifully and I would like to sample it for myself. If it's okay, e-mail me your password, please. Thanks.</P><P>*See Mom, I said my pleases and thank yous. Humph!*</P><P></P><P>~Promise~
from xmoonbunnyx :
Pixiekittie... you were always a favorite read of mine. something about your writing style & your life just captivated me.. but you've been locked up for so long now! Please unlock or email me your username/password.. Please?
from umygoddess2b :
You fed me jellybeans and made me guess the flavours. You didn't make me eat the jalapeno ones, or the ones that taste like coconut, because you know I'd hate them. You combined them, to see if they'd really taste like blueberry muffins or cremesicles or whatever the little guidebook said they would taste like. In the scheme of things, this was a small moment, a fleeting bit of time between us. Yet to me, it meant the world. I need some more jellybeans tonight. In a dark room, with a few candles, and you by my side. who else cud write sumtin as powerful as this but u
from umygoddess2b :
baby im here is this girl the queen of the sea spring time reappears wipe these tears from your eyes i found you what i've been looking for all my life and you sink wamting to be sumone else i dont know if you feel the same but i when i listen to long way south i feel so much energy build up inside me that i think i could do anything. attack me while i play lie with me to delay jj72 are so powerfull and i dont think they now just how much they affect people. its here that everything never lived its life reading your diary means so much to me that sum1 else feels th same A girl made of hope poaches from the river Her eyes are lost in hope, heart is made of silver THEY SAY THINGS WILL CHANGE BUT NOTHING WILL CHANGE please reply to me i've spent all my life searching for sum1 like u i g2g now but please reply no body know's where we''ll go
from sweetmeanie :
I read you. And you have an awesome voice. So don't disappear on me!!! Please?
from xpaperdoll :
i want a purple light. & i like british accents. & i'm gonna be a rockstar/author too. yah, we must be cool or something.
from kittieluvur :
hello....i just wanted to let you know what an amazing person i think you....hahaha. dont ask, ive been reading your diary for a while now...and its wonderful! i think i shall add you to my buddy list...oh and i was just your that like kitte the band...or just like kittens? yea. just curious i guess....thats all for now... *Tracie*
from short13 :
love you page..just wanted to tell you that...
from interview-me :
get interviewed
from philferspink :
nice read. my names sarah by the way... have fun with life. rah rah
from heavenawaits :
you are so adorable!! <3 <3
from eyenotme :
I've been reading your diary for months now. I just thought I'd at least let you know that every other night I pry into your most personal of thoughts. Please forgive me for doing so, but also, thank you for giving me the opportunity to read the thoughts of such an amazing person. Thank you so much. Oh, and I hope you find your bunny.
from kittykat202 :
Wow i really love your diary and your screen name! kitties absolutely rule :) lol cant u tell? Yea we kats rule forever! stay cool and unique! I love your layout for your diary too purple ish my favorite color love kittykat

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