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from jm-obsession :
I understand how hard it is to do a million things at once, and what school is like when there are other things going on. Best wishes, I hope everything works out for the best. Have a Jones, Carly
from vbitch :
Hey there...I'm going through the Montreal member list and inviting everyone to partake in a little get together at McKibbins on the 24th of September. Drop me a note/email if you're interested! Cheers.
from etherealone :
Despite the fact that more time than due is being spent on the coward-who-feels-the-need-to-hide-under-a-blanket-of-anonymity, I just had to know what all the fuss was about re: the anonymous post in cf's g-book. From the looks of things, this person spends WAY to much time concerned with you and Beau's life to really have a life of his/her own. Having said that, the fact this individual chooses to remain nameless strongly suggests that he/she has some sort of alterior motive. It does not make sense to be so deeply disturbed by such a happy announcement, particularly if they don't know either of you personally. Perhaps this pathetic soul felt betrayed by their own parent when they remarried? Or maybe is secretly in love with one of you? Or perhaps is living in a miserable marriage and is in need in a good f*ck? What really blow my mind is how people can so easily view and judge others' lives through the incredible filter of tunnel vision,picking and choosing their "proof", and thus support their ideas that apparently lack any substance. Whatever. Now, that I got that off my chest, I just wanted to congratulate the both of you. I wish you, Beau,and the girls lots of love and happiness. Congrats.
from etherealone :
I just wanted to say thank you for the words of encouragement regarding the job (for which I did get hired, by the way!!:) Trust me, I'm already planning a little pampering session, although I haven't decided exactly what I would like to do. Shopping spree? Massage? Both perhaps? Anyway, I hope things have settled down since the Hallowe'en blowout. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us, although I understand the feeling that one might have caused some sort of damage that can never be repaired. More than likely, it will be forgotten in time. Often, it's a bigger deal for ourselves than for anyone else. I once *blew* up at my BF when he came home with some friends and made a bit of noise, when I was already in bed. I used the excuse that it was because I was working the next morning, but truth be told, it was more the realization that I'm almost 30, and "is it normal that people come over at three am?", blah blah, not to mention that I was a little intoxicated myself... I ended up not only blowing up at BF, but also being rude to his friends. In the end, it was no big deal. And anyway, sometimes we thing these little outbursts were spontaneous, but I would say that, often, they are really just a symptom of unaddressed fear. I dunno... just a thought.
from minstrelite :
Yes, my motivation is exactly as you suspect. To me, the infant baptism is meaningless because I, as an infant, was incapable of making a conscious choice to accept Christ. When I was 30 years old, I was capable of making that conscious choice, and I in fact did so. It seems appropriate to me now to follow-up that choice with a consciously chosen baptism. Thank you for your most articulate inquiry.
from tornlace :
thanks :) *anything for education of course!* :)
from dharmabum :
i stumbled onto yr journal andjust wanted to wish you good luck w. everything. you seem truly positive and good-hearted, and i wish you all the best.
from a-splinter :
hey guess what... that's supposed to be GASP. Not gsp. Because that just sounds like somebody farted. And I didn't. So GASP!
from a-splinter :
Sometimes, when I'm bored and bold, I don't even colour outside the lines. No ma'am. I use MARKER. *GSP!*
from a-splinter :
I have no idea when they're going to get rid of the signs. I don't even know if they KNOW they have these ridiculous NO EARS ALLOWED signs hanging around the province. I also don't know if they're anywhere else in Canada. So far -- I've seen multiples of stupid signs in other parts of canada but no NO EARS ALLOWED signs. Hope you enjoyed Americon idol.
from a-splinter :
Hey Politika. Thanks for adding me to your favourites. I appreciate it. Take care please.
from mythicalgirl :
arghh they are a pure bitch and its the only time i love being one..i have my reasons and boy dont people watch how they treat me haha

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