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from whystinger :
When he goes dark and says "those things" do you know if he has been drinking? Maybe he is a nasty drunk or he may be bitter from the accident. I find that lately I am a bit bitter and I am working through that myself.
from whystinger :
Interesting diary, wondered why I have not discovered you before, but then I. Congrats on the retirement, find something to keep you active and you will love it. Me, I am still working.
from stardumb :
hey, really like your diary. will be stopping by!
from bliss-sad :
You are just a heroically wonderful human being, and I love your diary!
from casa-rosie :
Yes, but the deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain. I never consider suicide, simply because I believe in multiple lives. If I don't get it right this lifetime, I will have to deal with it next quote a song from the Indigo Girls, "Look what I had to overcome from my last life, I think I'll write a book!" And yes, I sing that song often at karaoke. Figure out what lesson you are being taught, embrace it, love yourself and everyone in your life, and then move on. OK?
from stepfordtart :
"moving out of victimhood" can only be a good thing, huh? : ) s x
from sexonatable :
amazing I started to read your entry and was amazed I can totally identify being overweight is a giant pain!! Theres so much I want to do but I just feel like I can't!! GOOD Luck! I added u to my favorites also!!
from dragprincess :
Good for you. This is all painful, painful shit, and the hallway seems long, but you've walked through the door and somewhere, a window is open for you to get back through and into Light. So proud of you!
from wildrosie :
Check out "Sell This House". They figure out why a home isn't selling, and then make adjustments to it. Sometimes, we stop really "seeing" our space, and having someone else's input helps! Maybe you can pick up some tips, or maybe even have them come out and feature your house! Meanwhile, congrats on your new grandbaby, and I'm glad all is well with Diana. I know about the tickling thing, my brothers would hold me down and tickle me until I just cried and screamed. I hated it!
from wildrosie :
Hi Sweetie, glad things between you and Diana are going well. Keep plugging away with your relationship with Zach though, because that relationship is important too. Love and hugs! Oh, and email me for my password, OK?
from wildrosie :
It will get better when Diana gets there darlin'! I'm just waiting until Zeb gets back here next I know what you mean.
from elgan :
It looks like you'll have to change your self-description in your profile.
from dangerspouse :
Would I josh you? A woman I've never met? Men NEVER lie to women over the internet. You should know that by now. Hey, thanks for the nice note at my place - that cracked me up :)
from wildrosie :
Where in Arizona? (Do you see me jumping up and down in my chair?) I am close to Tucson, and I could even manage to get to Phoenix. Or you could come on down and I could show you Tombstone! My regular e-mail is wild west rosie at yahoo dot com
from hissandtell :
Fabulous, amazing and whooshingly wonderful - and no, of course you're not nuts! I think I know exactly how you felt, darling. Lord knows I've had my own phantom phucks over the years... Love, R xxx
from wildrosie :
Karaoke. Hooray for the weak side, maybe I can manage to get rid of another 12 pounds myself, then I'd only have the fibroid and maybe 20 pounds to go! I actually RAN about 1 block a few days ago! Huffed and puffed, and damned near died, but hey, I RAN! I do wish I could just blithely say "Read some of Rosie's porn to get yourself worked up," but I do remember what I felt like on Prozac and Xanax. Rather like someone had put a rubber sheet between me and my clit. It sucked. Just keep plugging darlin', and it will all get better sooner or later. That's my mantra, anyway! ~Rosie~
from hissandtell :
It says your comments section is turned off, doll. Here's the note I tried to leave: Wonderful to hear you sounding so chipper, darling. You new hair sounds marvellous - you know, my life simplified beautifully when I surrendered hairstyle decision-making to my hairdresser: "Just make me look 30, tousled and sexy as hell, and don't cut too much off." Stay happy and keep stretching! Love, R xxx
from wildrosie :
Hah! I knew I would find you here Hiss! I love the wobbling on a bike to get smokes, realizing the money ain't there, and the general futility of it all...ending of course, perfectly, with a quick trip and almost-instant gratification! Gotta watch those oral fixations though! Oh, and I'll promise to walk every day faithfully from now on if you do too! Let's be so gorgeous our menfolk won't know what to do with us!
from hissandtell :
Damn that jzyjsmalls getting to be your first! Thanks for reading, darling, and for the comment on your profile page (I think). I've caught up on all your entries now, and I absolutely love your writing. "Militantly aroused"? Gracious! (Reminds me of my DL buddy who, at 40ish and with a couple of children, still has a "GI Jane Pussy" - which apparently can bust condoms...) Drum Circle sounds positively wonderful, as does the life you and your paramour are embracing. I'm looking forward to reading much more. Love, R xxx
from jzyjsmalls :
Oh, I get to be first? I love it when I'm first! Unchartered terrain, hehehe. Thanks for the nice message on my guestbook! I am trying to keep it real but I don't think I've moved on quite yet. I know I'm ready for something new but I think I might be looking too hard right now, if that's possible.

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