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from bi-pet :
stumbled across your diary... love it... will come back.. soon?!
from thewren :
from twelvesteps :
my giant head got stuck in between subway doors. hi what's up.
from a177 :
Happy Birthday!
from againststuff :
piegons with their toxic vomit. but who will feed them? i will take the blame. it was me with the vegan bread!!
from onestparade :
It sounds like a pretty good plan if you are indeed intrested in getting in the sack with hot underage girls. Unfortunatly, I get the girl card more than the bro card so the same plan wouldn't work as well for me.
from onestparade :
I know, I realized this after a while. I'm sorry, I only found out that you were a female after I added that too but I didn't bother to check if I called you a him or a her. I'm sorry. I'll fix it for you.
from parlance :
I am the Walrus.
from ohsoxpretty :
you = very very awesome
from bluechicken :
since i have never seen the inside of my calf i can only assume that it is hollow and meant for storing cough drops.
from neighborhood :
mister harvey, just like your candy bars, you are completely nuts.
from elipsis :
so glad to have found this brilliance. don't ever stop writing...
from lostwithzeal :
I think it's called "hyperventilating"
from steadysilent :
xxxooo happy holidays...yr pure beauty.
from neighborhood :
those birds are the cutest things that every existed. i'm telling you.
from girlgenie :
theres not a lot of me left. you know what i mean? sending love, bee
from disquiet :
too true, too true. xo.
from vixenated :
Is there anyway to go back in time with your entries?.......I wrote once before about using some of your photography for a layout, but now i can't get to it :)
from eyesonthesky :
I've missed your longer entries.
from disruptions :
i like you a lot. that's all there is to say. (and your photography=<3)
from brokenwords- :
hmm looovely <3
from eyesonthesky :
Now that I look back on prom 5 years later, I wonder why on earth I spent that much money. And my ribs grew and I was never able to even wear my dress again.
from eyesonthesky :
so are you completely abandoning projectavoid?
from defect :
shhhh ... between you and I, you're my favorite.
from needstorage :
i love you
from heartshaped :
hello. we should talk. soon. cheers.
from heartshaped :
have i ever told you how amazing you are? well. you fucking are.
from thisisjohn :
natalie rocks my world.
from submarine :
you put me as one of your favourites. god daamn hi- five buddy!! thanks!
from girlgenie :
i got it today!!!! <3<3<3 can i post it to my site with a big heartful thank you >???? xo.bee
from submarine :
"give me a hi-five!" love anna.
from heartshaped :
diary goodness = you.
from xlastkissx2 :
from xlastkissx2 :
oh goody.. it'll give me something to do with my otherwise pathetic existance. um... damn im offended. may i ask why im not on your favorite diaries?
from super :
from heartshaped :
i fucking love this. xo.
from unamerican :
any group activity that forces people to be happy is, by nature, evil.
from thisisjohn :
haha. nat. you crack me up. I would hug you if I could. my jaw cracks when I open it too. Ive had two grandmal (the bad ones) siezures before. yeah... bad stuff. My license got revoked, it was a terrible thing. my list goes on. I should be dead. anyways. hi.
from projectavoid :
Leaving notes is the coolest! So do it!

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