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from whystinger :
Astro Glide can be very very slippery and caused my wife to not like it, she couldn't feel me - too slippery. Come to think of it, I didn't like it either. Try K-Y warming lotion. Only draw back is it is sort of sticky later, but no biggie, just wash...
from parallel- :
Hello, i am millie, one of the council members from Parallel-, its a writting group. where you can write any of your thoughts and lyrics and poems. its a public diary..all you ahve to do to write an entry is be loged in to diaryland, and join our group(its free) Please join! we've just started and we'd love if you joined us!- millie
from taura :
come back! we miss you!
from randomlush :
I'm so glad I found your new diary! I had just started reading your old one when you stopped posting. I can get my daily fix now!
from siddel :
Ugh, I was on effexor for a while and I completely agree with "stay away". I sympathise and hope you're feeling better!
from prosti :
Not pregnant. 100% sure of that.
from palmer194194 :
There could be a possiblity that you are pregnant, you might wna to go to the doctor to make sure that you are not
from desenchantee :
The image works for me. It's cute! And yay, the prev/forward buttons work!
from danny930 :
Hey girl, I am responding to your entry "Herbal Pads." I know you love to talk about periods, and I find all of your information on everything useful. So I have a question, I am 15 and a virgin, I started my period when I was about 12 and I have never missed a period or been late for one. And recently I missed one, I was supposed to start like 3 or 4 weeks ago and I have not, though I have been getting my regular cramps and back pains and stuff. I told my mom and she thinks its just stress, but I am still scared since its my first time. I was just wondering if you had any information to tell me or if you could help me get though this, because I am really scared! Thanks, Danielle.
from virlomi :
along with the prev/next links, the "older" link isn't working either . . . love reading you again regardless :)
from catpewk :
Grrr....Just go look at the source code. You'll see what I mean :)
from catpewk :
Ok let me try that again. It translated them :> They're displaying as <PRE><</PRE> and <PRE>></PRE>
from catpewk :
Hey you :) Your previous/next links are messed up. For some reason the HREF < and > are displaying as < and > Just thought you'd want to know :)
from crazyglue :
Welcome back!

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