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from rachel-what :
You people are creepy as in you and your diary friends.
from rachel-what :
Your funny...heeheehee
from crayonsdraw :
where have you been? I look for a new entry every day, and yet, you aren't there.... hmmmm... I hope all is well. Dusti
from iamthegraham :
hello~ you are very welcome for me adding you to my are very fun and entertaining. thank you for brightening my day with your entries! well..bye! *p.s.~thanks for the dog advice* *p.s.again:i am a miss..not a mr.* bye!
from periphrastic :
No problem -- I love filling out surveys. And the stick joke is just a classic. Another of my favourites is: "Where does a general keep his armies?" "Up his sleevies." So cute...
from crayonsdraw :
thanks for the message puppett! It was really inspiring! I appreciate it and I will think about it and continue to read it until I get off my arse and do something about it! :) Dusti
from felibhat :
How exciting! You are the first person to leave me a note - thank you. BTW, I TOTALLY agree with you about trains - there's some kind of conspiracy to isolate the population by removing all forms of public transport. My theory is that trains are being abducted by aliens for bizarre reproductive experiments - or perhaps to relieve commuter congestion on Mars where there is currently a train shortage. Don't get me started on the alleged bus service in Cambridgeshire! PS hope the mind probe results are positive. PPS hope you thought really interesting thoughts while it was happening - scientists are still trying to isolate the "kinky pervert random association" area of the brain
from castigada :
Muchas gracias for answering my survey. I have a sinking feeling we've met somewhere before, and it wasn't very much fun for either of us. Something to do with a plastic sheet and a jar of Branston Pickle.
from inarticulate :
How about if I write it like this? H*ll's Ang*ls. Don't know if you have them there on the island, heh, but I bet you've heard of them. Sometimes I write things funny to throw off the Googlers.
from ugly-arms :
you seem pretty cool. you're banner made me giggle. i'm glad i visited, will do again, too. i like you. x loni
from naked-desire :
so, its now 4.30pm and I have typed very little since we spoke. Having said I am now focused, I have read the criteria for the assignment and have now been thrown into panic mode! If I had the rest of next week off I don't think I would be able to finish this thing. And, guess wot? It's all a load of crap! (yep, that old thing!) Can't wait until 7.00 so you can hug me and tell me its okay and I am doing fine. This is one of the things I need from you. Loadsa love, always, KLxxx
from naked-desire :
p.s. any bugger else can read it, so why not me? I have the monkeys on my shoulders you see!
from naked-desire :
ah hah! Found you at last! I am still scared to open your diary in case I don't like what I see. But then I shouldn't be so judgemental cos its yours and not mine. And if it was a diary in your bedside drawer then I wouldn't dream of touching it. Aaaarrgghhh! Help me!

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