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from saudades :
Ragnhild! OMG I just logged in and saw you updated last month. I miss you SO MUCH!!! When was the last time we talked? I'm still alive. I don't think I've seen you in like ten years, but I love you!!!
from rubygirl :
diaryproject...? No. I don't think I ever posted there. This is the first I'm hearing about it. Why do you ask?
from mbarestfrog :
hi, do you like old skool? could you read my diary entry called "quest for song" ? have you heard this song by any chance? thanks :)
from bluescar :
Amazed. touched.
from sherpahigh :
Heya... I noticed you've added me to your favs... Thanks. I'll be reading your diary too if you don't mind. Feel free to sign my guestbook if you like. :)
from thisisjohn :
hi. you are neat. i like you.
from n0a :
thank you. oh, and my design is by lex.<--go there.
from fishlegs :
Thanks for your advice about the stalker. He just apologised - via e-mail - so I think I'm safe. Please send me your new url...
from pinupgirl :
Ragn! It's so sad to see you leave, please e-mail me with the new addy. I hope everything turns out ok, I know how hard this is...I changed sites six months ago for the same reason. Can't wait to see you back!
from vinylflower :
I am linked by someone else... being called a traveller and rambeller. I like the way you describe me better... one of your absolute favorites. *giggle*
from escape53 :
Oh..its good to see your diary you..all the best..Daisy
from pinupgirl :
Hi dearie...Just thoguht I would drop you a line telling you how much I love love love you. Thanks so much for the linkage, and btw--I update again. Keep being lovely!
from auditorynerv :
Ragsie sweetie...i hope you don't take offence to what i wrote in my diary you ;)
from auditorynerv :
*starts laughing* notice how most of the entries left in here are from me? I had a quick scroll down - and most of the entries were from me...heheh. :) damn that was funny. lots of love and all that mushy stuff...
from brirose :
Hello darling, leaving a message because I love all your messages in my guestbook...well I must run, talk to you soon.
from auditorynerv :
oops...i'm evil. my parents are cleaning up the house properly at the moment because it hasn't been cleaned like this since we bought it (which was about 31 years ago or something, when my parents migrated from scotland). they decided that we needed a new cable to the phone line and i wasn't allowed to access the internet and stuff...we had dismantled teh computer as well because we're moving it to another room. please forgive me, i give you my humblest apologies *bow bow scrape scrape* :)) i'm glad you missed me though...
from octavian :
So, I see I'm not on your favorite diaries :(
from auditorynerv :
oops...i deleted the entry on purpose. ignore the comment before this one. elsker deg...why haven't you updated? :(
from auditorynerv :
Hey Rags! go and look at my gbook - some person (no idea who it was) signed my guestbook with the funniest entry...
from auditorynerv :
elo bebe :) i checked the mail today and there was nothing there from you *sigh* i'm wondering if you got the address right? it wasn't very clear on the back...can you mail me what you thought it was, please? also...i don't mind you putting up the poetry on your site, but I WANT MORE RAGNHILD POETRY!! i finished writing it all down...*boo hoo*
from auditorynerv :
hey, hunny... :) i still haven't got your letter and i'm not likely to get it until about wednesday because, i don't know about norway, but there's no deliveries on public holidays. *sighz* i'll live...somehow...
from auditorynerv :
I haven't got the letter yet - it takes about a week and a day for a letter to get from you to me, and 6 days for a letter to get from you to me. i think it has something to do with the time differences. i might get it today, so... :) i'll collect the post in anticipation. i love and miss you...*squeezes the breath out of rags with her hugs* OOH! and a kiss too *kyss kyss kyss*
from auditorynerv :
ragsie, have you tried to make yourself happy? it might sound weird...but...anything's worth a try if you're desperate.
from auditorynerv :
uhm, rags...your many visitors might be due to the fact that i've been reading your diary from start til...i think i got up to may 2000 today...*looks guilty*
from auditorynerv :
dear must be such a pain for you, my dear...*pulls you into her arms for a nice big hug*
from wickedwitch :
Type your comment here! Hello im daria u dont know me but id like to get to know u: my email is [email protected] I really love those flowers on the side of ur diary! :)
from snowy :
� hate skolen! Men � blir enda surere p� m�sj�l n�r � hele tia glemme � snakke m d�. H�pe du har d bra, f�r d bedre, etterhvert. E bekymra for d�. *masse store klemma*
from auditorynerv :
i meant guestbooks by the way...
from auditorynerv :
*hugs* i'm going to miss you heaps, rags. i'll repeat this every day that you're gone, just in different diaries. *hugs more*
from milkwood :
~~hug~~ you're too beautiful to kill yourself, dear. ~~tighter embrace~~ But i know what it feels like to want to die. Just remember that life can be as beautiful as it is tormenting. I wish i could sing you a lullabye woven of deep resonous fractallous breaths....Actually, i will...telepathically. Hope you receive it.
from stinef :
Kj�re Ragnhild, f�rst m� jeg si tuuuuuuusen takk for den utrolige hyggelige note'n jeg akkurat s� p� min analyzer. Har aldri f�tt s� mye skryt i hele mitt liv jeg s� jeg ble helt satt ut :) tusen takk....*klem* Men s� m� jeg si at jeg f�r helt vondt i magen av � lese om hva du gj�r mot deg selv. Du m� ikke holde p� s�nn... v�r s� snill... Du er det varmeste mennesket jeg noengang har m�tt, enda jeg aldri har m�tt deg face to face. Du er helt fantastisk og det m� du innse. Du m� ikke fortsette s�nn Ragnhild....kj�re deg... h�rer du?
from auditorynerv :
also, check your gbook. it should be working again...
from auditorynerv :
ragnhild, please, PLEASE stop doing this to yourself. it's tearing me apart. i cried when i saw that you had made another attempt on your life. i love you so much, you're everything, EVERY BLOODY THING, to me. you're more than a best friend to me. pleeeeeeeeaaaasee....i love you so much...
from maneki-neko :
from auditorynerv :
I can't leave comments anywhere but here!! Okay, i was going to say that, if you like, you can join mickey and i when we travel the world. we're going to do it at like, 5 years at a stretch. want to??
from auditorynerv :
DAMMIT!! i meant to write more. i accidentally clicked on tabe and space bar at the wrong time. damn keyboard. anyway. q has a lot to say. thta's one thing. and i miss you a lot! you haven't written in your diary all's monday here and i'm still waiting waiting waiting...DAMN! WRITE!!
from auditorynerv :
from frozensoul :
Finland. ^_^ Nice diary you got here. :)
from rag :
Roger isn't a penpal but a friend, I'm afraid:)
from carp :
thank you for the compliments on my analyzer. i find your diary rather disturbing and hope that you eliminate self-mutilation, rape, and masturbating pen pals from your life. i'd like to see more poetry and maybe a direction; goals in your life, dreams, future plans, etc.
from mehr :
I adore you! You are so wonderful and fantastic... when I see that you leave comments it makes me want to write more and more and read more and more. I just wish I had the patience. Thank you for reading, and thank you for helping to bring back to diaryland... I really appreciate it. It helps me b/c it's harder for people to understand me when I talk, since I don't convey emotions well through speaking. Thank you again, and keep up *YOUR* good work!
from vonnie :
You're the very first person ever to link me. Thanks so much for that great compliment. Have a great day! PS- Did you ever sign my guestbook? Just wonderin'...

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