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from hamiltonian :
You asked me once to do a guest entry. I never git around to it ... Sorry but with Leslie Irene gone I felt it appropriate to say something about a hall of famer here on dland.
from clipchick :
Woman, I missed you! It was good to get the update on your life. Glad to hear you're happy, and that things are going pretty well.
from anita-girl :
Hey I wanted to let you know that I added you. Looking forward to 'getting to know you' and hearing about your wedding plans!
from grandbeach :
I totally get the whole family feud thing and that would suck if she showed up. But ultimately that'll just show everyone how horrible she is, so should that happen, just remember that. I just think that you're being a little hard on James, that's all. Poor guy probably didn't realize at all that he shouldn't tell her anything. And remember, he's a guy. They don't think the same way we do. :) Good luck.
from doing-it :
wedding planning sucks. it really does. I hated it too and just wanted the whole thing to be over with and be married already. but really, looking back after 7 months now, I kind of miss it. it was fun, having something to look forward to. it was fun feeling special and knowing that you were planning something that you would look back on for the rest of your life. soon it will all be over with, and it's kind of wierd at first, there's almost a sense of the the post-wedding blues or something where you are no longer the center of attention. I guess what I'm trying to say is: enjoy right now. enjoy the engagement. parts of it sucks, but when it's over, you will actually kind of miss it. :)
from after- :
Love is all your really need, IMHO

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