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from banefulvenus :
stop by and check out my newest project. : )
from pink-circle :
I've noticed your interest in poetry. (and art?) and I'm sending you this *circle invite* because I think you would be a great member for this group. To join, visit here: ---- for more information, visit here: ----- thanks for your time. ~Pink
from sadgreeneye :
Hey, I got your email. My Gold thing ran out, and I'm not gonna pay for it again. BUT, I have a website now. Check it out, let me know what you think. I haven't been much for writing lately. I dunno, summer is here, I guess. Anyway, I'll talk to you later. --Joshua
from sadgreeneye :
Hey, I'm doing good. Glad you had fun in Mexico and all that. :) I'm ready for summer. It rains too much in Boston during spring. Oh well, I'll get over it, heh. Have a good day. --Joshua
from sadgreeneye :
Hope you're having fun in Mexico! Let me know how you're doing if you get this. Hey, say this to some guy down there and see what happens: "Tu llenas mi sueños con vision de angel" heh... :) I hope you are well. Take care --Joshua
from banefulvenus :
Hey there, the clock is a java script code. If you click on my page and view the source, it is embeded within the code
from sadgreeneye :
Hey, thanks. Those cows are cool! I want one, but I don't think it'd fit in my studio apartment. heh. I haven't talked to you for a while, I hope you are well. --Joshua
from sadgreeneye :
Heh, Thanks! You're wonderfully random as well. I don't have an interent connection at home anymore, so email is difficult for the moment, but I can still check it from work. Talk to you later. --Joshua
from sadgreeneye :
Hey, my email address is [email protected] if you want send me an email. See ya --Joshua
from greengrin :
hiya. to quote stephan king-the key to good writing is being non-judgemental. hence your critics can't be such great writers. hope that helps ya: )
from sadgreeneye :
Hey, I'm glad you're here. That's awesome that you read some of your poetry in public. That's pretty brave. I gotsta give ya props for that. :) Diaryland is about the limits of my courage as of now. Where did you read it at? Thanks for always encouraging me Randimac. What's your first name, by the way(Randi??), if you don't mind telling me. By the way, don't listen to jerks who criticize your writing; especially the anonymous the ones. I like your diary, and; if you think about it, that's all that really matters, right? :) I'll talk to you in a couple of miles, ok? --Joshua
from adeliatala :
I love your layout! Thanks for the note :o)
from sadgreeneye :
Yeah, music means everything when you have your own story behind it.
from banefulvenus :
thanks so much for the note! your site still rocks!
from sadgreeneye :
Thanks! I don't know if it's gonna happen, though. Ughhhh, life sucks when you're sick. Have a good one! :) --Joshua
from heartshaped :
lucy in the sky with diamonds. right on. <3
from banefulvenus :
thanks for stopping by the site.... really enjoyed your note... :)
from pinky77 :
i love your journal-you have a new fan ,putting you on my favs -jenny
from sadgreeneye :
You're not alone, and running always ends up sucking more than staying when the reasons are wrong. Yew can dooo it(think Waterboy) We've all been crazy once. :) have a good day --Joshua
from sadgreeneye :
SWEET, you're awesome! That's the best idea ever! I think it's time to meet the neighbors, and see how much money it will take to have an encore performance on my boss' car. "Come on, boys, ten more dollars if ya get some on the windshield!" Ya, that totally sucks, though. I think I'm gonna talk to my boss' boss tommorrow, and make 'em see it my way.(ya know what I'm sayin? I've got friends in the North End) :) I'd bring it on Italian Mafia style! Well, probably not, but I'll just woo her with slick words. "The light from that there big ol' orange ball in the sky makes your eyes look real purty." Ha, that's what 2 years in Texas will do to ya. Alright, I'm just talking out of ass now. Have a good night. --Joshua
from sadgreeneye :
Hey, thanks for saying that you love my poems. You rock! Ok, that's all. Talk to ya later. --Joshua
from sadgreeneye :
Yeah, it's funny how we think we are so cool when were drunk, but we're really just asses. It's the "miracle self-esteem booster" BREAKING IN WITH AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT "Are you having problems with your social life?, Well, we have the answer for you! It's called 'alchohol', it tastes great, and it's good for you!!" Anyway, it was funny as hell. Peace-out --Joshua
from clareee :
Hey, I don't post my own poetry in my diary, but I've quoted Neruda in it here: <url></url> I don't know if that's what you meant. Your diary is lovely. Take care
from sadgreeneye :
Hey, Thanks! Praise is always appreciated. You're not such a bad writer yourself. I hope you're having a good day. What state are you in? Just curious. Thanks again! --Joshua
from musicjunkee :
If you want me to make you a layout, just let me know if you want anything specific on it. Or IM me. lpgurl724. xoxo, rock.
from talkin-blues :
Thanks for your note.
from musicjunkee :
Thank you for the compliment & thank you for adding me to your buddylist. I look forward to reading more of your diary, so keep updating. :) xoxo, rock.
from thisisjohn :
yeah. diaryland popularity is weird. Im not even on it much anymore, so it dont matter, I guess. I like talking to people though, and seeing into their minds, so diaryland is a good forum for doing so. We see into eachother's mind. Kind of interesting. Most people don't even care what's in my mind, those people outside of diaryland, that is. so yeah. the choice is yours. I dont like doing paypal because they charge .30 cents and 3%. when .30 is off like 15 dollars, thats nothing, but when people are trying to send you a dollar, its like, a lot. so yeah. thanks for reading me. ;)
from tenaciousnat :
heya ^_^ jus browsin & red ur diary hope ur sound Take care xXx Nat

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