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from readnglst999 :
Where is clarity25? Recent vacation blog - "Eric's" Photobucket account -
from hamiltonian :
being and becoming , there is a major difference
from supermom3604 :
I just wanted to say I stumbled across your diary and I am going through my "quarter-life crisis" too, and I thought I was the only one who used that term. So, hi!
from nightmare54 :
Hey I'm a total retard, so how do I read Zack Braff's Blog/Diary? or any other celeb's blog stuff? is this just a google thing or is there a secret club I have to join? is there a lot of semi-famous people with blogs? so many questions.
from clarity25 :
Thank you for your encouraging note during my pregnancy scare, it's strange that we went through the same experience at nearly the same time. It's good to know that someone else my age can truly relate to that feeling of not being ready and relief that they have more time!
from clarity25 :
Hi, Thanks so much for your note and adding me to your favorites list. I've been reading through your diary, I loved the book quiz (fun!), your pics and I'm also a fellow sims addict. I'm working my way through your archives, I'll be back to read more. Just wanted to say "Hi!".
from purplecigar :
Hey there. Thank you very, very much for adding me to your faves! I've only visited a couple of your entries, but I'll be back. You can take that as a threat or a promise...up to you.
from ubergrrl :
I just felt like writing you a note. So hi. How's things down the hall? I think you should bitch about work more in your diary. Because it's funny. And it makes me not feel so bad about how much of a bitch I am in my diary describing the stupid fuckers we work with. ;)
from katyln :
Joel will always have people that are obsessed with him. I wish I knew his secret. Funny that Sarah still is. That girl drives me nuts. Oh and funny that his new roomate is. I think that all of us have the best relationship with him. Granted I'm totally obsessed when I'm around him, but usually only if his girl isn't there. :) Ahhh...Joel
from ubergrrl :
Anger!! It's because your boss was acting like a complete and total asshole.. I am a witness. He gets so PMS-y sometimes. I think he tends to be 5 times as moody as you and I combined. We should start charting his "man-cycle" on a calendar, so we'd know when bringing him Krispy Kremes will actually be worthwhile.
from decemberguy :
Well I for one missed your entries..
from splashitup :
i locked my diary, but if you the password, just drop me a line
from soulfan24 :
Hey there! Found your site through the U2 ring. Stop by and say hey sometime. You're more than welcome. ~Hannah
from decemberguy :
Hey there..if you're coming to Seattle give me a holler. I'd love to meet you..
from moo-review :
Your review is now up at
from decemberguy :
I'm starting to think you're cooler every entry I read..this guy Brian should consider himself lucky.
from diaryreviews :
your review is up at
from splashitup :
i haven't read your diary yet, but i noticed what you wrote about ayn rand. i COMPLETELY agree...its an evil book that sucks you in. i never know if i like it or hate it.
from decemberguy :
You've got the coolest looking cat I've ever seen. That Married by America show was kinda crap..that dude that spent time in the Russian Wilderness should've got that girl..not those other two guys.
from crosover :
I like your review of the grammies. I know John Mayer didn't dress up, but he was still wonderful. I loved his performance. He didn't do all that stuff on his guitar on the cd. I mean, I have it. He & Nora were my favorites at the grammies.
from decemberguy :
I passed through Boulder Colorado coming back home for Xmas. That is one beautiful town. If you are around there, you should consider yourself lucky.
from decemberguy :
Thanks for the note. I'm glad you liked my writing, and I'll be sure to check out yours. BTW, I too have a major thing for Liv Tyler. Brunettes are much cooler than Blondes..
from wonderwall :
practically every time bono opens his mouth its something so profound that it makes me weak in the knees. and the edge oozes coolness, his shirt was awesome. i've been listening to "boy" lately and marvelling at how a band could be so goddamn amazing for over 20 years!! :)

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