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from caged-freed :
Hey, this is just a note to let you know that I'm trying to resurrect C.A.G.E.D. - and I really hope you'll contribute. Check out the updated info, and take care!
from reikihealing :
PS: Several of the members no longer are current. fluteguy07, venusianspy, esthetika and keilakeren. Just thought I'd let you know.
from reikihealing :
Hi, I've just started this website for a Reiki healing group I know personally, but the site it welcome to all who practice or are interested in Reiki. Based on you being a member on the Reiki diaryring, I thought you would be interested. I only just set up the site, so there isn't much to see yet, but a newsletter, symbol pictures and descriptions, and such are all soon to come. The site will be public, anyone will be able to post to it with their experences, advice, questions, pictures, and bio-pages for members. Leave me a note if you're interested or to decline this invitation. ~Phoenix
from windshadow :
Why yes, I am still alive. And so out of touch it's not funny. If you don't hate me for dropping off the face of the planet, drop a line in my guestbook and I'll let you know the best way to get in touch.
from linkmm88 :
hi i like this can u please leave a note in my u know profile
from candora :
Happy V-Day, dangit! :)
from studio-66 :
wow!! really tres tres impressive page!!!!!:)
from moive :
Hi there. Thank you for writing me back. I'm 14. I do alot of things but the best things I do are, Atv race. Football playing, Feild Hockey, Basketball, bowling<--Those are on a league. I also like to write poetry,I also love to hang with friends and go to the movies. I have blonde hair and blue eyes,But I bet you don't care about that hehehe. Where do you live??? Well I gotta jet, It's about 11:54 and I gotta hit the hey, I got big plans tomarrow. Have a wonderfull weekend!! Hope to talk to you soon. Oh and I will be checking out more about you soon. Take care Rock On! :)
from moive :
Rock ass Diary. I would like to get to know you a little bet more... whats your name, age and hobbies??? Well Hope all is well, take care, Rock on. Kaitlyn Aka Crashbob
from catz-eyes :
Ooops! as well as the 'Cold Case' diaryring :)
from catz-eyes :
hi, just wanted to say welcome and thank you for joining the 'A CSI Fan' diaryring :) =^..^=
from bettyalready :
I really like your diary layout. I love a site that has lot's of stuff on it.
from supercilious :
Why thank you very much :). And the same for you! 2005 just may very well be the best year ever, I'm opening a photography gallery :). Will announce when I have the specifics. Cheers!
from wordsofmine :
Happy new year to you as well. Thanks for stopping by. Good writing this coming year!
from rustyrake :
same to you!
from candoor :
too long I have not visited your wonderful world of words and ideas and arts and beauty (so typical of me, to avoid that which inspires me most)... and words of praise and admiration I left for you were so long ago (and as candora or funda, perhaps), they may be forgotten... but the feeling of wanting to belong in your world remains every time I visit, so I confess my apreciation for your being in this world once again and accept the fool I am with a smile I hope you can share... and I hope your merry happy new year is the best you've know yet :)
from kiosh :
Hello dear! I just wanted to wish you a happy winter and the best things in 2005, lots of happiness and peace! I send you lots of cinnamon hugs! =0)
from iamhubpluh :
If you are voting AGAINST Bush, check out he is for stoping the war in Iraq, and NOT sending more troops as Kerry is for (based on his debate answers). Vote your heart, not the less of two evils!
from englshfreak :
hey just popped in for a bit...enjoyed your diary. hope to hear more. *smooches*
from raziela :
Hi! Long time no see! Thanks for the note, I really appreciate it. I hope that everything's going well for you, and that you're having an awesome time and everything. I have a lot to do for the university, but I'll survive, hopefully. Take care, and have a good day! Again, thanks for the note. =)
from krazieespy :
HA HA are you sick of me yet. Thanks for joining my John Kerry ring too. Sorry. I am thanking now in advance in case you have joined any of my other rings. *im such a blonde* THANKS AGAIN!
from krazieespy :
Thanks for joining my anti-atkins diaryring. Sorry its taken forever for me to thank you, but I appreciate you joining :)
from miniknickers :
i love the picture on your template.
from wordsofmine :
Oooh, I love Stash teas and that chai latte sounds yummy! I will have to try it this weekend.
from blakkrayn :
I stumbled upon your diary and Im so glad I did. I really enjoyed the read and getting insight about who you are. :) I do agree with you about your mentioning freedom of religion and the christians shoving it down your throat. It sucks that they do that. Im christian, my cousin is wiccan and we respect each others views- mine arent typical christian views. Anyway, Im going to add you. Take care and good luck on getting the UTI under control, they can be quite a pain as you already are aware. xo
from kimbarley :
Hello my lady... I've been without internet for a week or so and when I came back I found your page in lock down... I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours. That is if you are interested. kimbarley @ truckmixersupply . com (remove the spaces of course)
from turtlemomma :
Why are you locked? ~K
from krugerpak007 :
Thanks for your note! If you remember let me know! It is very nice! I hope you are having a good week! xoxo
from krugerpak007 :
I like the music! How do you do that? Maybe that is a stupid question but anyway I think its a very nice touch. Have a good weekend. xoxo Kathy
from retailharlot :
Hi. Just wanted to let you know that I found you through a banner ad and really enjoyed your diary. I am going to add you to my favorites list. :)
from sketchedpony :
Welcome to the Liv Tyler diaryring. BTW, love Bring Me to Life. Great listening for finding my ring.
from mistresslink :
thanks for joining the criminal intent ring :)
from starke- :
Thank you soooo much for joining my Ray Bradbury ring. I'm so in love with him right now. The man is brilliant! Your layout is gorgeous.
from rocker-angel :
Thanks muchly..
from snow666white :
Arggh i love your journal and im going to add you!! haha sorry about seeming hysterical!! lol..its just boody fantastic :)
from typelove :
hello. i saw your link on the love-online ring and i was wondering if you would like to join my diary. it's a place for people who are involved in online relationships to write their feelings and support each other.
from tarotreading :
Please visit my site if you or a friend would like a Tarot Reading! Thanks.
from funda :
This is a test. (beep) This is a test of the Emergency Valentine's Day System. (EVS) This test is to see if leaving notes around DLand will make this a wonderful day (and weekend) in spite of not particularly being with anyone romantically at the moment. (ummm) May the results be that all this love in my heart found some productive use. (smile) And maybe a giggle or few (Happy V-Day from candora and my other persona too :)
from no-yes-maybe :
Just had to come by and say hello. Hope that things are well with you, I sure miss reading up on your stuff.
from theoddone72 :
Problems in paradise... If you'd like to continue reading my diary, the username is friendpeople and the password is password.
from chinariquena :
hi. my name's diana. i used to own but appareantly i went back to my old diary and completly forgot about my new one until like right now. you added me to your buddy list in one of your sites. i'm not sure which at the moment. but i just saw you added me. jejeje. very bad timing i know. my diary's locked right now. but if you would like to know the username and password feel free to email me @ [email protected] jeje. thanks ~phoebe
from amberfalls :
I noticed in your 100 things about you page that you said you have your nipples pierced. I've been thinking about doing that for a while now and I was wondering if you would tell me about your experience. Thank you.
from funda :
Alas, wishing for more time as I realize I do not come here enough.
from soandsotgs :
Hi, i saw this site and thought it was great. being a membe of the AIM-ME diaryring, i thought you might get a kick out of it too... it's great to throw on your profile
from utter-views :
Just stopping by to say- we're open and currently reviewing.
from poppyfish :
Oh, no worries. I don't care about delays. I was just wondering if you were gone, so I could go back to being an idiotic dumbfuck and not have to keep myself presentable for reviews. Oh, wait. I'm an idiotic dumbfuck ALL the time. Oops. :s
from poppyfish :
Still poking about? Ooh, I've felt all nervous lately. It's that feeling of being watched, you know? Reviews can be upsetting. I don't think you deserved that 72, man ... I hate little prissy underage reviewers.
from funda :
Yes, definitely, visit often, intention and action must come together on this one (you are too good to miss).
from banefulvenus :
Your site is amazing!
from dsdsb :
Okay it is sometimes ackward for me ^.^ I'll keep up with your entries then. If you don't mind me saying so you lead the kind of adult life I want to one day live. My parent's is not a very great example and I'll store a few of your useful hints. Also thanks for the recipes! I'm not a great cook (especially bad at desserts) but I'm going to try my luck at your Chocolate Delight!
from lv-ishness :
Heylo. I don't really know you and I've only read like one entry from your diary but... I love it. Lala. Its so lovely and your gonna be a writer someday or something. And I love your little layout. Its so perday. Mine seems so childish now. *Sob* Oh Well. Anyway. Since I don't know you and all I don't want to muss up your notes. Bye Bye.
from comiddle :
I love your diary. I thought it was about time I said something about that. I love your writing and always look forward to your updates. "Brittni" is out of her mind.
from diary-viewer :
Your review is complete and posted! Thanks for requesting a review!
from blinkreviews :
woooohooooooo...okay sorry back at blinkreviews now...wondering could you cover the first 3 or 4 on the pending page??? thanks so much!!! i need to start doing some reviews me ...okay well yeah, i don't know how to make blinkies, but I know some people who do, so I could ask them a favour...yay ...okay g2g bye
from slobber :
Thanks for joining the PETER GABRIEL diaryring! You rock!
from devouredsoul :
ravyne you are a person I look up to in so many ways! Never change! It was hard losing my dog, but I learned that after all ...we really don't know what we have till its gone. but she'll always be alive ... how many reviews would you like in one week? I don't want to bog you down, I know youre probably busy... but much love , Ravyne --- brit
from ghanima :
Great--I have Retrospective which has a lot of their best on it. Thank you for all your help. See you next weekend!
from ghanima :
Thank you so! Because you donated today, you get to choose an album I will write to! Send me the name and the hour you want me to listen to it. (10pm-10pm) See you then!
from ghanima :
thought I'd leave this here instead of the regular site. It's looking like we will hit the "bribe" mark for my finishing the serial novel at my other site--username sheherezade. So, you may want to read through that so you can follow the story! (There isn't an overwhelming amount.)And if you wanted to either donate a few pennies or link to my info page about it from your site, that would be great! I signed up with only eight days left to raise money, so I am working overtime! Thank you again, it was the kindest review since good old Marked Accordingly.
from dalyrical1 :
you are way too cool and into the same things i'm into for me not to come back again....i hope you don't mind me saving you as a fave.... be back
from poppyfish :
Oh, I promise, I wasn't sucking up. Much. ;)I mean, really, I've just always liked Chloe, so when I noticed her on your site, I just got, I don't know, carried away. I don't know many people who like her. I guess I should have waited till after the review or something. Oops.
from poppyfish :
You like Chloe Sevigny? Mmm, I love her. You must have good taste. ;)
from boltedwrists :
hey! umm I think Brit is just upset and stuff...I havent spoken to her for a while. If you speak to her tell her I said I miss her. Hopefully she'll come back soI can do another review! well bye! <3
from roapearl :
Thanks for joining the ring. Eccentricity is wonderful, innit?
from faepriestess :
hey i saw your apart of the fibro diaryring do u have fibro? or a family member? sorry if im intruding, im desepeatly seeking people with fibro. which is what i have
from blinkreviews :
yes, love, I really do need help! I have the scoring sheet thing up and everything... Could you take care of amalgamate??? oh and uh codeeeelkjasdflkjasdkfjlasdjf hehe blinkblink just so ya know... posty posty my dear. Love ya! - brit
from devouredsoul :
hey ravyne! sorry I never really got back to you with the Blink Reivews thing..Well I fixed everything yeah if youre still interested in being a reviewer thats so cool! but if not I can understand. check out the new template and such at and the g*book temp is cool too..I didn't make either one, but I still love em! Oh and if you know anyone else that would be a good reviewer, I could use 1 or 2 more... My doggy is dead...this hurts me deeply...she got hit by a car...and my other one really hurt her sholder and is babies.... well must go now..bye!!! ♥
from candora :
and the voices in my had sing: let's be quiet as a mouse and build a lovely little house for ravyne, lovely ravyne... la la la (hey, kids are supposed to be silly, right?).
from raschel :
Thanks for joining the ocean-diaryring. WELCOME!
from candora :
wishing the best for you, Matt, your kids, and all you do... for a moment I come out of creative character because you deserve the respect and I say that the more I read your worlds of words, the more I want to cheer and say I wish there were more people like you in this world (and dammit, if one does not walk into my life soon I will burst! :}
from allie23869 :
Hey! Welcome to the Bliss diary ring! Thanks for joining! =)
from emogrrrl :
Welcome to the ih8cellfones diaryring! :)
from devouredsoul :
hey m'dear! could you send me a lil' bio on yourself and put it in my notes so I can post it at blinkreviews? Thanks!
from blinkreviews :
hey, its devoured soul..i'd love if you would review for us! it'd be great! I need 8 people and so far I only have if you know anybody thats good with CSS or HTML that would like to review for Blink Reviews, drop me a note at the devoured soul area...thanks hon!
from bluecharis :
Hi there and welcome to the Cat Stevens Diary Ring! Thanks for joining and please put up the code! Well, maybe you've already put it up, but I couldn't find it... Anyway, have a lovely weekend, Charis :-)
from jen69 :
Happy Birthday. Sorry it's late.
from kathiec :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great day... heck, have a great year! Love and birthday hugs, Kathie
from tropicalmist :
Happy Birthday hon. I hope your day is a great one. *hugs*
from elliorange :
Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your special day!!
from bobsexybitch :
Hey, found your diary through a banner and got into reading what you had to say. 1)You're probably allergic to Scent(yes it's a real allergy) that would be the perfume and such. 2) I know it sounds odd.. but you're probably allergic to Air Conditionning and Recycled Air.
from windshadow :
I found another issue, I'm checking into it now, and I'll email you the fix. I'm pretty sure I know what's wrong.
from liquidhuman :
Welcome to the Elvis ring. Long live the King!
from kimbarley :
Just letting you know I'm having issues... the black text on the darker background is a bit difficult... maybe it's just my eyes...
from windshadow :
Well , I am glad you like it. :)
from windshadow :
I can read it just fine, but if you're having trouble it can easily be changed.
from windshadow :
I've got the layout all tweaked. The basic layout is the same; I just changed the colors and the picture. I'll email it to you and you can let me know what you think. If you like it I;ll go ahead and tweak the rest of the pages (archives, guestbook, etc.).
from windshadow :
Your archives page is being schizophrenic. Or something. It's having issues.
from windshadow :
Oops. Found another possible issue. Your mouseovers aren't working above the drop-down box, except for your Profile link.
from windshadow :
They look great and work beautifully! And vice versa. The N page is having a little trouble, you might want to check it out. The R one seems a bit tempermental also. And yes, I went through every single one. :) I found no other problems. Looks great! Glad I could help.
from sylviashadow :
Thanks for joining poetica! May the muses always whisper in your ear!--sylviashadow,ringleader
from bonkersquipy :
welcome to the kakfa diaryring...and thanks for joining...
from kimbarley :
MMMmmmmmm recipes. Great idea! That adds one more reason to why I have you on my fav's list.
from myhorizons :
Thank you for joing my diary ring!
from chadmuska :
thanks for joining my herman hesse ring!
from stevecmason :
thanks for joining my webring.
from angryquail :
Thanks for joining the alphabetize diaryring. Your rings page isn't working quite yet, please be sure you link to the ring when you get it set up. Thanks!
from laquerida :
You rescue turtles??? I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
from laquerida :
Yes - never forget - WALMART IS EVIL! I used to justify going there because I was "only getting my film developed". But when I found out they sold live tutrles in Asia as cheap food....., and when they harrassed my friend into quitting after she injured her back slinging their freight and then refused to pay her for her injuries..... Well, I now develop my film at Costco.
from kimbarley :
Glad to see it was only the cold pills... that scare has happened around here and it is a hard one to get through. Each person starts thinking it is them, which just doesn't get you anywhere besides further away from where you'd like to be.
from qwert :
Wouldnt u want to drink yourself to death after becoming a homeless jobless criminal element? I would too.
from laquerida :
Yummy! Sounds great! Have a ball (or two...)!
from loveme61636 :
thanx. i like it too
from qwert :
from book-wurm1 :
hey, i just wanted to thank you for adding me to your favorites -- i really enjoy your reviews ...
from kimbarley :
Just to let you know that you are reaching others... I am generally far too busy to do the research that you and a few others do. Lazy I suppose but regardless of that I enjoy reading your thoughts and looking at the links that you provide. I doubt I will be as motivated with my feelings towards politics as they are, yet I'll have a bit more of an education when you are done with me. So keep it up... at least one person is more then just a tad interested.
from qwert :
small light green text is really hard to read @1280x1024 screensize!
from supercilious :
Wow.. I want femi-nazi's out on a crusade to crucify me :(. That's not fair. Why do you get all the femi-nazi fun? Well, then I'll just say this... They are just jealous. Of what, you ask? Well, my COCK.. of course. All femi-nazi's WANT A COCK. C'mon, come torment me, I dare ya! Hehehe anyway, I appreciate the kind words. I still have a long way to go with it but I think I'm closing in on the correct path. I just need to get out of this fucking town, I think. We'll see :).
from komachi :
Thank you for adding me to your list:)
from laquerida :
from laquerida :
Ok - ok - one more thing, then I will really be quiet. It is IMPOSSIBLE to burn fat without 2 things: a) water and b)glucose (from carbohydrate). If you do not get glucose from carbs (which, incidentally is also the only substance your BRAIN can run on) you have to break down your own muscle to a ketone which is then converted to glucose. Ketosis is toxic to the body for the same reason that excess protein is toxic to the body. Ok. Now I really will shut up.
from laquerida :
Your friend who is on the Adkin's diet is severely stressing her kidney's, her liver, depriving her body of vital anti-cancer compounds while adding known carcinogens into her system, not to mention she is losing muscle tissue - the source of nearly all our metabolism - along with some of that fat. She'll get down to her target weight, stop eating in that insane fashion, pile on the pounds again because she was in a semi-starved state and be frustrated. 1) Excess protein is acidic to the body and causes calcium to be leached from the bones in order to neutralize it. Look around. The countries that consume the most dairy and meat(West. Europe and N. America) also have the highest rates of osteoporosis. The japanese have none until they come over here and eat like we do. I learned today that 55% of postmenopausal women in the US have low bone mass. Why make it worse? 2). Adkins fell, hurt his head, and it was written that he died of a blood clot in his brain. You know what we call that? A stroke. The fatty acids in meat promote inflammation in the body and joints, and encourage clotting of the blood. Is it any wonder we all have arthritis and heart disease in this country? The fatty acids in veggies have the opposite effect - they discourage clotting and inflammation. These are your omega-3 fatty acids. They are abundant in cold water fish, nuts, seeds, and leafy greens. 3.) If you follow the Adkins diet as recommended you are eating so few calories it is impossible not to lose weight. Why not get those fewer calories from life-supporting foods like whole grains, fruits and veggies? 4.) Despite the European ban of American beef and the public outcry against mad cow disease, there is still no regulation on cannibalism among slaughterhouse animals here in the USA. A company can say they don't, but they are not forced to back up that claim. What do you think that means? Shall we get into the antibiotics that are routinely in feed (causing an accumulation in us and new antibiotic-resistant bacteria to evolve?) and the lax "regulations" for USDA monitoring of beef? Ick. PLEASE do not go on this diet. You know as well as anyone that what the media says is safe for us isn't the whole story. Why does Adkin's diet stress the kidneys and liver? When you break down protein, you release nitrogen (a component of some proteins, mainly those of animal origin) which is harmful to the body. In order to attempt to neutralize it before it becomes ammonia it has to be altered. The process of doing this and filtering it out of the blood is very hard on the kidneys and liver, which are the only tools we have to clean up toxic blood. You want to keep those puppies in tip top shape, especially considering they are already under stress from cigarettes and possibly pollution. I recommend turning to Dean Ornish or John McDougall for a weight loss plan. Dr. Ornish especially offers a balanced diet that not only causes weight loss, but has been medically proven to reverse heart disease. If you follow his plan, you'll have much more energy and not be as grouchy as on Adkins. Ok. I'll get off my soapbox now. I never really liked Adkins or belived his idea that his diet was healthy, but after being in nutrition school and understanding exactly what goes on in the body, I can't keep my mouth shut about it anymore. Hope the truth doesn't hurt too badly.
from laquerida :
That would explain why you always get back to me so quickly.....

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