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from orpheusd0wn :
Niko. We must catch up. Are you on facebook? I'm Ken Persons, if you are.
from vocaccia :
hello my love, "antiquated stalking" a beautiful idea, makes me want to follow people in period costume and dirigibles. hope everything's lovely. -jane
from girlafraid77 :
i wish your diary had not moved to locked status. i miss reading it. :(
from throwingjuly :
you need an assignment. personally, i have too many, and i wish you could do one for me, but i have to do them myself. but you're in luck! multi-media guru and all-around genuis Miranda July (half the namesake for this diary) has a website! if you find yourself in an inactive apathetic funk, go here and do something! shit man. life is too damn short to waste watching t.v. and drink! join the peace corps, get a religion, run, take up a martial art, make art, dance, stage a one-man show, volunteer at a local charity, or at least meet an interesting conversationalist to drink and talk with, no matter how they look. i hope this helps, somehow. i hate to see people stuck in funks.
from notanias :
i just wanted to let you know that i've moved diaries (unfortunate things happened). so i'll be updating over here, now. (the former) beatpoetgrrl
from vocaccia :
ah, then all is well. was just petulantly missing my fix of your words. Yuletide has been gluttonous and merry and muddy and smells of sunscreen, hope yours was good too. be well.
from vocaccia :
erm *knock knock* if i can still read your stuff i'll bake you a cake. or a curry. or a piano accordion made entirely out of wooden spoons and flavour sachets. hope things are peachy with you.
from daddyniko :
guess who? why don't you pick up the pone and call me sometime. Hello to Erin Love, daddyniko
from justcircles :
well if that ain't just a quintessential question for yourself! bang or whisper?
from parlance :
Sometimes it's nice going home; other times you realize you wish you had multiple homes.
from throwingjuly :
thank you...i feel childish, but thank you.
from throwingjuly :
i've read you for a while've never listed me (i'm shallow and count that sort of thing, however much/little its worth) but i've still kept reading. we're all unbeliveably self-absorbed, so what? i don't know what self-affirming things to say, but if i did, you're writing's worth it to say them to. p.s. the master and margarita is definitly one of the best pieces of fiction ever written.
from ink-grrl :
i've known you far too long to be locked out now. stop being a teenage goth girl and call me
from justcircles :
alas the inevitable... may I read from my cave? I promise not to tell...
from justcircles :
what kind of travel? I'm curious about your itenerary, so I can follow along in my atlas and live through you vicariously as I monitor life from the central-state (i.e. limbo(?))
from bipolargirl :
hey you! i'm back and i'm unlocked - finally - i found that i had a public link to my diary - i fixed the problem and now i'm back in business! i missed reading you and glad i'm back
from livin-ur-lie :
you've got a great diary. you're hot too. that always helps.
from banefulvenus :
hey there, I clicked on your banner. You have a great site!
from justcircles :
Hello, I'm a b-a-d friend sometimes, but I love you still. My journal is locked now but you may read with username=absence/ password=thinair...
from violentkiss :
ok...does this face...bottom lip sticking out and sad eyes...its my pining face...ok no wonder you never reply...I am to all intent and purpose completely insane...I'll still read are worshipped from afar!!
from justcircles :
a'ight, doll-face; did you call me late into the wee-hours this past Friday night? the message was unintelligible and it *just* struck me that it might have been you... The phone was across the room and I missed it's ringing... one of these days...
from ink-grrl :
HA i told you we were going to hell together.
from justcircles :
from violentkiss :
oh and happy birthday too!!!
from violentkiss :
someone ran over your foot...that sucks!!!
from crow451 :
Happy birthday Niko. And for the record, your diary does matter. You may imply its trivial, but the trivial thoughts of an interesting man are still interesting.
from justhungry :
i thought you might be interested to know, i voted for your diary to be included in the "100 best diaries" deal. just in case you're the type of guy who thrives on competition. you're not, are you?
from violentkiss :
do you know i read you?
from rockyraven :
All those descriptions match me but I didn't write the note. Eh.
from justcircles :
aw, darling! thank you so much for that feeding of my ego... and you're so right about the polar extremes of our potential. I reserve for you nothing less than a crime of passion, though.
from justcircles :
I found you with a banner, didn't I? I think so. Gosh I like your journal. What are the odds of us having had a falling-out by now if we knew each other in person?
from justcircles :
I hope I may be so bold as to tell you I feel I deserve comments after my name in your guestbook.
from deathbygoat :
How old r u?... I read you do you know I read you?
from rockyraven :
what soap opera do you act for?
from liteningsyrp :
I was browsing and happened to find you diary. I really enjoyed the read. Hope you can avenge the gas station attendant and your car simulatinously.
from bipolargirl :
u can chalk that day up to : wierd sit-com
from violentkiss :
I hear what you are saying. Screw the world. Still reading your diary. VK.
from rockyraven :
do yu really juggle live animals? i thot you wre an actor
from thedarkwell :
Hey -- arquene died and I am the replacement. Codename is dude, password is pants. Go creativity! As always you're on my fave's list :)
from violentkiss :
found your diary. Read your diary. yr cool. I'll be back!!!!!!!!!
from snailpetal :
Happy happy joy joy! Welcome to 2003, treacle. The Snailpetal Tavern is now locked, but please feel free to come in for some cheap alcopops and headbutting of walls. Your username, sir, is tuna and your password is sushi Ciao innit?
from sunnflower :
Hi - Just stopping by to wish you a happy New Year from the heart of Suburban Island.
from emorte :
hey...i like your profile
from bipolargirl :
happy new year, hun. may niko and lou live on!!!! - i voted for ya, too
from superniguer :
welcome to supernigger... buckle up.
from cutiepie1983 :
Just wanted to say Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! ~Nancy~
from rockyraven :
i say i have butterflies
from waiting4love :
Unfortunately I had to move my diary. I hope you can come and catch up with me at my new site!! Waiting4love (previously azure-bijou)
from patw-21 :
i finally clicked your sperm banner, and i found somethign wonderful! I love they layout, i suggest adding a link to the notes section
from neuroticaa :
hello... i just added you to my d-land hall of fame... aka, my favorite diaries... because, well, you are just that cool. lol drop me a line some time =)
from ladolcevita3 :
Oh my your diary is beautiful. And funny. And everything. I like you.
from cafeaukitty :
you can do whatever you would like to your diary. but if you have any questions or are unsure of how to make things happen, you know who to ask.
from arquene :
hey you. your diary is pretty, concise, and interesting. a joy to read. you're rather mysterious, but that's why i like you.
from dailycake :
from cafeaukitty :
hey - i'm not going to get to finishing your diary until tonight (i'm working a double). later... cat
from apples :
wow. you have a plan. you are like my idol right now in my aimless, ambition free life. you.kinda.rock.

this sounds real lame (not untrue however) but its 4.52am. can i be excused now?

from redniko :
Oh, right.
from apples :
well no, its not really that different from the guestbook. i can do html here though, does the guestbook allow such luxuries? anyway, let me test said luxury by pointing you to an interesting read on the evils of the media and all that CNN you're watching.

Hope your eye is smaller. and well done on the shit-spinning essay.

from cafeaukitty :
please send my stuff. if you can't, tell me so i can get it myself... (address is in your e-mail)
from redniko :
really, is this any different from the guestbook?

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