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from caged-freed :
saw you were a member of the edsufferer diaryring and thought this new forum at caged-freed might interest you. check it out, if you can, and take care.
from christa02 :
hey i love sloan too :) heh
from chemicalsun :
oh my god! how embarrasing! i have no entries in my notebook *hint hint*. you are a sneaky one with that cd lol. if someone said they had scratched one of my cds, i would probably kill them.... however i think i would forgive them if they said they were joking, while trying to sew there arms back on lol.
from lillybet :
hey jaime, that entry about going to brunch and feeling like an adult? that's how college is. and everything after that. fun, yes?
from veronica-- :
Be careful hun, you remind me of how I was before i became completely eating disordered. You aren't and you are Alot smarter than me anyway, but just be careful, still. I dont know how tall you are but 120-something isnt bad!
from little-cat :
hey hey well you know what The Beatles are my favorite band so what can I say. It is nice to hear form someone new you know well hum bye for now.
from definedreams :
JAIME! It's your partner in crime. I just read that entry from today about that Brad dude. It didn't bore me like your other ones. Go you for buying new shirts that you like. Screw what Tori thinks of them. That's good that you've come to terms with your body..haha..I think I should do that. "Love yourself! LOVE YOUR BODY! LOVE WHO YOU ARE!!!" Oh god...anyway, you should definitely try and get together with that Brad dude. Later. Ashley
from tinawolf :
yeah, Creed's pretty popular here in texas too. i have a weird sense of humor
from purple-pens :
back off Jaime :) good day
from daxle :
yeah, maybe you Would have more fun if you weren't such a bitch. obviously I know what the term lamiaceae means or I wouldn't have put it- stick that in your pipe and smoke it. and if you didn't like my fucking survey then you should have not taken it- or would that be too fucking logical... geez. die.
from purple-pens :
JAIME!its suzie!!!!if you find out how to get rid of love handels...for the love of god,INFORM me!
from panzer-kitty :
hey, thanks for taking my survey.. although erotic isn't how I'd describe it. heh. ;)
from spongebrak :
Ooooh! I thought you made your own template and had to upload the images and everything. maybe I should try that.... Thanks!
from spongebrak :
Well aren't you special? (Just kidding) Your diary is awesome! I LOVE the layout. I would do something like that with my diary, but you see, I don't have a paid account. Plus it seems like my visits here are few and far between and it wouldn't really be worth getting a gold membership thingy. Anyway, great job.
from retro-cheese :
Leave me notes, dammit.
from antipasta86 :
dudette!!! SLOAN ROCKS!!!!! i downloaded them cause u had them listed as one of your favorite bands. they're killer! thanxxxxxx. i love finding good bands, its so exciting.
from antipasta86 :
aw im the one who said " this girl rocks" made ME feel special that YOU actually mentioned it. So now we BOTH FEEL GOOD! horray!
from sageadvice :
"You like the Simpsons" You're the only one who noticed half the stuff is from there!
from smartepants :
Holy crap that's so weird, I mean, what are the odds?? Well, anyhow, different or same spelling, I'm glad to meet you, Jaime!
from smartepants :
Oh man that's crazy! I found your site through someone's fave link, how weird! All my life I knew *guys* named Jamie more often than girls. So it's really nice to see some femmes in the madness ;)
from smartepants :
Doot! Yay for Jamie's!
from livstar :
Me again. I guess I kind of dropped the ball on the whole being online thing. Apparently I have a social life I have to attend to, at least that's what I've been told. I will come online eventually, believe you me. Well, I'm on right now, but it being 12:53 AM doesn't help much. Talk to you soon...
from livstar :
Yeah, my Mom's dial-up prevents me from being able to be online all the time like I was at school. Ah, those were the days. I'll be online soon though. I promise.
from livstar :
Hey, I'm moments away from adding you to my MSN so I thought I'd warn you. You seem like a cool person to chat with, God knows there are so few these days. Anyway, here goes...
from livstar :
I believe you said you have a tag board or something, but being a complete retard I can't seem to find said board. Anyway, your birthday is 3 days before mine so happy birthday! I hope you're looking forward to yours more than I am to mine. Enjoy your teen years while you can, although that's kind of impossible considering where you live. Speaking of hell, I'm back in Sarnia (and using my Mom's shitty dial-up) and hating every minute of it. I've done everything there is to do in this town and I've only been here a week. How on earth do you kids entertain yourselves?
from softasylum :
Except, now that i am putting two and two together, i have realized that i have recently written an entry concerning individualism and the music i listen to, and my ideas? i certainly don't hope that that last one there was about me? because i did not mean to offend you or anyone else by it. if it is meant for me, i mean..
from softasylum :
whoa whoa whoa, im really liking the diary and the taste in music...great taste :)
from livstar :
Ah, a fellow Coke addict. Well, of the Diet variety. I see a distinct connection between caffeine addiction and living in Sarnia, we'll turn to anything in order to escape the mind-numbing boredom. Last week was the first time I had gone a long time without any caffeine, mainly due to my own laziness, and I had a SPLITTING headache. Like hangover calibur. You'd think I'd start cutting back since I've realize the extent of my addiction, but no. I've proceeded to drink even more than my standard 3 per day, probably in preparation for my return to Sarnia. In 10 days I'll be back there, spending 4 miserable months in that godforsaken place. I can hardly contain my excitement. I need another Coke...
from lillybet :
um, that should read similarities, obviously.
from lillybet :
Thanks for reading my diary. I do see what you mean about sililarities in style. I'm adding you to my messenger buddy list. Just giving you fair warning here. I want to talk to you about the popular/nerd thing, too. As a 25 year old who's been there and survived.
from beatlesfan01 :
yer layout kicks ass! i love it. nice diary. you have got gooooood taste in music ;)
from poked2x :
is your title today part of a Beck song?
from condemned :
Very awesome layout & journal. I LOVE the Beatles. They rock muchly, as do you. :)
from livstar :
OK, I've got a question for you. I dunno why I didn't think of this earlier, but when you wrote about going to Ottawa it kinda clicked. I'm pretty sure you go to SCITS (correct me if I'm wrong), and there's a someone I know really well who teaches there. This gets a little complicated, but my Mom's boyfriend's brother teaches there, Brian Lynch (or Mr. Lynch, if you will). He teaches history I think, I dunno what he's like as a teacher but he's a cool guy. I had dinner with him tonight and he said he got back from Ottawa, so things kinda clicked. I just thought that was weird, you may not really know him but I thought I'd share. Oh, another connection I just thought of - I got to visit Roger Gallaway during my Grade 8 grad trip (many a year ago) because his nephew Terry was in my class. He went to your school, too. Sarnia is too damn small of a world.
from komradphil :
thanks bunches for joining my shitastic ring. have fun doing nothing for me.
from livstar :
Ack, I really shouldn't be writing this, let alone connected to the internet, considering how much work I have to do, but I felt compelled to visit again. I've got a guestbook in my diary, which explains the lack of notes. Although I'm sure you feel special for being my only note-leaver. So yeah, I can't even really remember what I was gonna say. Oh yeah, the local movie theatre doesn't employ the most motivated crack squad of personnel, so sneaking in is easy. Except for the time they wouldn't let me see The Beach since I was 2 weeks away from turning 18 and they caught me trying to sneak back in. Bastards.
from frozen-tears :
OMG... where did you get that pic... it's so freaking cute!! Don't worry about labels... the people tht make them are idiots... and belive they are higher on the food chain.. when in reality they are the tiniest rock particles... and not even the pretty kind
from frozen-tears :
I have a friend you has a gold memebership.. and he may make me a ring.. I just gotta talk to him.. we are getting closer.. to total world domination...(North America here we come)
from livstar :
Wow, I feel like I live here. I'm back at school now, thank God. I've never been to the Industry, but I've heard many a story of its lameness. I was at the Odyssey on Saturday, talk about a shithole. It's decent for Sarnia, but it tries much too hard to be hip. If you haven't been there already, you'll see. So yeah, I'm glad to be out of there. High school will be over faster than you think!
from twiggy-twee :
Well heylo there I'm a random stranger but your diary looks cool, so I thought I'd say .... um yay. And American Beauty rules :o)
from bitterdreams :
I got my layout from Lex Designs, and on the template I'm using, the note-leaver was included. I don't know how to get one on your diary, or where to even find them. Sorry. Hope you can find one somewhere, if you want one :)
from frozen-tears :
Well now that we have a plan. We need to put into action. How one accomplishes this? I have no clue. Other than that our club is up and running and we will someday rule the bath tubs of America. It could happen...
from erica2175 :
welcome to the animal-lover diaryring
from livstar :
I'm back yet again - I still read this. I'm currently in Sarnia wanting to kill myself due to boredom/lameness, but thankfully I'm leaving tomorrow to go back to Toronto... where people aren't so judgmental and there aren't as many mullets. Oh, speaking of that (not mullets, although they ARE an interesting topic of conversation) I totally get where you're coming from about the whole homosexuality thing. I know all too well how growing up in Sarnia will foster homophobia in even the most open-minded people. I've never had a problem with it, but had never known a gay person until I left for school. You never really realize how sheltered you are from it until you meet one. My best friend at school is gay, and aside from being one of the most amazing people I've ever met, he has so much shit to put up with. I feel for him and am really disappointed when I come home and see how close-minded people are. You'll see, there's a whole other world after high school free of racist hicks with bad hair who drive pickup trucks. I'm in a weird mood tonight, so don't be weirded out. I just felt I had to respond to this. So I did.
from minor-fault :
i have no idea how to fix that either. all i do is delete my old crap .... not exactly right right but poop.
from frozen-tears :
well... we will have a official rubber ducky club only jaime's and jamey's and other jamie's can become members... and we will rule the bath tub's of america. Oh and another thing... SilverChair rocks.
from livstar :
Wow, I'm back so soon. I graduated from St. Chris last year and go to U of T as we speak. If I can give you any advice it's this: get out of Sarnia while you're still young or you'll never leave!! You'll discover how much it sucks when you leave (or perhaps you already have). And yeah, Bayside is the mall that time forgot, I'm not planning on making a visit there this weekend. Lambton sucks too, maybe moreso since it's trying to be hip. I'm rambling, so I'll be ending this now.
from livstar :
Just wanted to let you know that I read your diary. Being an ex-Sarnian, in a bout of boredom I searched for diaries of people from Sarnia. Yours was the only one that held my interest. Reading it doesn't make me miss living there, but you remind me of me at your age (me being 19). Anyway, that's all I have to say.
from frozen-tears :
The mom thing threw me way off. But that's me I can be quite the ditz at times. Anywhoo I used to ahve a rubber duckie thing to. Playing in the bath tub with bubbles and my rubber duckie.. those were the god ole days....
from shadesogreen :
Hey! I like the Strokes too! I want their CD!
from surfking :
hey! i'm going to figure out how to put phone numbers in my palm pilot thingy that i got and then walk up to girls and get their numbers and say hold on a sec! let me get my palm pilot out.
from frozen-tears :
Hey! Thanks for the kind words. I totally agree with you. Teenagers do think there problems are huge and we do overlook other problems. But there's nothing that can be done. We just have to suck it up and wait for these years to end. Then the real problems set in.
from jonasty :
hey i like the name of your diary.. you write realllly long entries! wow! i like it! ok be back later... oh im the first to say hey! wow!

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