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from notalptrixie :
I read your entries the other day...and I've actually thought about them this week. I don't know if I know what you mean, but at the same time I think I know what you mean. It's weird.
from notalptrixie :
Hey there. Be careful on your bike. A friend of mine was out of state over the weekend and got cut off by a car, and he now has a serious case of road burn and a broken ankle. And it was the one freaking time he didn't wear his suit to avoid road rash. Take care, : )
from artofliving :
I found you through sparklejaxie. you wouldn't believe me if i told you but i have experiances like that every single day. moments when, if you were in a movie, that goofy piano track would be playing and audience members would grin and go, "aww, shucks. tee hee hee! I wonder what will happen to this poor kid next!" ...just wanted you to know you aren't alone
from sparklejaxie :
OK. =) FedEx a Mama Mouse for Joseph, along with some babies. =)
from notalptrixie :
Oh I should be fine, I am not going to shrivel up and die from it. I really have no reason to whine about it anyway. :) Thanks for the note, and yes, old ladies and men should not be driving at all. sigh.
from sparklejaxie :
You be careful on that bike of yours. I can't take care of a br0ke t0ny all the way from NY :)
from notalptrixie :
Glad to see that you are all moved in! And go Sox! : )
from notalptrixie :
Hey. Thanks for listing me as a fav. As for a woman to spend money on...I could use some new diamond earrings. Some nice ones would be about $1000.00. Just think of the good use they would be in my ears!j/k As for spending money, you only live once, so get what you want, and when you want it.
from sparklejaxie :
If you ever want to drop $10,000 on a pack of purebred golden retrievers for me, I wouldn't be opposed. :) lol. j/k =) Miss you hon. We'll talk soon, OK? *hugs*
from notalptrixie :
The whole girl sitting behind you guarding your package idea....doesn't sound like a bad idea. Just be careful so she doesn't get her hands slammed! : )
from notalptrixie :
Hey. I had wondered where you have been....
from sparklejaxie :
"Hippest shit AROUND", not "hippest shit SOUND", dearest. :) If you still need me to elaborate I will :D
from notalptrixie :
hey. I know what you feel like. Blame it on the weather, that's what I always do. Anyway, the friend will show up, don't worry. Happy writing. : )
from cdghost :
i enjoyed looking at your entries..all the best
from riffgod :

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