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from jinxmina :
hey hun cool diary! can't remember how i got there but sure did get lost! read mine sometime ok?
from reyahead :
ok also, the cost of war in iraq thing is AWESOME
from reyahead :
holy crap, you have bottle rocket listed as one of you favorite movies so i have to say "WHATTUP! you kick ass!" anyway.. just wanted to see what kinds of other freaks were on the Snail ring thing.. i just joined because i have about a million snails.. anywho.. adios..
from jesscalil :
Moi! i can't remember how i found your diary... but i think it was the Mummi connection... anyways, today i was reading yours and got so super enmeshed in everything as i clicked on links in your entries. i had fun getting lost a bit.
from when :
I'm a favorite? Thanks! I'm always intrigued when someone in a cool country like Finland finds my diary. I'd like to travel there some day. When I lived in Berlin I'd go watch Finnish films at the National Gallery all of the time. They had a Finnish film exhibit. The language itself amazes me.
from bionicgurl :
once i built a little snail world for the snails i collected for the class i was teaching. with mountains and little paper mache houses, only i liked them so much that i brought them home a watched them eat strawberries for hours *le sigh*

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