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from shoutjo :
hola this insanity ring is awsome, how do i join?
from rumblelizard :
Hey there, I locked my diary. I'm contacting everyone who listed me as a favorite and letting them know. If you would like to continue reading, email me at rumblelizard AT hotmail DOT com, and I'll get you hooked up. If you've already done so, good on ya, and don't be a stranger!
from clocks :
i hope you had a fantastic birfday! being a sagitarius rocks! woo!
from clocks :
spam rox!
from invaderniz :
Yay, I feel loved! And I really need to check my 'friend-of' list more often, because I had no idea you were hanging around my journal, I think XD You're a Kyo fan! That automatically makes you the spiff! I've got a pair of Kyo-pants, you know those khaki cargo pants he always wears? I'll wear those, and my bead bracelet and catear Kyo beanie and just be happy in the Kyoness of it all :D (Ugh, I'm rambling again. Sorry X_x)
from clocks :
'web-mistress' i love that phrase!
from deathangel0 :
good servey. i answerd ir 2 timez check out my diary.
from morticon :
Love your PotC layout! Peace ^^
from flying-kiwi :
Hiya, followed the Rimmer banner (I'm a major Red Dwarf fan) diary!
from hichled :
you are not eccentric, youre just a retarded crazy japanophile nut who is trying too hard.
from ljungberg8 :
hiya, just thought i'd say that im moving my diary to "clocks". i hope you feel better soon. yo diary rox
from ljungberg8 :
i am so sorry for your loss.
from ljungberg8 :
thats such a great quote. and dont worry about perfection...
from ljungberg8 :
from ljungberg8 :
well done for passing
from clocks :
spam and red dwarf are goooooood
from ljungberg8 :
Thanks yous! And thank you to you too Sydney. A lot of yous and toos in that last sentence. Ooh.
from ljungberg8 :
cats can see ghosts and stuff-thats why they freak out
from legolas-lady :
I noticed in your profile that you like mel brooks' films so... do you recall this...? "But PIZZA! That's not FAIR!" "Not fair for the pay-ER... but fair for the pay-EE! And you're gunna pay IT, OR ELSE!" "Or else... what?" "Tell 'em, vinny" "Or else PIZZA'S gunna send out for YOU!"
from legolas-lady :
Yes, my Fiction Alley name is Draconia Malfoy. You should be warned though... its pretty weird. Do you write? And is that pic of the person with the reeealy long hair you?
from ljungberg8 :
say hello to sydney for me!
from ljungberg8 :
Merry Christmas!
from defektengel :
wowee, i get chocolate covered espresso beans! dont be scared. i dont bite too hard. only if youre mike, which i dont think you are...or ARE you!?!?! O.o?!?!?! hehe. youre on my favorite diarys list alsho ^_^ -Dutchman, away!-
from ljungberg8 :
happy bday! it was mine on friday...yay for eccentric sagitarians
from bloodyvisage :
Yes, it really is (in response to the eccentricty comment/question)
from ljungberg8 :
i love this new layout! keep it, keep it FOREVER!
from chicagojo :
Thanks for joining the long-hair diaryring. No flip that pretty mermaid hair and make everyone weak in the knees!
from speculating :
Couldn't agree with ya more!
from gbqueen212 :
eccentricity is good. some 1 once insulted me by calling me that though! (he thought it would b an insult- but of course it wasnt!) he should go 2 hell ne way...ah! the squirrels! NOOOOOO!
from dashbrdchik :
sure. it's always worked for me
from raven72d :
Basset hounds and anime kittens are always cool.
from theweirdgirl :
Eccentricity is indeed a beautiful thing. No worries. Your diary is cool. Me likes it lots and lots. Byee!
from ljungberg8 :
heh, i ONLY just noticed that big nightcrawler pic at the bottom of your diary, im loving it! do you get penguin chocolate bars where you are?cos they are very yummy-i recommend them.
from danglemyfeet :
Holy mother of lint, I love your layout! I beg that you keep it forever and ever and ever so that I can come constantly and adore it! By the way... Rimmer rocks. Have a marvelous day!
from hibryd :
*Random Note spree!* I looked at the pic of "Nite crawler" an to be honest...I find him really....ahhh SEXY! Mahaha, german men....I just love thee!
from lin-zj17 :
i clicked on your banner because of the penguins....don't you just love how they steal your sanity?
from ljungberg8 :
hola!!!!!!! i love being weido, dont you? i was playing christamas songs very loud in my car today(with the windows down) and i got some classic looks from people. woo! merry christmas!
from rhyme :
hell yes!!! best ring ever!
from marcsucks :
yes! i really do think i exude eccentricity, it's so great there's a diary ring for it. :)
from dearcynthia :
johnny depp makes the most beautiful pirate there ever was.
from ljungberg8 :
hehe, i had a twitch in my left eye a lil while ago, learn to love it!
from swirleddream :
Hi :D and thanks, both for creating the eccentricity ring in the first place, and for the note you wrote me, :)
from discodoll :
You're right, eccentricity is the best!
from ljungberg8 :
get well soon!
from undaunted :
at times you can't just stop spending. i know.. :O)
from ravynemyst :
eccentricity is an awesome thing :) Thanks for the note
from qwert :
can i haf job at movee theatr?
from mindactivity :
hey :) Thank you for the note, and yes, eccentricity is absolutely wonderful :D
from ljungberg8 :
hey, i have battle rating of 5.2-i beat you! mwhahaha ^_^
from mrflibble :
Hey! I just joined the Eccentric Ciaryring! I got to your diary from a friend's link (Lunardwarf) and imagine my surprise at seeing my own name (and my picture) at the top of your page! Any fan of RD is a friend of mine!
from taik :
hehey! tis grand to be eccentric. Plus! You like the movie Snatch! Me too!
from angelichate :
Indeed it is my friend. Indeed it is.
from ljungberg8 :
heehee! mr flibble is one fine dude. gravy, you might say, wahoo!
from ljungberg8 :
eccentricity is absobloodylutly fandabodoosy.
from heathnad :
eccentricity is truly a gift from some divine entity for without it i would be lost among the normal people.
from lunardwarf :
I finally decided that, since the tiBook is small and it's owner is so overly obnoxious and proud to have it (that irritating chirpiness and pushiness spilling over into it0 plus it is able to make cds and dvds ("toasting them", if you will) the name of my tiBook is "Talkie the Toaster." That fits in well with my theme of having had computers named "Holly," "Queeg," and "Kryten" and external dives named "Red Dwarf," "Nova V," and "Starbug." I also bought a thumb drive for Talkie, the thumb drive is named "Pinkie" after one of the Scutters. - - Please, feel free to grab the Macintosh Psychology image. Always happy to see and share with other folks who are MacAddicts!
from legolas-lady :
we played a song in band recently called "Sakura". ANIME CONVENTION?! ya know, i was getting tired of not knowing what the hell anime was so i started watching some Anime cartoons and now im hooked on Rurouni Kenshin and Silent Mobius, and its all YOUR FAULT! lol ttyl-Tara
from serpentus :
I quite agree ;o) much better than normal... who wants to be that? ty for welcome.
from legolas-lady :
oh my gosh we have the same crap in common! wuuuuuuuuuuuuuh ok i'll quit that now, heh! -Tara, again.
from legolas-lady :
YAY! A PERSON WHOS AS WIERD AS ME!!!! can i add you to my msn? *boomquisha* -Tara
from lerin :
Welcome to the dr-pepper diaryring! Ba a PEPPER, baby- Lerin
from fuckmyname :
yay!! im so happy to know that im not the only crazy eccentric one. :)
from fallenorra :
Hey thanks for joining the ring. I like your diary.
from lunardwarf :
The dvds are NOT the "digitally enhanced" episodes, I don't think. Haven't watched the episodes yet but scanned a couple and the Crimson Short One is looking good, so all is well in the world of Red Dwarf. The first season dvds are cool: they include an episode in Japanese (The End, with the "sleeker Dwarf") outtakes, deleted scenes, commentary. Fun stuff! Haven't tried the second season yet. And crystal clear! I can't wait for seasons 3 - 8!
from madanarchist :
I want go see Chicago! Moises and Jen will probably be along too, actually. What showtime are we planning on? There is that meeting at 5pm... Right?
from madanarchist :
I think laziness can be defined as staying home to do the employee schedule for 8 hrs, and counting it as a day worked. Laziness is being paid more than any other manager at the theatre, and doing the least work, and what is actually done often hampers the smooth running of the theatre... I suppose, if I've been too vague.. Dez is lazy.
from madanarchist :
That's right. I can do everything. And I can do it all night long. Sorry. I'm a hopeless, 19 year old MAN... ;(
from madanarchist :
Actually, not to put too fine a point on it, there are 14 booth shifts each week. Thus, unless you're willing to give Dieter overtime, (amounting to four shifts of overtime) each week, then uh, no, two managers can't take care of booth. At least not completely. Luckily enough, you didn't mention me taking care of anything. Huzzah. And so much for all that.
from qwert :
can i haf job at movee theatr?
from qwert :
red dwarf rulez!
from kelifairy :
Hi there! Happen to be passing by but i gotta say HI! because your diary is nice and im an asian too! :p (Btw, im from singapore) :)
from lunardwarf :
Great googily moogily!! You're reading all of my entries? Sorry for the sort of haphazard way they are ordered in the "older" files, and also that I just moved a few things around in there. I hope that didn't mess you up too much. I'm flattered to have caught your attention to the point where you would be willing to read all of my insane blatherings, rantings, and ravings. I believe I may do a little reading around here, too. Hope you enjoy. Ciao - Warren the Wanderer
from nekonezumi :
^_^ Help with those anime, eh? Kenshin KICKS ASS and you must watch it, Utena is great, X is awesome, EVA is confusing as hell but a wonderful anime, Ranma is REALLY funny, Gundam wing is very political...Flame of Recca is cool (though I don't have it myself...) Lost Universe is alright, Nadesico I need to see more of before I decide...the rest either suck or I don't have them. ^.~
from madanarchist :
How could you abandon us to Moises? What have we done to deserve this? At any rate.. You should have been at work yesterday to hear Tracey whine about getting overtime. "My overtime isn't appreciated here!" Right.. well. And then Jennifer tells of days where all she did was read a magazine and such. I only read on duty once, and that was a 300+ text on serial killers. Naturally, it was imperative that I finish that book. For psychology. And I don't think Tracey has even taken a psychology, or college level class. No, I'm pretty sure they only let attractive people into colleges...
from nekonezumi :
Aw, Roalee...::huggles:: You need to feel better, sweetie! Don't worry so much about all that stuff, and especially don't worry about Moises! He's a dumbass anyway. =P Which reminds me, there's something I need to talk to you about. Call me tomorrow, kay? And be OL at night more often, Geoff and I miss talking to you!!
from akaipussy :
Girlfriend, keep your chin up and don't let men get you down. They're mostly brainless bakas on any given day... I know, I'm dating one! Stay strong.
from got-chris :
I'm useless? :(
from madanarchist :
Actually, the disgusting aspect I haven't even mentioned quite yet. You see, earlier today she had been with Pat. As in.. lain with Pat. But I don't let that stop me from enjoying myself. I was correct in my assumption about the girth.. To quote, "I couldn't even feel it, like... was it in yet? And then he was cuming!" Sad, no? I hope the bastard doesn't find out we're boinking the same girl.. his Dad owns guns!
from frontal :
You are now a random read. ;)
from frontal :
Men can be quite useless sometimes ;)
from frontal :
I'm glad you got to go to the graduation anyways!
from got-chris :
Good things your safe ate! Deer accidents are several fatal, more so than drinking and driving from what I've been told. But not to sure abt those facts. :P

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