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from notme2000 :
Hey, if you still read my diary the username is "reader" and password is just "password".
from wildguess :
I love the way you write!
from applerobot :
hey there... sorry it took me a while to respond to your note :) anyways, as for japan -i'm teaching english there (which is what I did the first time too). Its easy and fun and I find it rewarding! Are you looking for inter-global adventures?
from curious-me :
Hi, thanks for the tip. I've heard about the SB diet but haven't really looked into it cause I never thought I would be one to give up (or heck even cut down!) on carbs! But my health is what it is so sadly cutting down is one of the few options I have - but no atkins for me! I'm gonna try and read up on the SB while eating my spinach salad with tuna for lunch (yum does not come to mind while eating this!). Take care.
from dinosaurorgy :
What a nifty diary you have here :)
from final137 :
If you never did what things? The butt? I don't get the banner.
from wildguess :
opps my bad the user name is wildguess and the password is airforce. Enjoy :O)
from wildguess :
hi! yes i did read your diary and i loved it! My password AND username are both "Wildguess", although i must warn you, most of it is nonesense, but i hope you enjoy it anyway!
from nightdragon :
July 8, '05: Rok, just to let you know that I'm still around and doing my best to keep up with your writing. Hope you're well. ~ ND
from rainesquall :
Hey! Random person here to say *in queer eye voice* the diary is so FABBITY FABBITY FAB. Rock on.
from kiss-reviews :
hi ♥ i just opened a review site .. please check it out ♥
from cindreviews :
Cinderella Reviews is a brand new review site. So if you would like a review please come and check us out at . We hope to be hearing from you soon. Thank You!
from jwinokur :
Nice to get a note from you. Send me an email some time and introduce yourself. The world is small and we're likely to meet sometime. -Justin
from gumphood :
a growling gump is a grump
from ceciliaruns :
no...YOU rock
from jonquill :
One of the wonderful things about this site is that sometimes I don't need to write about how I feel about something. Sometimes I get to read it.
from papotheclown :
just stumbled upon the diary, and decided to take a little look around. most entertaining.
from jonquill :
Nothing says lovin' like the worship of a recently senscient pile of penacillin sprouting from left over mac and cheese.
from jonquill :
First of all..."dood?" That alone made me laugh. Second of all, I am proud of the towering masses of mold I've grown in my sink, and their destruction would herald the apocolypse, but ever since I've discovered Febreeze as an alternative to doing laundry, I've worshiped at its feet.
from chaostraffic :
For some reason I've never put a note on here...until now. Applause is appreciated but entirely, scratch that, mostly, unnecessary.
from jonquill :
Actually, the relationship line was me, talking to a friend. I'm actually living the exception to that rule. What was once my relationship was talked about a lot, but now not at all...of course we're not talking, so that eases that process. Glad ya dug the entry. I'd comment on yours, but I'm still processing the errant click that brought up your bum.
from jonquill :
I added you, by the way. Balls to the Walls Angst was the deciding phrase. I'm not sure if recockulous was in your vocab before the entry I made, but no matter what, extremely cool to see it at the base of your entry.
from jonquill :
Does this mean I shall fall through the pages of history as "Ri-cock-u-lous Man?" Just think of the costume.
from jonquill :
Thanks for reading it, and thanks for writing back. It is a true rarity that I get to be on the recieving end of a "rad." Awesome.
from betchy :
hope you feel in a better mood soon x
from betchy :
well us brits do have a way with words!!! thanks for the note, and by the way i love your diary!! later on x
from betchy :
are you english and just living in america? some of the things you say sound so british. i'm english so thats how i noticed!!!
from vm72182 :
ah yes. i see it now.
from vm72182 :
So the reason I came to your site was simply because of your banner! I clicked on the one that said "if you never did, you should..." or something like that. Anyway, it's killing me trying to figure out exactly what it is that you were displaying. It sorta looks like a crab, but seeing your name is "roklobster" I'm guessing it's a lobster. Anyway, it'd be nice if you help me figure out what it the mean time, I'm gonna take a looksie around your diary :)
from ensie :
And, to return the favor...thanks for adding me to your favorites. I'm glad to meet another Wal-Mart hater! Whoo hoo! I read back a bit and noticed that you are writing a comic book--kick ass! I love comics, especially girl comics. I expect to see that sucka in print, and I want a copy. So, now you have a real reason to go forth and publish if you didn't alredy!
from betchy :
hi, saw your diary recommended on lisse' profile, so decided to have a look!!! lovin it!!! i'm new so theres not much in my diary yet, but really do like yours!!
from gumphood :
Hi darling. Really sorry about that. I am a mess. Anyway I wanted to say hi, and I am unlocked again
from funda :
I wrote that too.
from gettingnaked :
I saw your "If you never did you should..." banner ad and I just had to click on it! That's got to be my favorite quote of all time. I use it everywhere. Good taste!
from gumphood :
Hey then. I love the dark Crystal, and I just want to say, "you haveing seasons" is like us having beaches. It's just not the same!
from gumphood :
Hey Lobster. Nice photos, looked cramped in there. Anyway, I want teh hipsters to dance too, it's frustrating. Also I would like to say that bowling will return to you and you will make a dramatic comeback. Trust me! You will do it! More later gator. I must be went.
from blackeyeddog :
Hey did you know that Josh and Stacey are trying to have a kid? Or that she is preggers? Rae was kinda obscure when she told me, so I was just wondering if you knew. So what happened to your live journal?
from gumphood :
as MUCH CHEMISTRY AS you did or didn't have he seemed like a cool cat. perhaps. What do you think is he someone who may grow to like? Honesty is such an attractive quality.
from aliboomboom :
Hi. I was looking for new diaries to read and randomly stumbled across yours. It's adorable. I just wanted to let you know that sometimes the so so dates actually can turn into something more. People are always a little nervous during dates and maybe he really is passionate after you guys hang out a couple more times. Of course if you aren't attracted to him then there's no chance. That's usually not something that comes to you in time. Anyways I'll be back to read more!!
from blackeyeddog :
Oh and it is all about the Lacrymosa, is alls I gots to SAY!
from blackeyeddog :
I remember when I sang it in college, you shoulda been there. The whole experience of singing Mozart's Requiem was what made me satisfied with my musical career. Not that it was ever a career, but it was like the icing on the cake. If I never sing anything again it will be ok, because I experienced that. I still listen to the CD constantly. Which version do you have?
from raevyn18 :
hey baby... loved the -ness on the god in music... your way with words is quite the eloquent! and yes. orange blossom ale = nummeriffic! i was trying to tell someone from my class today how good it was and he didn't even believe me that such a thing existed! hugs!
from gumphood :
I hope that the uber smart person is me *waves hands* lol
from gumphood :
Orgasm durling child birth?! Hmmm. Scary. I don't know. I just don't know. Anyway I want say hi. Welcome back to updating time.
from kitty-kaboom :
it's really not as fun as i make it out to be.... you can be me if you want.... I'll trade you for a box of corndogs... or hot pockets... ♥
from dont-stop :
That banner...was that a lobster in your shorts or were you just glad to see me. Seriously, it was very distracting, because I had to endure it while writing today's entry into my diary. Roklobster - The B52s had a song called Rock Lobster. "We were at a party, His ear lobe fell in the dip, Someone reached in and grabbed it, It was a rock lobster" Okay I'll stop now. Sorry for the intrusion.
from gumphood :
i was going to leave a note, but that is now going to be an email.
from son-shade :
What is this? "A Night With Kevin Smith?"
from son-shade :
Fear and Loathing, Screwjack, The Rum Diarys. If you can find them.
from son-shade :
'Course I'm a dirty "older than most of the 20ish's I work with" man. I make girls dance when they enter my office - OF COURSE I'M DIRTY! I'm the Big Bad Fucking Wolf and while it amuse people as much, it doesn't matter. I have a secret. I know something the rest of you don't.
from son-shade :
I do the same with Tom Waits songs. Everyone I know (is either dead or in prison...) has been mentally assigned a Tom song. I have a knack for quoting Neil Gaiman at appropriate times though.
from son-shade :
One of my more obscure Super Powers is Obliqueness Perception. Others include Uber Punctuality, the Ability to Talk to Corn and a Really Bendy Thumb. I hesitate to mention the Magnetic Sphincter.
from sarasvati23 :
Hello. At the bottom of your profile, where you list your favorite authors and it says "the illustrator of the most recent Sandman thing", do you mean Yoshitaka Amano? I love him. Anyway, I'm really enjoying your diary so far, and I will definitely be back to read more.
from cdghost :
i enjoyed reading your words...look out entry 400 is coming soon!
from gumphood :
I miss your comment section. I hope that bowling went well. :)@@ ?? I don't know. One of my cabniates (sp?) smells like garlic, and we washed it, and it's not going away. That is all.
from minstrelite :
Certainly there are thoughts. God did not tempt Job. Satan tempted Job. Satan's purpose was to show God that if God took all of Job's blessings away, Job would turn his back on God. God's purpose was to show Satan that Job would remain a true and faithful servant, despite that his blessings were all taken away. So the actual tempting was done by the adversary, although God was certainly involved in the trial. The trial - not the temptation. Incidentally, Job held up pretty well under considerable persecution from his three friends, until in the end he finally broke down and justified his own righteousness over that of God's. At that point, God had had enough, and after admonishing Job for self-righteousness, he restored Job's blessings, and in fact blessed the latter part of his life more than he had the first. Nowhere in Scripture is there an allusion to God directly tempting anyone. It's simply not his function. But he does allow trials and suffering to occur, for the purpose of developing our character; cf. Romans 5:1-5. Take care.
from banefulvenus :
ello, just wanted to let you know that your banners are working.....
from joe-average :
yes. call me and leave stupid messages. and i will send you collages. but if i answer, you can't hang up, you have to act all flustered and make up some wacky story about how you thought it was your friend from costa rica's number or something and she's pregnant and having the baby right now and you really need to get ahold of her because she owes you money for the rent and you don't want her to squeeze out the kid and run off with your cash, ya know? or some variation of that. then i will know it's you and tell you to cut the crap. deal?
from pixelskank :
Ah, Ms. Monkeypants, you know I can't go public with the diary...I talk about things...secret things, things that "they'd" hunt me down and shoot me for if "they" found out I was breaking my NDA on a regular basis. But if I didn't vent my work frustrations, I'd go insane even sooner. Kisses!
from neeena :
Heyhey, just to confirm: I haven't abandoned my diary here - I am beating myself daily with a big stick so I will update at some point (*groans*) and meantimes I scrapbook, virtually speaking, my local newspaper over at my pitas. Which must be about my 6th pitas, except I've forgotten what all the others are, except the first one, and that was crap anyway.
from jzyjsmalls :
Ah, you're totally right. The HTML for both the main guestbook and the entries was jacked. I changed, and it should work in the future; it won't show stuff that you've already entered for the movie suggestion, unfortunately, but then, you can always leave me a note! And yeah, it should work in the future. Thanks for telling me!
from tripeyes :
Dear fellow Neruda fan, We are in the process of making the first ever documentary on Pablo Neruda in English, narrated by Isabel Allende. In this limited space I cannot explain the whole project but I hope you will visit our website, This is an independent production and we are $35,000 short of being able to go down to Chile and shoot. Any donation you could make, be it $25 or $25,000, is vital. And tax-deductible. Please visit the site. Gracias. Paz, Mark Eisner
from neeena :
Ta for the note. :) When I read more of your archives I'm sure I'll find more entries I will want to mark as faves. :)
from jzyjsmalls :
I basically have the same sentiment as roxychick456. I clicked on your banner 'cause it looked interesting, and thought, "This layout is totally awesome�I've gotta leave a note." So yeah, cool layout...and I liked your entry, "A Rant About War." It was really eloquent, and I totally agree, although I don't really have the same history of family in the service. I especially think it's confusing sometimes to have the dual sentiment of disagreeing with the war on principle but wanting it to go cleanly and in our favor�even if the two sentiments don't necessarily conflict when you think about it logically.
from dasauce :
"Love is messy. Love is always messy. It's how you approach it that makes it ok." I like that, especially when folks have enough heart to approach it without trying to make a mess. Very nice, DatSauceHumanThingDolt
from dasauce :
Thank you for the favorite status. But DaSauce is slightly confused about whether he should be pleased or insulted by the word Swanky. Grin. Are you sure that you didn't mean: Spanky?
from roxychick456 :
u played one on TV? WHOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA coo coo did u have fun?
from roxychick456 :
Hey i'm a random user! I saw your banner and I thought to myself "colorful banner mmm" I love LOOOOVEEE your layout. Did you make it yourself? Its looks really great
from ravenheart :
Thank you for joining my Nightmare Before Christmas ring, you are welcome!
from soulbreaking :
heya i was reading your entry about not having enough online i was gonna IM you...but then your s/n wasn't in your i figured i would leave you a note :o) -Vallary
from phoenixtease :
Thanks for joining the sparkly diaryring! :o)
from phoenixtease :
Thanks for joining the sparkly diaryring! :o)
from lacorneille :
Welcome to the Sandman diaryring! (Neil Gaiman and Wendy Pini? In my entirely subjective opinion, you have very good taste. ;)
from cairli :
Ooh. Almost forgot - sushi is awesome. Especially dragon and spider sushi! Yummmmmmmmmmmm.

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