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from hissandtell :
Are you ever coming back, darling? Can you please drop me a quick note when you do? Love, R xxx
from dope-slave :
from dramoth :
Wow you erased all your comments about your buddies? Whats up with that? Or did I miss a post on it? Anyways, as a devoted Romance Reader I object to today's post! I will comment more once Diaryland fixes its comments.
from willow-rain :
Thank you so much for your comment in my diary! It meant the world to me. This speaking your truth is hard work, but it helps to know I'm not alone.
from hissandtell :
Oh, that quote on your profile page about indolence is fabulous, especially given that I'm an unemployed, kept and downright indolent slothwoman who likes it that way. You must promise to drop by some time for extraordinary quantities of Midnight Margaritas and rambling drunken conversations about the gorgeous Ms Hoffman, who is one of my favourite writers too. Love, R xxx
from ilmomof3 :
You can get the Guardian cards at, but the Reason cards aren't listed anymore -- they were clearance and must be gone. They're sponsored by American Athiest Press -- maybe they still have some?
from impetuousme :
hey just stumbled across you site. lovin it. also, anyone that lists alice hoffman, has GOT to be worth reading. :)
from hissandtell :
Hi - I just found you through ilmomof3 and wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying reading your entries. (And, may I say, your template is divine.) Love, R xxx
from dramoth :
Could you please add a link to comments under the Contact Me part of this new fabulous diary design? =)
from distillers17 :
not working when you are used to it does seem a little wierd
from lalana :
Liked your profile, thought I might read on. LOL, not silly at all. Bathing suite triumphs are the greatest triumphs of all. I am a big fan of the string bikini, so long as the wearer weighs less than 200 pounds and is under 50. There should really be laws about this sort of thing...
from dramoth :
I think you are doing one helluva job following your spiritual path, and keeping food on the table! Soon as I get my act together I will be joining you at Diana's Grove. Have I ever mentioned my hope to be an apprentice midwife? Gross, occasionally, but that's a dream of mine. Don't give up!
from dramoth :
You are suffering from a migraine, dork. Go to the doctor. Have him prescribe you migraine strength pain reliever. He'll do other tests too. I hope you are feeling better, and that you had fun at the club!
from dramoth :
I'm waaaaaiiiting for the next post! Oh, and HELP What should I get Sayers for Vday besides a card? oy.
from dramoth :
hey.. check out 2/9 diary entry for I've been reading her diary since I got diaryland (off and on when time allows) and she had an intersting dream I think you'd enjoy analyzing. "The other night I dreamt I planted a tree in the front yard of my old house. It grew quickly, almost right before my eyes, larger than an ancient redwood tree. I know it doesn't mean anything, but since the dream I've become mildly obsessed with thoughts of giant trees" that's what her diary says. What do you think? You can leave her a note explaining. ^_^
from dramoth :
Lora I hate to say it but your diary is impossible to read on crappy computers. I tried to read it during lunch at work and had to highlight the text to see it on the dark background. Oy. But I'm not complaining. (heh i suddenly realised just *who* would be making those changes) ;) Love you. I will call you soon, I hope. Tonight I had to do laundry and passed out.

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