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from grapecloud :
Thank you for your notes. It does make me feel better, I think I just need to have more faith. You saw the movie Ponyo? I dragged my Dad to see that in the movie theater, and I have it on Blu Ray. It was a good movie, but not Miyazaki's best (I think everyone likes Spirited Away the best, but I liked My Neighbor Totoro, too). But that sounds like a cute little fish. Bye!
from grapecloud :
Being sick together sounds kind of cute, though painful. I don't think I've picked up that bug, but I know there are tons of bugs going around now, especially at this time of year. Don't you live in Massachusetts? I live in RI and the weather has also been very crazy, so that always makes colds worse. I'm almost the opposite when I cook, I mean, I wash my hands and put my hair back and stuff, but I don't get antsy about cooking unless it's for someone I don't know, like at when I cook at work. Fakir is the boy with the dark brown hair and glasses, the one playing guitar. I don't think they have video of the concert they did at school, so his hair is probably longish because the videos are from December. He's cut his hair since then. I think he's the only guitar player, too. Let me know if you figure out which one he is! Bye!-Kate
from grapecloud :
I'm glad that you found college worth it, despite missing a bunch of things. I don't know if it's worth it yet, but I guess it's because I'm still not done with it, but I'm pretty close. I'm just kind of sick of it now, and I feel like I've missed out on a lot because of school.
from grapecloud :
I can understand it. My Grandma always complains to me about wanting to be a composer, that I should try to be something else, anything else. You might have to take some job you don't like to pay the bills for a while, but you should always keep looking for something good. Are you not going to stay in this country for long and that's why you don't want a Visa? Still, you shouldn't be a software programmer if you don't want to, even if the easy way out starts to look tempting (which I imagine it will, it often does for me). Bye!
from grapecloud :
Kitty is a boy? That's kind of cute. Does he act girly at all? Or look it? My cat Fry looked like a girl. He was very beautiful, but he was also sickly. I named him after Fry from Futurama, so when I got Saya, I named her after a cartoon character, too, to have a theme with my cats. I got her after Fry died, she was actually the first cat to make me smile after his passing, so I adopted her from Petco. I named her Saya after Saya from Blood +, because she had a twin sister next to her. Her twin had blue eyes, and she has brown ones. I couldn't adopt both of them, but when I saw them, I thought "They look like Saya and Diva!". She has a grayish black spot on her head, and a spot on her tail, too, so I thought she looked like Saya. I even got my first picture of her while I was watching Blood + on my TV, so Saya and her animated namesake are in a picture together. I'll have to put it online so you can see. But I name all my animals after things, Chloe is named after Chloe O'Brien from 24, and Blake is named after the lead singer of Jawbreaker. I hope you have good luck on your job search! Have you found anything yet? I heard the job market is going to start getting better sometime this year, I hope it's true (though I imagine everyone does).Bye!
from grapecloud :
I'll leave you notes! Did you just make a profile a while ago? I think I tried to leave you a note before and couldn't because you didn't have a profile. You're moving to Boston? I've always wanted to live there, I go there sometimes and it's awesome, there seems to be so much to do there. Is Kitty your cat's name? I have a cat named Saya, but she's too old to play games with, I hate how they don't want to play anymore once they get older. In response to your note, I don't get to talk much to Mr. Fakir, we only had one class together this past semester and it was packed with people (28 students, which is a lot for a music class) not to mention he's popular and I commute. So I'm rarely at school and when I am, he's usually talking to others. I get super nervous talking to anyone, but it's even worse if they've got a ton of people around them. So, I know how you feel when you say it's hard to meet others, I wish I was able to open up after a while, it takes me weeks to open up to someone. I'll leave you more notes when I can, since it's Winter Break, I should be around more. Bye!
from rs-forever :
Note to myself - nobody leaves me notes :-/

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