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from awittykitty :
I heard that one of the reason NASA launched its most recent Discovery mission was not to restock the large, useless, bloated space center, but to locate Saamba with infared locator devices. But this is just what I heard.
from bigpimpinmba :
I hope you two are OK. Even though I want you to write for selfish, giggly reasons, I'd like to know that the two of you are OK. Take care, guys.
from twobaddogs :
Pleeeeeeeze come back. We'll be good. We promise.
from awittykitty :
html code shows up on message screens. Ha ha. I'm dumb. Bye now.
from awittykitty :
when I saw your little saamba name in red on my d-land screen, I screamed so loud I had to pry Guardcat off the ceiling. Glad you're ok. And don't forget to give us your forwarding address. Oh wait, that just made me sound like a stalker. <i>Psst, witty, d'land writers don't have forwarding addresses. Oh, ok. </i> <br> p.s. don't forget to pack the cat. They get really pissed off when you do that.
from goingloopy :
Oh good. You didn't die or anything. And you're not another one of the people I added as favorites that promptly decided they were abandoning D-Land. What's your MySpace ID? I'll add you as a friend...and so will some of my friends. :) Leave me a note, or e-mail, or on my diary, there's a link to my profile (how easy is that?) My sympathies on the (a) evil coffee table incident and impending move.
from bonypony :
HI! I'm just hoping you guys are okay. Or that your world is basically okay. I miss seeing either of you write. Hope all is well. I'm sending out good luck waves. (They radiate from the skull to wherever you may be).
from muxxie :
ok miss saamba, I'm pretty stuck. I don't know if you remember the slaughterhouses you drive into with the hovercraft, but I'm in that part after you avoid the huge minefield in the center channel. After wandering through the entire building, I've shot the sarcouphogi from across the water but I cannot figure out what the other exclamation point on the map refers to there. My camera tends to focus on the spaceship that leaves and returns but when you shoot it, it comes up as nothing. I've tried looking for other things, but I just can't figure it out. I think I might have messed up and used the fuse too early to power the walkway that returns you to your partner, the yellow soldier. If that's the case, I'll have to start over. If not, please let me know because this is SUPER frustrating. I'd rather kill a boss than not know what to do. Thanks :) If needed, I'll try to send a better description, just let me know.
from galaxyrabbit :
hope y'all have your diaryland email turned on. :) and hi!
from thirdeye7601 :
I love your site. It is truly amazing and creative. I have one question. How do you see your google search hits?? I have often wondered about this because I see so many people talking about thier sites coming up on weird google searches!
from galaxyrabbit :
thanks for the heads up about the music!!! i changed them to links---hopefully that solves it. damn though, i rather liked the embedded-ness.
from bigpimpinmba :
Love the "Punch the kitten" banner. Classic.
from galaxyrabbit :
hi! just letting you know i responded to your comment on westy's diary! love you guys.
from mimseylou :
my fingy is alright, healing rather nicely thank you. But you know what's jacked? My comments thingy, cuz I didn't even get a message that you left anything. Maybe we should start having a weekly theme entry...or we can just let nature take its course.
from mindermo :
yay for the fair!
from hairburner :
Also, you need a comments page...not just notes. It's easy and only took me 2 dork-ass months to figure it out all be myself. Cuz I'm slow, but it takes me awhile...
from hairburner :
Mmmm...minty fresh.
from mimseylou :
Bah! Thanks for the ebay lesson. Since you compare it to people reading my diary, I see that this is going to be a rough venture, as it is very hard for people to take crap from me.
from spritopias :
Thank you for adding me - that quote you chose, I am longer talked to by my mother's whole family for not liking that gift and making that remark. HA HA HA! Bless you.
from candoor :
this seems like fun :)
from awittykitty :
You have a perfectly respectable girlish crush list. How exciting that you got to meet one of your faves! My first girlish crush was on Ross Martin(!?!) on the 1960s TV show "Wild Wild West". I was so in love. I used to write "I love ssor nitram" in my diary all the time. That was Ross' name (cough) spelled backwards. Talk about dorkdom.
from hairburner :
Eventually you get over the star struck thing-y, if you spent enough time around the famous. I used to go bright, bright, flaming red every time I met someone I had to work on, but now I smile shake their hands and tell them to get their ass in the chair... Congrats on meeting a dream!
from mimseylou :
I would never steer you wrong in the musical department. Happy you're enjoying the album, the new one (although sadly I don't think it's as good) comes out in September. The new Bjork album is out next Tuesday (that's another must-have). Hope you're feeling see, a little TLC does a lot of good!
from bigpimpinmba :
Your diary is frigging hilarious. Why can't I write like that. Keep getting wasted in the sun and writing funny shit.
from mimseylou :
Bah! That was great. Sorry to hear about blowing your money and needing to learn poker. I had to actually watch the seemingly endless poker tournaments they've been showing on tv at my girlfriend's parents place (that's enough to make me barf). I can't understand it even with commentary telling me what is going on.
from galaxyrabbit :!!!
from awittykitty :
meh, its a fallacy, that whole "sleeping to avoid feeling sick" thing. I think some doctor created it as a joke while he was picking out a Jag down at the dealership. Anyways, enjoy the Nyquil. Enjoy it! Its only fair that there is an UP side for people who have to carry on, whine, bitch and be generally obnoxious in THEIR BID FOR WORLD DOMINATION...oh wait, that's me when I'm sick. Sorry. Take care. :-)
from saru-san :
Allergies are the worst. I've tried to give them the benefit of the doubtby theorizing that they were an early-warning system for cavemen. Whenever Throg started to get red, itchy and watery, he knew that a sabertooth tiger was right around the corner. (Or a killer ragweed.) Kind of like Spidey-sense, except instead of a nice pleasant tingling (damn, I love the tingle!) it's more of a face-burning-off-kill-me-now-please sensation. But allergies have gotten way out of hand. I don't know how many times I've wished for those snot-sucking leeches myself, or to have a spigot (ha ha, I love that word, as well as the expression "to spare at the spigot and spill at the bung") installed on my face so I could just drain my head until it was deflated like a little balloon, because HEY, deflated balloon head beats exploding grenade head any day of the week. As Charleton Heston once said, "Damn you! God damn you all to HELLLLLL!!!"
from hairburner :
So sorry about the bad allergies... I had them for years, and still do but not AS bad, but I went through testing and injection therapy. It worked great my brother and me. There is no allergy pill that works on me except Benadryl, but I like to be concious most days so I don't take it often. The only other one that worked was Seldane (which was the absolute BEST!) but they took it off the market when they realized that one of it's unfortunate side effects was death. I mourned that day, truly. Now I have industrial strength HEPA filters in the house, and all sorts of other things to reduce my snottiness. Well, I'm still snotty, but um, not so snot filled. Hope you find some help soon!
from mimseylou :
I think I caught your better half's cold. Is it possible to transmit illness through buying tickets to the same concert? I am seeing Curiosa tomorrow here in Chicago. You MUST purchase the Interpol album, Turn on the Bright Lights, it is excellent (even if they seemed not so thrilled onstage). They might've just been creeped out from being in a large venue. I've seen them at a smaller one and they are amazing. Feel better!
from galaxyrabbit :
you should totally turn number 3 into a movie. start writing a screenplay NOW!
from galaxyrabbit :
MUAHAHAAA! i just got back from seeing Timmy Shyamamamalala-ding-dong's latest!
from galaxyrabbit :
HAAAAAAAA. the aura, the aura.
from brucedowns :
Thanks for adding me to your favorite diaries list. I love your diary layout. I plan on stopping by often. Also I like what you have done with your hair today as well.
from galaxyrabbit :
oh god, the company picnic sounded so horrible.
from galaxyrabbit :
"over-examining the feminine mind" made me love your diary even more than i do already, which is weird because i didn't think i could love it anymore, but, turns out, i can! see?
from havechosen :
I just read the post about the inmates and couldn't stop snickering. You brightened up my day. Now if I can just figure out where your "previous" and "next" tags are, I'll be doing good! :)

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