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from dreamchant :
thank you so much for the add! Have an awesome day! :)
from ceilings :
well both britney spears and courtney love are "bad girls". they do what they want and they get in a lot of shit for it. because of the fact that both these women like to party, like to be loud, give the finger, act sexy and sexual, basically they have agency ... they act like subjects not objects and thats not how women are supposed to act... because of this they are both called crazy, told they need to recover, get help etc. and both of them have lost custodt over their children at times in their lives because they arent acting like "good mothers" aka they arent being totally selfless and martyrs for their kids. and someone like slash for example (from gnr) he parties just as hard as these girls, even harder in some cases... in a recent interview he said he still goes through a bottle of jd mmost days and does coke occaisionally. he has 2 young sons and of course there is no discussion of him being a bad father, of course he isnt losing custody. and besides that, courtney love sent britney spears a tape of her singing "you've got a friend in me" ... both these grrrls have the riot grrrl virus. ... and i puked on him cuz i was hungover and drinking and deepthroating him.
from solitus :
love the photos: they're not artificial but honest and interesting
from minstrelite :
It's great to see talent here. Keep it coming.
from ceilings :
i feel ya. i was a sexual cripple for over a year. i couldn't even make myself come during my attempts at masturbation. i've got my groove back though, and you will too!<3
from dulligirl :
Thanks for the add! And I can tell you that few people come close to my degree of neuroses. :)
from raven72d :
"Medusa" is lovely and powerful.
from broken214 :
I have borderline personality disorder. I only take two medicines though. Seroquel and cymbalta. Anyways I know how mental illness can feel. Stay strong.
from dragprincess :
a New Year's Eve kiss. very ill-advised, when you're kissing a recovering heroin addict with 40 days clean.
from kittiefan17 :
...nice pics by the way.
from kittiefan17 :
well, i was onlt five when i went there so i don't remember much...I guess as far as I do remember, it was a decent place...very mountainous.

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