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from iamhubpluh :
If you are voting AGAINST Bush, check out he is for 100% EQUALITY for the gay/lesbian community as well as for stoping the war in Iraq, and NOT sending more troops as Kerry is for (based on his debate answers). Vote your heart, not the less of two evils!
from candoor :
sad to see someone with so many visits leave... and someone worth reading too...
from trinity63 :
she only speaks the truth.
from girlwcurls :
Hey :-) I was just wondering, could I get the password/username to your diary? I used to be a reader, and I'd like to know what you've been up to lately! Thanks, Jessica.
from heinrich :
read jenn's diary (since i can't read yours anymore, could only read hers -- that makes me sad, though i love her diary). hope you're ok. good luck, and i'm sorry you guys are having problems.
from dombilly :
Happy Birthday!
from pastagirl :
Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!
from gonzostar :
ARG. i'm at work so i can't email and the guestbook doesn't even work. but i can use notes to say HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! i'll email at some point to get the password, but i can't until i get home at the very least.
from preciousgift :
Happy Birthday!
from macfarlane :
Happy Birthday honey, you have a great day today :)
from mickey225 :
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day! :)
from dana-elayne :
Happy Birthday to you! I hope that it is a great day and an amazing year! :D
from cutie1083 :
Happy Birthday!!!
from dlandbdays :
Happy Birthday! Hope your day is filled with wonderfulness!
from elliorange :
♥ Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your special day!
from treewillow :
I know it's a few days yet, but Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day.
from cosmicrayola :
Guestbooks, Grrrr Anyway, Good luck with the interview!!!! ((smooches))
from officegal :
i said thanks in the guest book. but really truely,thanks for the lovely lovely temp. it fits me to a TEe. do you mind if i read your diary too:)
from heavenlyging :
{hugs} Take care.
from her-she :
Check out my design site especially for "gay people"! Thanks!
from euphoria21 :
CONGRATS Kiki, you're going to be great 'cause they picked a great girl...take care, Vy
from mentalblank :
That so sucks that you got called into work today! Wah!!!
from heavenlyging :
from onetruegirl :
hey. nice diary :) the sitemeter thing didn't work for me for some reason. thanks though. <3 mandy
from aquatang :
I like the ring, it's so nice. [got to your diary through jenn's, banner, etc] I'm glad you 2 are on good terms and hope it'll stay like that for quite a bit.
from soulfan24 :
Hey there! Found your site through the Labyrinth ring. Stop by and say hey anytime. You're more than welcome. ~Hannah
from mentalblank :
Hang in there,girl. It'll get least your cough is subsiding.
from mentalblank :
Girl, go to the doctor!! (Or eat more chicken noodle soup!!) Hope you feel better soon! Thanks again for all your help on my Wedding Site!!
from neangel :
do you use the image links from your diary is that how? I know how to do the editing but I was just curious about the images. thanks
from neangel :
How did you make your guestbook look just like your template? w/ images & such?
from chaoticflame :
We're having a parade, so whydont you and the cucumber stop by? We already sent the yak home because the lime jello was taking forever to chill; but the leprechaun is all taped and ready for dipping. Why not come down? Oh, and bring a bottle of soy sauce so we can baste the lemmings properly. Heaven knows we've got to stash the cucumbers somewhere.
from hot-crumpets :
Ack, I hope that knee doesn't give you any more trouble :/ Happy spring! :)
from miaohmia :
Hi! Quick question. This may not have anything to do with the template, but maybe you can help me. I did an entry and was hoping to backdate it and it would be placed in the right order. Well, I did put the right date, but it did not go in chronological order so I deleted it. However, it shows up on my archives page although the link leads back to the diaryland mainpage since there is no entry there. Do you know how I could get rid of it on the archives page?
from prostituee :
You know, I read your girlfriend's entry and you had nothing to say thus far about the *gasp* LYING incident. The thing that strikes me is that she is the parent and you're the child. She states you "portrayed" yourself a certain way. She does like to come across a certain way. A tell-it-like-it-is person. She acts as if you were being devious. You probably really want to be the way that you so deviously "potrayed" yourself as. And the fact that she said you humilated yourself...etc etc sure doesn't sound like a loving individual. I don't know. It's just a strange thing. It was totally like you were being scolded. I've been in a relationship like that so I probably am really raw to seeing it inflicted on others.
from potireviews :
You requested a review from Pretty on the Inside a very long time ago and I was just wondering if you'd still like that review. If not I understand, please forgive us for the atrocious delay. If you would still like a review please leave us a note. Thank you- Shawn
from crzysillygrl :
Hey~ I have been reading your diary for a while, (i found it on the banner thing) and i'm sorry to hear ur "in a funk"... dont worry, things will get better for you, and you should just try to go with the flow until everything works its self out. It will, i promise. Hang in there... ~Robyn
from kyousha :
I'm glad to see that your glad that Jenn is coming back -^___^-
from no-answers :
I think your new layout is beautiful and charming :) I tried to leave this in your guestbook but it kept telling me I hadn't filled out the required fields, strange thing!
from emeraldblaze :
I don't think your guestbook is working
from emeraldblaze :
I really like this layout it's the best one I have seen so far for your diary. The only thing I would change is where it says sign my guestbook, it doesn't really seem to fit wit the rest of the page. just a thought.
from wyvern :
Just FYI, Kiki, Vector is a company that sells kitchen knives. You have to call people and set up appointments and then try to sell those people knives in their houses. And they require a pretty decent hunk of money for a starter "sales kit." I have a friend who worked for them for a summer and only made about $100 the entire summer. And he hated it. Also, my mom cut her hand on one of their knives, and now she has permanent nerve damage. Just something to think about.
from soulsurvivor :
i love the ass. kisses...
from autumnal :
where that ass at?
from r-e-v-i-e-w :
Your review is up! ;o)
from shaistafemme :
The love that you and Jenn share is so sweet ^_^ I'm glad two you had a very wonderful first year anniversary.
from starinajar :
booo. i definitely want the atari game system, but i don't get paid until monday. sdffgdgdfgdfgklsdfkljsdf.
from myspace :
used a design of yours- sunflower. thank you. i am goign to keep my journal private i think, but i certainly left the link to you on the page.
from jenne1017 :
i love you too!
from dana-elayne :
*YEAH* Snazzy little car there :) I find great bumper stickers and such at Northern Sun. They have awesome stuff. Congrats on the new car :)
from bsg7sea :
hi. you are not abnormal sexually. Some women never ever ever have orgasms. some of us take our [not-sweet frustrating enraging failure feleing as sexual beings] time. 25 minutes? It could be worse. like 45. or the point where you don't watch the time and give up soaked in sweat and sad and lonely. but this is supposed to be reassuring. Love.
from shai44 :
Aight you 2-work it out(no more fighting)
from lip :
Such cute pictures! Somehow I had a different idea of what you looked like. Anyway, have a good day! :)
from bluestars :
I really love your diary and I am in the same boat when it comes to money,school and work. Wish you luck! :0)
from arieskms :
your journal sounds so much like me when i get home from work. i have alot of tourists to deal with while i hostess. do you? i think peole who insist that they have to have a booth are the worst creatures known to man. anyway, i like to read yours.
from psianina :
I think your new rainbow layout is simply gorgeous!
from dana-elayne :
awwwwww, that's like the sweetest thing easter egg hunt in your own apartment...if I marry the teach, I'm going to steal that idea :)
from sierramoon :
Sheesh! Mean nurse was way out of line! I'm glad you reported her!
from analogy :
I believe in general what you are saying is true, that an enlightened leave of pressure upon making one's choice open to the public, yet saying that all homosexuals are motivated by such a pure interest is too much of a universal generalization. Perhaps homosexuality isn't what is prone to running a trend, but the experimentation. The media has a profound influence on reality, and some would argue that current society actually runs on the basis of a hyper-reality, founded on captive audiences, commercials, and other forms of advertising. I'm not going to claim that all, or a majority, of homosexuals or bisexuals choose their lifestyle because of what they percieve as what this hyper-society is projecting as rebellion or exotic. I am going to stand by the notion that a minority, as small as it may be, do this. It is impossible to make a universal claim about human nature, except perhaps everyone has a personal perspective of experience to provide basis for motivation, which would tend to let me conclude that indeed, a few homosexuals or bisexuals are acting out of some need to project a topical character. It may be bleek, but I also stand by this notion concerning patriotism, feminism, white supremecy, or any other projected perspective. Thanks for responding. I'm currently taking a Gendered Communications class and this is a topic I am writing a short "world interaction" journal entry about. I of course won't name names or anything, but do like having a well rounded perspective on the issue from as many angles as possible. Thanks for yours.
from mindspin :
i wish i could talk to you more on IM. you give me a greater appreciation for waitors/waitress'. my family is full of cheap tippers. once i get a paying job, i'm going to give a huge tip because the waitors do so much. i hope that person is you. xoxo.
from purplmittens :
love your Jene's, too.
from cantbreathe :
happy new years!
from cantbreathe :
merry christmas :)
from inherdreams :
Congrats on Jenn finishing her novel!
from legallynsane :
not only was it your 200th entry, but you now have exactly 100 fans. it must be your lucky day.
from girle :
Hey, I have some constructive feedback for you and Jenn. If you are interested, please email me. [email protected]
from princetty :
Not a problem! I really like the way you write.
from venusinfurs- :
you're not alone, doll! i'm constantly being accused of "flirting" when i'm not...grr
from typicalme :
Hey. Sorry to hear about your friend who read your diary. That sucks. Not much else to say about that. - TypicalMe!
from gwenllian :
Man is that ever the truth -- anyone with working sex organs can have a child. My father and I aren't speaking right now. Long story -- won't clog up your notes with it. Hang in there, girl.
from ronni :
1-800-FLOWERS sucks. Last Valentines day my hubby sent me some flowers and we have the e-receipt but they claim the florist never got the order. They refunded his money but he will never order from them again since they made me so sad on Valentines day. Love your journal!
from girle :
Then again, someone else has to learn to control her happens to the best of us. Take care.
from typicalme :
Oooops! Yeah, you are. You're Michaela... duh! I had read Jenn's diary before reading yours and I guess they sorta ran together. Plus, I was delirious from having landed my axel last night in ice skating practice. Blah. 10,000 appologies. I know who you were I was just uhhh... really confused. - SorryMe!
from typicalme :
Hey jenn, I took that religous quiz that you had on your diaryland page on Sunday (just by coincidence it was posted to a mailing list i'm on). I actually got the same top 6 religions as you did, just in a different order. But, I got Unitarian first too! :-) Neo-Pagan was fourth tho! Then again, i always knew you were cool :-) - TypicalMe!
from lovefox1 :
Hi. One question: Is that a picture of Gillian Anderson on your diary? Lived your diary, havn't read all of it yet just the most recent ones!
from deadeyedick :
No thanks necessary...just keep writing so well :)
from typicalme :
Hey Michaela, I just wanted to tell you that what you n' jenn are experiencing is a NORMAL part of all relationships that last longer than each person is used to relationships lasting. Just go with the flow. If it was meant to be, nothing will keep you two apart, K? -TypicalMe
from marinechick :
I just read your diary, as well as your girlfriend's. You two are awesome. I'm so happy you found each other. You sound meant to be.
from typicalme :
Wow! I had no idea you guys (you n' jenn) lived so close to the areas worst hit by this morning's attack. I'm sorry to hear you had to see this horrifying incident first hand. I hope everything remains calm for you guys. - TypicalMe!
from koji-chan :
Stay safe! It's a dangerous world out there...
from all-knowing :
Your new layout kicks ass!! SO sophistated. I'm glad all is well with you in DC, and the evil terrorists. Take care.---Tina
from wateryone :
Heh, I could have been the aunt that told you to read Ender's Game... I tell everyone to read that book. Maurice Sendak is grand, my favourites are The Sign on Rosie's Door and Kenny's Window. 'an only goat is a lonely goat'. I'll be reading you.
from emogurl02 :
hi there! i just thought i'd say hi, because i was reading your diary, and i noticed you live very close to me (i'm in woodbridge) so if you feel like it, leave me a note back and we can talk, or whater :-)
from nevarren :
I've apparently already signed your analyzer for being cool in a different aspect, but I would like to welcome you to the grand old club that IS diarylanders who love Suzanne Vega. Bad Wisdom was your first SV experience, eh? Mine was "The Queen in the Soldier" at summer camp. If there was ever a life-changing summer, that was it. I got to see her play and meet her recently. She's amazing. I'm going to meet her again in November, since I'm on the guest list of her opening act. I did his website. I recommend seeing her in concert. I was worried I'd be disappointed. I have never been more wrong. --C
from gaygirl :
You rock! I worked in day care for YEARS, my family actually OWNED is quite the job!
from kittay :
Hi, I like the diary...came because the title made me think of the song, and HEy what do ya know, it actually is from Beth! Now I'm going through that whole..."have I been here before, or not?" phase, but I haven't signed this before so I guess not it just *seems* familiar. I really likes. Take care!
from nevarren :
Another team newkirker! Hahdee. Anyway, thought I'd pop in. You know Jennifer Connelly (Sarah in Labyrinth) is going to be in a movie that's coming up soon. I forget which one, but I'm sure I'll see the trailer again. In the meantime, anticipate "Hannibal" with me. Woo, more sexy man-eating psychiatrists! ~C

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