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from anotherwish :
it would be sad to c u go and not to read you nymore... :(
from ker-lin :
hey... i'm sure that you have absolutely no idea who i am... but i saw your banner for suicide diaries and it caught my eye so i came to your diary, and i saw where you said someone needs to find greg kinnear's version of "summer time" from stuck on you... i found it on limewire, and i love it!
from anotherwish :
that website is awesome... i love it!! Hope your well, cracked up at your country rant post too btw :D
from whodied :
Well, to be fair, it's a bit discouraging, and it's kind of an insult to know that you're thinking about another guy you _already_ dated.
from imnotjewish :
wow you have awesome taste in music. you even listed bands that i like that i forgot to put on my profile, and it's kinda weirding me out, here.
from thefallofart :
username: sunkship, password: lungs
from canosmyth :
from anotherwish :
*hugs* i love you! x
from anotherwish :
hey babe, with the lip piercing, even when they are fully healed can close up in a matter of hours if there is nothing in there :(
from spooky-doom :
merry platapus to you too!
from spooky-doom : :)
from willowgrove :
i like your site--great design and i relate.
from anotherwish :
any aussie ones are mine.. cause i check from work and home and my friends house, but i think you figured that already :P i might not be going cause i am really sick right now.. still at work, but really sick.. and no dont pray i get sicker! :P x
from anotherwish :
i will be there and in north korea over from september onwards this year hun.. i know its sad and scary and this world is so screwed.. praying for them and for you .. lots of love and cuddles
from anotherwish :
yes yes and yes baby doll! they're coming shortly i am waiting for the swelling to go down a little bit... hope all is well.. youre in my thoughts x
from aloneibleed :
im glad im back too. thanks for wondering what happened.
from aloneibleed :
hey i just wanted to write to to let u know im back i now am online again an can update more often
from anotherwish :
you're a doll.. thankyou :) keep hanging in there i do think of you often
from anotherwish :
aww i wish i wish i wish!!!! lol im sure ill get round there some day :s fingers crossed! x
from anotherwish :
lol you two are sooo cute!
from anotherwish :
yeh id be loving it if it wasnt 40 degrees celsius and you have to drive for an hour to find a park at the shopping centre :D and i must be blonde or blind or not updated as oft as i should cause i completely missed out on ur passwords :(
from anotherwish :
heh heh its stinking hot and we're all walking around in bikinis.. and nope i am not kidding i live right near the beach :D lol ill put pics up sometime soon :D keep smiling baby gurl *hugs*
from anotherwish :
im the little aussie one!
from ambs69 :
Hey! Thanks for adding me to your favorites. You called me adorable! *blushes* Yippee! TTUL!
from apocalipx :
yeah, you are right. just. say. no. i enjoi-d it. fyi and fmo
from whodied :
Well thank you. How exactly did you stuble on my little note-writing-page-thing?
from diva35 :
I know just how you feel.. I feel just like this today
from overtaken :
I hope you feel better soon *hugs*
from razorkissed :
from poptrashbrat :
happy birthday!!!!
from diary177 :
waz up sara/sarah:)
from poptrashbrat :
;) hehe, i still love ya!!!
from poptrashbrat :
wow, thank you very much for all the sweet things you said:) hehe, you rock
from killingyou :
thanks for adding me to your favourites. almost famous and empire records are two of my favourite movies as well. <3
from imnotjewish :
i'm a girl.

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