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from kenandlat :
I lived in Thailand part time or full time for 29 years, but cannot speak Thai (lost all hearing in one ear while in the Army). I love Thailand and Thai people more than life itself. But now, I have moved back to Oceanside CA for permanent retirement, but every minute of every day I miss Thailand. I used to have an old blog here called THIS AND THAT, but discontinued it way back when. Now that I'm fully retired, I decided today to start up again. I'd love to see each and evefry photo about anything Thai as each photo brings back such great memories for me. Ken Bower
from ziahhc :
really nice photos loved your diary
from redsilk :
GORGEOUS diary Sassy!!! Kudos to you!! xxx
from xxholding-on :
I saw you online and your photos are beautiful! Im also into art, and am actually in a competition and was wondering if i could ask for your vote!
from komachi :
I happened to come across to you by accident a few days ago, but I am glad I did. Your photos are beautiful!! I would definitely come back! :-)
from annanotbob :
Beautiful photos!
from whystinger :
Nice garden! Nori Nori Sushi owes you, as I was thinking of those pictures last night in Atlanta and stopped in for sushi!
from whystinger :
Nice photos, but they make me hungry!!!!
from im2qt2kr :
Greetings from California. I enjoyed looked at some of your photos, you take beautiful pictures. I was wondering, what is the bowl made of with the ice cream in it about 4 entries back?

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