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from cherrygash :
wow i saw your hello kitty/darth vador bit and i just want to say it inspired me it touched me in many places and i will now be coming back for some more of your {"SNIIIFFFFF"} ahhh...what was i say?
from betholindo :
What the fuck?! Where have you been?
from lasweetthing :
I will be locking this diary up soon! You can find me at jalepenogirl
from thekinkymary :
ya, that's a story to tell ur kids and grand kids for yrs. god, that totally sucks for pictures and and having a good time at the wedding. ok, well hope it gets better-mary
from beautyx3 :
Ouch! Sorry about the leg. But congratulations on the wedding!!
from lettynow :
I don't think I've ever seen your profile until today... I just wanted to leave you a GO WHITE SOX note.. but than I saw that beastie boys lyric, I love that lyric... You like don't even know..
from lasweetthing :
Hi, I found you at last ;o) and added you to my buddy list. Feel free to stop by my diary and check me out.
from saranade :
Hi Craig person. I don't know if your diary is messed up or not; it's sorta hard to tell with you. Anyway, if you find that it is (check your archives, that's where it seems to hit the hardest), go read my latest entry, or the one marked March 24th, 2005 for more info. And tell your friends. Bye.
from chibi-chi :
Hey, i'm a random reader of your diary, and i thought you;d like to know, incase you didn't know already, that your diary isn't working...? :S. Yeah, but from what i've read so far, you're very funny. Hope things are going fine and that i can read more funny things from you soon. Toodles!
from whovillian :
Hey there a reason why the Government of Canada put a block on your diary...really irritating me cuz now I don't get my daily
from rachel-what :
your profile is pretty funny!! i ment that in a good way. well you should leave me a not if you want>>>hopefully<<<
from thetimid :
Well, but they're saying that in comparison to the funding they had in 1985, in inflation-adjusted dollars. I can believe it. I'm secure enough to admit that maybe I'm gullible.
from madamdarling :
you should survivor. its better than better.
from nmnohr :
So I've always read your diary (at work, because who works while they are at work?) and suddenly today I clicked on your name on my buddy list and I get the "Blocked by Websense" message telling me I can't get on the website because "the site you are trying to access may have been blocked as business-inappropriate by the Company" What the hell? Just thought you'd be proud to know that apparantly my company thinks your diary is inappropriate. Way to go!!
from butterntoast :
Your diary is the funniest shit I've ever read. I love the PETA fun one. AND the Connery quote. Can't get enough of that stuff. Anyways, I love the randomness.
from filibuster-y :
Happy Easter!
from scoobies :
I KNOW I loved BTVS and I love Angel..But it's on it's last season now..I'm going to miss it so much.
from beautyx3 :
4/9- That Chicken guy is WEIRD! How do they do that? Is it a real person? Is the guy just sitting there all day waiting for me to give him commands? The chicken freaked me out. I am now afraid of chickens, thanks to you.
from afrosrock :
hee hee. your diary is some serious shit. its soooo funny. very nice "increase your penis" entry. me likey. lois xx
from reevo :
hi i love your diary. goddamn funniest diary on my buddylist... ((k.c. 67-94 heart))sar xx
from djarumgurl :
aren't you a clever little cuss - being all silly like with the fools day trick. You are a trip, you know that don't you?
from splinter- :
Oh screw my note. Have a good day.
from splinter- :
Funny april fool's joke if it's you making your page look like an error.
from kristintracy :
Whoa. I am the first note? Pop goes the cherry. I am so glad that you enjoyed my drawring. Who's crafty with MS Fireworks? ME!

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