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from hethyr :
dear scott, i just rediscovered my diaryland page (after 5 years!) and saw that in one of my entries i said i loved you. and i clicked the link and you're still here! so you know what! i STILL love you. hee! i moved on to blogger tho and a new state (thats geographically and NOT mentally) luv hez
from osirisbed :
didn't know where else to leave the message! those are some really great little drawings and watercolors you've got there... :) C
from lollywog :
ribbet, yo
from stats01 :
Hello, Scott. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways... Cute poem, appropriate feelings for your diary. Update soon.
from thecity :
Dear Scott, the thing I absolutely do not like about you is the MISSING previous and Next buttons.
from scanzilla :
Hey Scott! When's the last time you got your pixie dust hole filled with Led Zeppelin's Houses Of The Holy cds?
from scanzilla :
Hey Scott, when's the last time you got your smurf hole completely smurfed off?
from quibblings :
ohhh, look at you all fancypants now. ...which, i might add, look good on you.
from lydialicious :
Hey Scott, it's me, Lydia! Formally known as 'lydz'. Glad to see you're still abusing punctuation and loving your kitty like the good old days ;)
from jennak :
Okay I would seriously have to disagree with you on the mushroom/pineapple issue. Mushrooms are super yummy on pizza and I realize that you are certainly confused on that aspect and forgive you. As for PINEAPPLES, yuck, they make your pizza taste entirely to sweet. You cannot use Papa John pizza as a counter argument. It's sauce, there is a BIG difference.
from jennak :
I did beat you! by 100 pts, dork!
from bodymindsoul :
nice diary :)
from ambiebob :
haha u rock, thanks a bunches for curing my boredom, lol. take care
from sheermadness :
Hi, Scott! You're simply too adorable! Witty, as well. Quite the charming lad! Rather intelligent. Okay, okay, okay. Now that I've listed all things nice(hehehe) how 'bout you let me borrow your pink fleece bunny suit? I mean, yeah, sure, it looks great on you but could you just imagine it on ME???? 'Sides, I think the pink would bring out the red in my hair ;-). So, I'm just a bit retarded, but it can't be helped. I can't be bothered to fix it. I think it'd be a rather good idea if you let your cute lil' kitty date the man himself(Constable Whiskers) cause we all know if the woman of your life is happy, then you'll be happy...hehe. Ask any female, she'll reinforce this idea for you, luv. Well, as lovely as it's been 'chatting' with you, well, to my computer screen really, I'd love to go to sleep as I'm an insomniac and I keep all kindsa crazy hours and it's some ghastly hour of the morning...I'd say it's around 7 A.M. now...time to sleep...I can feel the sun tinging my pearly white skin! With all the love the internet will allow, love me, Sarah Leigh!
from lollylolly :
i don't think you're ready for this jelly. my body's too bootilicious. why didn't we have a camcorder that night?
from lollylolly :
dear bunny boy, i'm awfully sorry that you're sick. i should come to your place to spoon feed you chicken soup and read you bedtime stories. i should, but one has to pay for parking where you live and i find that inconvenient. so in my mind i'll be spoon feeding you chicken soup and reading you bedtime stories. get well soon.
from scanzilla :
Hey Scott, you ever want to punch Mickey Mouse in the big head of his?
from jessie02 :
your diary = fun to read Thanx for curing my boredom!
from weeme :
o yeah, I just remembered. beauty and the Beast is so NOT the best Disney movie... the best one is the Little Mermaid. It absolutely and truly is. Rent it, watch it and then try to tell me i'm wrong. I'm most emphatically not. Wrong, that is.
from weeme :
My one and only brother...actually my one and only sibling named Scott so i'm naturally predisposed towards adoring you but also finding you extremely annoying in sterotypical big sister fashion. Does that frighten you? I was going to say something else utterly charming and whimsical, but i forgot what it was. In the y'know, stereotypical fashion of rapidly aging and forgetful manner of the uh...rapidly aging and forgetful.
from meerin :
Where are you?
from lollylolly :
know where a gal can get a pink, fleece bunny outfit to parade around in and then pass out in?
from adumbration : this thing on???
from energysucker :
dear scott. i know you don't like me, but i'm glad you're back on the internet where you belong. don't go getting any crazy ideas about leaving again.
from scanzilla :
Dear Scott. Elvira and I are glad to see you're back. We've been conjuring all sorts of wicked sick spells with cat hair and goat balls, just to bring you back. I'm glad to see they worked. Sick.
from maeve-arie :
Scott I drew you a I just have to figure out how to get it to you...*thinkin*
from wilted-daisy :
I am quite sure it takes a special kind of man to admit he has a giant pink fleece bunny costume in his apartment.
from sammie :
password protect? ouch.
from cellarlilly :
scott. ive been reading a while, and i enjoy your entries. theres just one thing: are you male or female? i was sure male until i read "maid of honor". i dont want to sound rude, but could you see where i could be misunderstood?
from meerin :
Scott, you rock my world.
from treska :
Thankyou so much for writting again!!! Your entries always manage to make me smile!!!!!!
from keurigirl :
Scott!! I am so glad you started writing again. I missed your superfluous punctuation. You make me giggle. :)
from wilted-daisy :
So are you a top-hugger or a bottom-hugger?
from endless-loop :
Scott! Why are you passworded!! No fair!
from scott :
it's pretty fucking sweet that steve austin reads diaryland.
from steve-austin :
Ya know what would be sick? If Scott started writing again, cause that would be so fucking sick, I'd bite the head off of a lava demon! Yes that sick!
from scanzilla :
Remember that time Scott beat up some old dude? Just to take his dentures for gnawing on corn! That was sick!
from scanzilla :
Hey Scott. I've been reading your silly ass for well over a year now. It's a shame you had to leave, but take care.
from starstuff42 :
Very sad to read this will be your last entry! I always looked forward to reading your love letters. Good luck with everything. P.S. the meat cards were great. I sent one to a friend. I'll miss you.
from betticola :
scott! *throws herself to the floor weeping and pounded the linolium* its - just - not - fair!!!!!!! *wails*
from celestial03 :
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Don't go! Come back! Come back!!!!! ;.; It's not fair. Just not fair;.;
from unluckyme :
Bah. I hope you come back. And if not, well, I understand. I just hope you are alright and all, since I haven't seen you online in a bit. Be well, Scott. You're a good, funny person, and I'll miss ya. :D
from celinha :
there was too cake! in the form of "pie". it is your own stupid fault if you didn't eat it.
from no1wakefan21 :
happy belated birthday :D
from lollylolly :
F.Y.I scott throws a mean lap dance you're the bestest are you ever going to bring my housekey back? lolly
from danyelle :
I came across you diary by accident...i'd rather say by luck. i just wanted to let you know that I lOVED your art and your diary too. :)
from monica1110 :
but how we gonna buy you things if you make the link wrong?
from immissheidi :
Too bad you're not Scotty-O from the Party, because then I'd be throwing myself at you so I could get a job as a DJ. I'm from Nashville too (if you couldn't tell). Hope you have a better day Where did they wind up putting you? (apt. fire)
from celinha :
from liza :
dear scott, you puke SO MUCH. (even in my bathroom.) love, liza
from angelgirl :
i am a hardcore raisinet fan. even the yogurt-covered kind. mmm.
from babyhardcore :
Youre cuuuuute!
from libertyjade :
Hi scott.So how old are you???You picked some neat music.I love it. liberty
from silveringrid :
p.s. i go to school in wisconsin! rock on midwest!
from silveringrid :
i stumbled upon your diary rather by chance, and have found myself giggling to no one else but the screen of my laptop! and now i know someone else who will buy a pony with all their found quarters! woohoo! (my diary is silveringrid.diaryland if you're ever so inclined...or check it out...)
from elisabeta :
i hope you talked to dave, because he is my foul-mouthed boyfriend.
from no1wakefan21 :
last week there was a guy on jeopardy! named scott schneider. i thought that name sounded familiar, and then i remembered it was your name. i thought you might like to know that interesting bit of info.
from gr0wl :
I think I'm in love with your diary.. it's so addticting and fun to read =) keep it up. xox kate
from youlostme :
i love trading spaces! i hate that redhead though. she always makes the rooms so ugly. arrrrgh. (see! i'm a pirate)
from avoice :
you're diary is fun and I like it very much. and hey- there is nothing wrong with being from wisconsin. it's happens to the best of us.
from celinha :
haha. obviously you are gay! love, celine.
from stormwachr :
Your rock! Of course all guys named Scott are awsome, well aside from being gay too. Hope you feel well soon.
from torpidity :
Feel better soon!
from sarina3651 :
thanks about the entry comment!
from prettytear :
Eeeyy there! I enjoyed my visit.. infact i thought it was quite hilarious...
from tiffster :
I owned a scooter when I was little.
from liza :
from tourniquet :
scottie. mmm.
from golddigger :
did you fall down in the bowling alley and bruise your knee? i bet you looked like a big geek. (even if you didn't fall down, i bet you looked like a geek.) :P
from energysucker :
i also had the cocktail soundtrack when i was little. i saw the movie on tv when i was about 15 and i was disappointed. hippy hippy shake.
from annatto :
you rock.
from trulyjenuine :
your cards are absolutely hilarious! i especially enjoy the sheepish really should make some more!
from boogabooga :
hey, I resent that "Earl" remark! Earls can too be cool! In fact, my name is Earl! Okay, so I'm lying, but admit it, you were fooled. Just stumbled upon your diary... You like Jump, Little Children and Ben Folds Five (my two favorite bands)-- very cool... like Earl... :)
from she-foundyou :
um, yea if you could let me in on the brand of that mustard, that would be great. i can never find a good mustard in the stores.
from noalarms :
i think maybe you should sew a patch on your pants. surely that can only add to their appeal?
from celinha :
ME? (ha ha. i saw that chicken documentary. IT WAS GOOD.) love, celine
from snowtoes :
from diya :
i think you're sweet.
from chelee :
why hello is it strange that i dont know you but enjoy reading your diary...i dont know. Anyway, you are quite odd, but its all good! Keep up the oddness, cos i like it! Luv Chel
from its5am :
Hey Scott, Somehow managed to come across your diary. It both disturbed and elated me. I think I'd like to take a walk around inside your head, I bet the view is amazing. I suppose I'll make myself a regular here. --Wendy
from unemployed :
oh scott! this is so sudden.. but i accept!
from misfitmonkey :
tsk tsk. you need to get out of that tomato suit.
from lollylolly :
Oh for Gawd's sakes boy, you're not still a tomato are ya?
from clinky :
i love you scott!!
from grey-mondays :
scott, if i ws internet i would reply somthing like this: Dear Scott, you make me chuckle. your pictures are brilliant. any in a gallery? um id prolly say more but its like two degrees and my numb fingers dont want to type anymore. oh yeah i wish i had a snowy hill and slead too
from scanzilla :
Dear Scott, I haven't read your site in months. I'm glad to see your still in here. Though you've never replied to me (jerk!) I still think you have one of the most amusing diaries out of all the amusing diaries that have ever existed. :)
from kristinemari :
i like boys who like kittens. girls with stubble are bad for you, like cholesterol. combing your hair is for stupid people.
from xgayboi :
Maybe it's because I'm secretly gay, and back when I had a television, I would watch HGTV, but there was a host of one of the shows, and everytime she said her name, it made me laugh- Joan Kone
from pixiestixgrl :
i HATE the name roger lodge. hearing it is like hearing finger nails on a chalkboard. he was in "Tammy and the T-Rex," which only makes me hate him more.
from golddigger :
hey. you know. i like those 6" veggie subs too. we should probably get married. like, totally for sure. scott rules. har!
from nashville :
You are my dream man. :) You live in Nashville--the coolest city, you like Nick Hornby and David Sedaris, and you like American Beauty. You are my dream man, marry me? (my diary is blank 'cause I just steated this thing up...)
from jelias :
Hey. Just wanted to leave you a note saying "Thanks for the free giggles".
from polaroidrock :
when i lived in chicago, my mom worked with a guy whose name was anthony tony. his wife was named antiona. so when they got married, they were tony and toni tony. see, the thing about that story is that it's so absolutely true and crazy! parents are so cruel sometimes.
from bonkrood :
Roger Lodge bugs the crap out of me too! Why the hell didn't he like change his name to a non-stupid stage name? My parents' old landlord was named Jeff Jeffries which also really annoyed me.
from solipsistic :
I really like you.
from starsurfer :
Have you ever tried sushi?
from misfitmonkey :
your pictures are enchanting. they've inspired me to go eat a candy bar.
from stupidlogic :
rainbow colored doggies and HOMOBOTS! very awesome. i dig.
from irrefutable :
i want to have wild and rampant sex with you
from torpidity :
I like your diary immensely. You remind me of a guy I attended grade school with, yet you are more amusing :)
from eirias :
Cute, happy, not-at-all annoying diary. You remind me a little of my own Scott. :) You seem like someone it'd be fun to know in real life. Yay positive outlook!
from my-womb :
I used one of your cards, thanks! I thought the kitty cards were the best. They were all great, but nothing beats kitty cards! You're so much fun to read. oi.
from unemployed :
I watched the meteor shower alone last night too. It was so pretty. I loved those streaky ones that stayed in the sky for a while. I also froze my butt off so I had to go in eventually.
from omorfia :
i love the celestial world ..
from unemployed :
Thank god I found your diary. I was beginning to lose all hope for funny or interesting diaries. If I see another whiny, pretentious emo-diary, I'm gonna kick some major ass. Cyber-style! Not really. I'll just bitch a lot.
from equivocal :
I laughed.
from in-my-mind :
if you went to my grade school and i saw you playing hockey, you would -SO- be the guy i wanted to couple skate with at the rink on fridays.
from biscuit :
i work at dairy queen, scott. and this man came in tonight. and he looked like you. and i almost thought he was. but when i printed out his credit card reciept; it said his name was wilson. come visit me at dairy queen, scott.
from celinha :
from lloyddobler :
i want celine bad
from scott :
from lloyddobler :
from celinha :
i want you bad.
from scott :
from celinha :
from lloyddobler :
don't tell me you've heard this one before because i love it so much: so there's this lady in the supermarket and she's getting food and the guy behind her at the checkout line says, "you must be single." she says, "that's amazing! how did you know that? did you guess by the food i'm buying?" and the guy says: "no, you're FUCKING UGLY!" hahahaha hee hee hohohohahahaha
from scott :
from lloyddobler :
from sickofiodine :
dear scott: i heard that chicago diner thing on this american life too and found it absolutely capitavting. that, and i want you, bad.
from keurigirl :
Dear Scott, I adore you.
from squashednut :
Hey, I read you letters to the net every so often. They're pretty entertaining. I linked you to my pitas at chao!
from liza :
dear scott, i noticed on your list of things you did yesterday that none of them involved WORKING or a JOB. that is lame, yo! lame.
from cordeliameg :
Hey, at least Tigger only patted your hair. When I went to Disney World last year, I had my picture taken with those two Chipmunks (Chip & Dale?) and one of them felt me up! Seriously. And I was really really scared. I will never go there again. Oh...and you are just adorable. But I won't touch you unless you say it's okay.
from spiteface :
I *heart* your diary scott. I even said it in my diary. [then I sent you an abusive email.]
from thisisjohn :
Hi. Im John. I suck at skating too. But not at bass guitar.
from funnypants :
You are liked by me.
from susannahs :
evidently not.
from susannahs :
if i click on love me and leave a note, will you update more often?
from xheartbeatx :
i came across your journal last nite.. it was the good ol' capn jazz that does it for you. but i really like your journal, and i bookmarked you. rock.
from notagain :
I think people intentionally misunderstand each other quite often. It makes humans easier to deal with. I know I misunderstand people intentionally all the time. Particularly myself.
from stats01 :
i had nothing to say, but i clicked on the love me link anyhow. i am spastic.
from spacecraft :
beep. thank you!
from snotrocketoi :
happy birthday kitty!
from lonelyagain1 :
yayy Kitty Happy Birthday!! Scott give Kitty lots of birthday kisses for me ok?
from itcametothis :
dear scott: it's me, jess. tell your kitty happy birthday from me. p.s. i like your words.
from ellison007 :
Happy Birthday, kitty cat!!
from jynbirsch :
your warmkittyfuzzy makes me happy but but but ALAS FOR CATS. cool and evil intelligence. watch yourself as you wrinkle your little nose.
from spacecraft :
robots are cool. drawings of robots are also cool. beep.
from shutupmom :
from finnbutt :
I like your diary, I bet Captain Blizzard! would too. "sit and stare at the sky, I knew I'd find myself there again"...
from binkiegirl :
i have taken some time to read your diary and have found it very amusing..thanks for giving me a way to brighten up my day
from piper764 :
You are a very exciting person!
from pixiestixgrl :
hi, i feel you on the toothpaste in the eye incident. it's happened to me. it's a sad, sad thing. i just don't know how it can actually be humanly possible to angle your toothbrush in such a way. but don't let it discourage you.
from stargurl14 :
Hey, totally awesome diary, cool ideas...its hilarious...I love you internet *kiss* lol~~~
from omorfia :
that's a goddam BIG cow
from novembre :
wow. you are my new hero !!
from punkahontas :
wowee...this is rad... i love your diary...its original...its neato :) uh, yeah...bye
from celinha :
from weezergirl :
where'd you get your peachy-keen sneakers? i want a pair!
from liza :
you make me want to BARF. love, liza
from ginfizz :
hey scott, if I have to rate your diary you get a 9/10! The whole idea is just hilarious. Keep up the good work! Bye
from mmfuddy :
ps. that cow is HUGE!
from mmfuddy :
hey hey. i am in love w/your diary. and you of course [of course ;)].
from thisisalow :
hey, i'll fold your laundry....
from tissueboxs :
Love your diary. It really put a smile on my face. And after your computer is done doing your can come over and do mine 2! lol. p.s. how do you get this analizer thing?
from apples :
u are one of those popular people in high school I made a point of avoiding, but really wanted to know.
from gretl :
Hey scott! Come visit the Chicago d-landers when ya swing by! Myself, the ladypete and madisonaet would love to play. Have a safe trip!
from mattesque :
i too am of the recently laid off. me on the way home from the airport to go to work that night. 1 hour before i was supposed to go in. so i'm right there with you.
from missslex :
awww, i just found your diaryland, seems like i have pretty bad laid off, huh? i'm sooo sorry. well i'm sure you'll find something better soon, you seem like an indevidual with a lot of talent and personality (of course i'm only basing this on diaryland and your web page, so what do i know?). happy birthday, hope things pull themselves together for you soon :-) -ALEXIS
from vonnie :
showwy you got laid off. *tear* take good care of scott.
from luminescent :
i less than three your diary. *hug*
from astralfrog :
is it okay if guys hit on you in your guestbook too? heehee not really, but i wanna be like you when i grow up. well, except for the laid off part. that blows
from surly :
doode -- you got LAID today?!??! that rulez! xo surly
from christiana :
scott, if i didn't have a boyfriend, it seems likely that i would have a huge crush on you. i heart your diary. it makes me smile. smooches!
from chigau :
Hello Scott. This is part of the inter-net. Or not. I've enjoyed reading your diary....and because you are ever-so-special, and the internet obviously likes you, I have made you my "diary of the day". Be happy
from suds :
i like yr diary. its very cute. it makes the internet seem like a house
from tommy71301 :
Hmmmmm, interestin' to say the least...howdy from Alexandria, Louisiana.......hugs to ya buddy
from lydz :
from tarapa :
i like rainy tip-tapping on tents too. big fun.
from peach-buzz :
i like it, i like it a lot.
from liza :
you are sick, yo. SICK.
from noalarms :
hmm i'm just not sure.
from liza :
i hate you. and your diary. and your roommate, and your hair, and your DUMBJERKASSEDNESS. haha.
from quietloud :
I like you. And your diary.
from celinha :
i have a burning desire to make out with you! wait. no, that is probably indigestion. ha ha. oh, i am the funniest. no wait, i am just kidding really! let's make out.
from dree1128 :
Hi Scott, it's me, Andrea ;) Very cute diary, interesting..I found myself going back into your archives and reading all of the entries. Okay, maybe I was extremely bored, but you were very entertaining..ThAnKs :):)
from deanvaldean :
did you ever know that i'm your hero? i'm everything you would like to be. you can fly higher than an eagle. cause i am the wind beneath your wings.
from shot-star :
scott, you are super duper fly. yesh. i like you kitty, too.
from sheilasrs :
I had a fun time reading your entries. Bye :)
from ravieslave :
Dear Scott, this is the internet. Pay more attention to me. Love, the internet (Al Gore's internet, no less ;)
from impiwhirl :
hey how did you cut your hair longer? I wish I could do that.
from liza :
dear scott, do you think you could ask that guy in the picture in your diary to come over to my house? i would like to make sweet love to him 'til the breaka breaka dawn. love, liza (ps. just kidding celine!!)
from peggyblah :
i don't love you any more now that you have that "hair cut." blech!
from lloyddobler :
this is funny. you are like the diaryland pimp. haha.
from just-smile :
You're silly :)
from lydz :
hey man. that is all.
from celinha :
dear scott, i want to build you a thousand bookcases. love, celine.
from liza :
haha. girls are hitting on scott IN HIS DIARY.
from sugarysnap :
you should not tell people i cannot spell masterbate (masturbate, whatever, i hate you) i am trying to make it known that i am a good speller. and an even better masturbater. p.s. there is a lobster picture in the banner up there. it's making me hungry. -jody
from fadefromview :
well shit. there's a typo in my guestbook entry. don't i feel like a heel.
from fadefromview :
maybe it will make you feel special to know that yours was the first diary i felt worthy of being on the list of my favorites. and ther's a nice comment about you, too. :)
from angelgirl :
what is beatboxing?
from fauxpasdiva :
yeah, scott, your office is indeed wacky. you live in a sitcom!
from golddigger :
what's up with trying to be cute for scott? (haha. liza is so rad.)
from liza :
haha. puff daddy is a dork! (also, a felon.)
from narcissa :
you are cooler than puff daddy.
from chloemonster :
Hi! I like your diary! I did a search for Texas is the Reason, and did you know, that me and you are the only two that like them on this ENTIRE site? This entire site! Wow! I'm wearing pink fuzzy slippers and I just fell down the stairs! Here's a cookie! *throws cookies*
from liza :
from scanzilla :
Dear Scott. It's me Dan. I love you. :)
from impiwhirl :
You have very sexy eyes.
from fauxpasdiva :
you should eat chinese tonight cause it's chinese new year. whee!
from pinkjelly :
awww yeah, chocolate cake! that comment provides for hours of fun fun fun in public. people get all confused and bewildered. and you get to laugh at them when they say they are eating it in public. no, it does not take much to amuse us. besides, chocolate cake is yummy. real cake, that is. not masturbation. not that masturbation is bad. but you know what i mean. or at least p does.
from golddigger :
mmm. cake.
from peggyblah :
"eating chocolate cake" is a euphamism for masturbation. well, maybe just to me and my friends, but it's a lot of fun! just think about it, you can say things like, "i'm going to go home and eat some chocolate cake." and your friends will all smile and laugh. invariably, someone who acts like they've got a stick up their ass will say something like, "yeah, that sounds really good. i should have some, too." and then everyone can laugh at the person who *really* needs chocolate cake. okay, it really is funny.
from strongerthan :
Hello everyone at Stopped by for a quick visit. I'll come back, but now time for more maintenance. yay !
from celinha :
you should also sign his balls while you're down there! thanks!
from liza :
dear j*me, did you sign scott's penis?!
from tenminsfast :
Hi Scott. You must think i am stalking you cuz i am signing everything of yours that i can ((BOTH things)), but i am not i am just having fun with your site, thats all. harmless fun. Scott, why for do you travel so much? Love J
from liza :
ps. the guy in the video is kind of like heath! ha ha.
from liza :
celine, have you seen this? it is hours of fun.
from celinha :
LIZA. i want to put tamarind in your pants. love, celine.
from liza :
i feel sorry for whoever is giving it to him!! (haha. just kidding! i love her! whoever, i mean. I LOVE YOU, WHOEVER.) ps. when are we having our bad candy party? i am craving some tamarind, yo!
from golddigger :
from iota :
dear scott, hello. i am writing to say hello. how are you? hello. hi, i like your diary very much. i'm never going to learn how to break the ice. haha i'm so funny. hi there. love, iota
from celinha :
mmm. nude jude. i would like to "spank that ass". ha ha. (no way! i am just kidding. don't get mad. i'm just kidding.) why war? love, celine.
from liza :
i think she is fairly certain. that he gets plenty, i mean. ps. celine, you can invite jude to the nude year's party if you want to!
from pishposh :
JUDE! = DUDE! what a funny idea! hurray!
from celinha :
1. HE GETS PLENTY. 2. not that i know, personally (i am just repeating what i hear, you know). 3. would jude be nude at this party, liza? just curious! 4. i am a analyzer-loser.
from liza :
okay, so. after we have a nude year's eve party, maybe we can have a JUDE year's eve party. i am FULL OF GOOD IDEAS.
from amydubya :
Hey there...just spent a lot of time snooping in your diary. I am living in Wisconsin (aka hell), not that you care...anyway I had a hard time leaving, I had to add you to my pitas page. I even sent a "Scottcard." Later....
from liza :
haha. scott can't get any. (hey, i am only repeating what i hear!)
from racharl :
gross. girls like scott. gross.
from disquiet :
i wish i could've found you before you moved to the big tn.. i'm from milwaukee. we coulda.. uh.. been indie rock together. :D you are hilarious [and i mean that in a "laughing *with* you, not *at* you" kinda way]. take care.
from celinha :
that cat is meanie mcfatface.
from fauxpasdiva :
that cat looks like a chinchilla.
from racharl :
i wish i was cool like scott sometimes. *cough*
from vinylflower :
I don't know why that was submitted twice. My appologies. I just wanted to say that I think I am in love. *S*
from vinylflower :
I like boy journals. I copied your idea summary of "Y2K". Thanks for being interesting.
from celinha :
dear scott. i am drinking water. love, celine.
from delirium :
First off, I make fun of my SO all the time with the "Weeping. Weeping." It has become a staple (rim shot!) of sarcastic remarks around the house. Secondly, did I win the contest? huh? Liza? Did I win?
from pinkjelly :
i :heart: the staples robot too! that is the greatest commercial ever. you rock, scott. can you clone yourself and send them here? please? boys here are mean. and they don't like cool things. and i would run away to disney world with you anyday. it IS the happiest place on earth.
from junipar :
"I wanna lick you up and down...til you say Scott." Hi. Please visit my new analyzer page and lay out the sweaty Swensen's couch lovin', okay? Merry Christmas!
from indierawk :
You make me smile like mashed potatoes.
from liza :
from supermanda :
baby, when will you come and see me?
from fauxpasdiva :
"i wrote you a love letter did you get it?"-atom and his package
from delirium :
Even though you and my exhusband have the same name, I could grow to be an addict of your diary. So Fnord. Bleh. 23. Stuff.
from wretched :
one of the guys singing on the um...frosty the snowman .wav sounds like my ex boyfriend. i found it disturbing.
from fauxpasdiva :
scott, i am listening to reggie and the full effect and yeah, let's run away to san francisco.
from tiffster :
It's okay Scott... your secret is safe with me. No one will ever know you're a lesbian.
from ginger :
you just wish you were a cuterthan. jerkface.
from celinha :
thanks for being that somewhere. where i could put it. haha. oh, i suck.
from celinha :
boring + blah = bloring (this is not to say that your diary is boring. this is just to say.. i just thought of that! and i needed to put it somewhere. thanks.)
from karizzma :
from apatheticq :
i enjoy dancing.
from heath :
sin sin sin!
from fauxpasdiva :
i was truly thinking of having you be my band's "fly boy" but after hearing that frosty song i am thinking of making you our internet backup singer. i hope that was you singing or else i am looking like an ass.
from noalarms :
hmm i think i love you
from spacemuppet :
Agh! Why dear God, why? Oh, sorry. I deem this worthy of the presence of all who come through. Throughly enjoyable
from liza :
dear scott, you're crazy. you know? love, liza
from fauxpasdiva :
ROLLING ROCK IS GROSS?! don't you be dissin' my local beer mofo. grrrrrr. it's made about 5 miles from where i live and i will defend it.
from pinksiebelle :
i am so impressed that you are buying chicken run. its one of the greatest movies of all time. "i cant be a pie! i dont like gravy!"
from fauxpasdiva :
wow scott! you're like an internet superstar, or something. i forgot what i wanted to say.
from celinha :
4 4 4 4 4.
from celinha :
@324jlkj .. gobble.
from celinha :
you are confusing. jerkle. love, celine.
from celinha :
a big cat hair cake for you! fishface.
from sammie :
dear scott q., i *heart* you. maybe i will leave you voicemail sometime. (sorry!) love, sam
from junipar : are always minty-fresh. I hear you may be moving to the South? Yea for us! love, Jennifer
from lydz :
hey scott! i've been watching you... i mean, i've been reading your diary - not watching you. that was not me throwing stones at your window last night, heh heh heh! ANYWAY now that you think i'm a complete freak, please come and visit me! your on my links page! um... i think you're sexy? will you come now?
from sinnamon :
And this one time, i left scott a sexy, sexy message about Atlanta and BFF t-shirts and hot sweaty boobs and Bob erased it! Damn it!
from nikki808 :
do you prefer green to blue? do you like cleaning your ears with q-tips? do you wear boxers? how do you feel about chicken noodle soup with little to no chicken in it? how do you feel about chocolate chip cheesecake as a meal?
from supermanda :
how did you know i wanted you to be a pink bunny for halloween! (squeals and stuff)
from tiffster :
from fauxpasdiva :
scott, i am secretly, madly in love with you. xoxo.
from sicko :
scott, i am still waiting for you to respond to my email from years ago. ! good diary, by the way!
from annatto :
mtusisgsHIsffursaagnb - - - (Can You Find the Secret Message?)
from xoxoxox :
dear scott, please update. i miss the way we used to make love under the starlight. xo, internet
from celinha :
"jearl" is not a very nice word. you're pretty when i'm drunk! .. love, celine
from jenifer012 :
See that thingy over there that says...umm others? YOu made a typo, i think it is supposed to say, Uhh, Jenifer012. I dont know, just a thought...Passers on the right just suck, I shut down their company for you so it shouldnt happen again...sorry for all the confusion....x0x0 Jenifer
from supermanda :
mmm. pink bunnies.
from poetrywhore :
you are the keenest dude. i like promise ring too. and i like the stuff that you are talking about because you seem like the kind of person i would like to hang out with and be friends with. and i like the cat cards. and i think scott is a fun name. so you must be the keenest dude. love, ginna who is going to school in whitewater wisconsin but who is really from jonesboro arkansas and thus is very cold.
from liza :
one time, i went to chicago, and scott was there. when i left, i got sick. another time, scott came to my house. when he left, i got sick. now, scott is moving to nashville and says, "come visit me!" i think he's trying to kill me!!

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