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from divabunny :
Please create a new survey called 'roids' and I will tell you what I like to order from taco bell, my favorite lubricant, and my bad roommate experiences..
from fiercelingua :
Then why are you running adds that cause your password prompt to prompt us when the page is trying to load your banner?
from lannyismail :
you must be a wordsmith hence your username; )okay hit me with your new site.
from discodave :
Thanks for liking that entry - it all seems a little gushing - but I guess that was the point, really. I'm returning the compliment - but because I like this entry. A lot. Dxx
from discodave :
And scarily, despite the fact it was you who signed my guestbook at #2000, you've gone and done it again - #3000. One of these days I'll actually make good on my promise to send you something cool... Dxx
from discodave :
I'll hold you to that, hon. Dxx
from neangel :
Bee sounds like a lot of fun to hang out with, have a stoli for moi!
from bugginyou :
Hey, sorry to hear about your dad. Is he in a hospital in T.O.? I was just thinking that if he's in my hospital and you need any info or anything, let me know. Tonight I made what I thought was going to be the most depressing mixed CD ever (see and listened to it right afterwards (with headphones on) and felt BETTER. Who would've thought?! It probably helped that I was reading a magazine at the same time. Try never know. Glad to hear you at least sound a little more cheerful today (given the circumstances). :)
from lmno :
Your kind words and support are appreciated, sorry to hear you have gone throuh some of the same. Your an awsome writer though, you diary is great.
from ionme :
Clicked on your banner, liked what I saw. I will be back :)
from banefulvenus :
i clicked on your beautiful banner and your site is amazing!!
from maralisa :
username=passport, password=control xx
from raven72d :
I loved your site... I had a nightmare time once at Yale trying to find an apartment... And whatever *did* you do with 400 books? I've had boxes and boxes of books to deal with every time I've moved... What do you study?
from discodave :
Congratulations! You are our 1000th caller! (No, really, 1000 guestbook messages - I'll definitely need to get you that tape done now.) Dxx
from discodave :
I think you'll have got the guestbook message, but if not Happy Birthday for whenever it was (I thought it was next week!?) Dxx
from ripetomato :
Er ... I meant that as a compliment, incidentally.
from ripetomato :
Not sure if I ever mentioned it, but you're irritatingly pretty.
from jennyorama :
And i seriously love sigur ros
from jennyorama :
HI! i just added the coral as one of my favourite groups and turns out you are the only other person to do that so far! and i dig the princess bride too! yay
from goldenlights :
it's lex by the way :P
from goldenlights :
shit these pictures are beautiful! can i play around with em and make you a custom design?
from discodave :
This is a joke, though not a particularly good one: A large grey lump of concrete is standing in a bar, lording it over everyone: "Come on then, do you think you're hard then, come on, I'll take you all on..." The lump of concrete looks around menacingly, "I'm the hardest thing in here and any one who wants to have a go - just come on" All of a sudden, the door to the bar springs open, almost falling off it's hinges. There, standing in the door, is a lump of red concrete with a narrow band of white down one side: "Any of you wusses seen a road round here? A grey bit of concrete about so this tall, acting all tough and saying he's hard?" Everyone in the bar nervously look about, but the lump of concrete is nowhere to be seen. After a bit of posturing, the red bit of concrete storms out and the grey lump shakily steps out of the men's room. "I thought you said you were hard and would take on anyone?" says the barman. "Yeah, I know," says the lump of concrete sheepishly, "But he's a total cyclepath!" Boom and, as they say, boom. Hope it's a bit better tomorrow love. Dxx
from grim :
Is that "Blue" film the same as Three Colours Blue, with "oh gosh oh gosh I'm" Juliette Binoche? If so, you have incredibly wonderful taste in films...
from discodave :
Yeah,my ex and I are still in that really shitty phase where you don't know if the break-up's permanent or just a "I need my space" thing. Mind you, she's a couple of hundred miles away, so it's not that hard to resist the temptation to see her again. Sorry we're shits, it's in our genes.(That works as a pun out loud) Dave xx
from samuellewis :
Terrific diary.
from tinkagrrl :
Oh happy new year, Lisa with a silent s. Hic... Tinka xx.
from tinkagrrl :
Merry Christmas, dear.. *hug*
from discodave :
Thanks sweetheart, I'll link to you now I know how to - you're too kind to me! Dxxx
from goldenlights :
i loooove this layout
from mysticmonkey :
hi,I like to play scrabble,Did you know suq is a word in the new dictionary?

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