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from secret-motel :
Never heard of it until you mentioned it. Just read some of his posts. I look forward to reading more soon. Thanks!
from secret-motel :
Yeah, that passage really stuck with me. I'm glad I got curious about that book.
from secret-motel :
Thank you. That was very kind. And, yes, I look forward to "Meditations". I'm a terribly slow reader and still watching these poor people trying to escape the Lusitania.
from bridgecity :
from bridgecity :
If you're giving our passwords I'd love to have one
from bridgecity :
Quality writing.
from atwowaydream :
Tea leaves can't always be trusted. Anyway. I read you often. I read my Diaryland buddylist the way 1950s father's pencil in their periodical crosswords. If you ever want to touch base, I believe you have my email. Until then <3
from atwowaydream :
I read you when you update. If you want to read on: Aside from that, I think you're wonderful.
from atwowaydream :
"I frame a settled sunset between index fingers and thumbs." I always read you. If you'd like, just email me at
from atwowaydream :
"by unmeasured handfuls of giggles and naps. A magnificent waste, our interpersonal sand mandala." Yes. Giggles and naps are like, completely essential.
from atwowaydream :
When it comes to other people's vulnerabilities, I am very often the same way; intricately wrap myself in them and float somewhere made of parallels and poetry. When it comes to me, I shut down and become a mega-guarded bitch. . . which I was last night. Thank you for the awakening. I needed a good slap in the form of devil's advocate - and I truly do appreciate it.
from swallowthkey :
It didn't come from a negative place really, I have been having great sex, it just hasn't been with the same soul-satisfying feeling. I am inviting sexual energy into my life that is spiritually fulfilling.
from life-my-way :
I miss reading you! mkklose at gmail dot com if you'll share your login info. Thanks!
from atwowaydream : = me. Yes, apparently I'm still living in 1996. If you feel comfortable enough, I would love a password.
from catsoul :
hi, if you lock your writing I would like the key. My email is: Thank you ever so much.
from atwowaydream :
"I exhale monarch wings, baby's breath and perfume clouds. I close the door for now." I read this a few days ago and meant to comment on the beauty of it then. But life. I also wanted to send my appreciation for your very thoughtful note - it meant a hell of a lot to me at a time that I really needed it. Thank you.
from movingsands :
I think so too. That album has some true gems :)
from movingsands :
I feel like an intruder, obviously voyeuristic, so I don't ask for a password. Until, if ever, the feeling is right and decide to let us in, I will miss your writing :)
from atwowaydream :
You are locked. . . and this saddens me greatly. If you're giving out the password, please let me know and I'll send you my email.
from atwowaydream :
"How lovely-- and easy!-- it is to dress my cardboard shortcomings in finery." I love this. I have a paper cut-out of mithril mail, but sometimes it seems deceiving.
from movingsands :
For a while now I've been trying to leave a note. Pretty much since you made your writing public. Your letters hooked me, of course-- being a correspondence fan myself I find them beautiful in all their painfully regretted, and faithfully hopeful, glory. But it is the way you handle the abstract that has kept me consistently reading. Your self-analysis-- that seems will forever find something this side of lacking-- is so unafraid of prying apart the box and inspecting its chaos bare-handed. And for all the signs of a systematically logical mind, your symbolism is very much alive. Organic. Rich. Never pedantic, never mundane, no matter how mundane the subject. Like watching math come alive. Or a Dali with Chuck Close drawing skills. Escheresque? I guess All I'm saying is TLDR: hello and thank you for allowing us the read :)
from meffinmisfit :
Your writing is eloquent, descriptive and thought-provoking. There are very few people who can captivate the essence of life with mere words, you're parallel to that concept. I think you're a great writer. Don't stop. On a different note, please feel free to write to me anytime:
from amber163 :
Thank you for the kind note. I usually only write when I am upset, but I am trying to do it more often.
from secret-motel :
Glengarry Glen Ross is one of the best films ever. And, like Harold & Maude, it's one of those films that has a message I really admire and respect but have failed to live up to. But, rather than be angry at the films because of my own failure, I still love them--love the acting, the writing, and the overall art.
from comebacktome :
Thank you for your lovely note, I would quite like to read your words, might I have a password please? :)
from secret-motel :
Thank you for the very kind note. I usually assume that my entries will be read by only two or three people. Now I know that they are read by four. May I have a skeleton key to your diary? If so, you can send it to If not, I totally understand.

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