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from nikkifoofoo :
But if you don't name names, how will I know who is who?!?!?!
from for-you-only :
It seems like your guestbook link doesn't work. I really like your latest post about social experiments. Do you use live-journal at all, or just diaryland?
from for-you-only :
I can totally relate to this! "It's really cool to let a little piece of myself come through among people who don't know me well and watch them be baffled by it."
from nikkifoofoo :
You've got two different ideas going in this latest entry but I can see how the two are connected. You can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved, but oh, how some people enjoy watching you try. I think it's the curse of being an IXTJ, seeing that there's a better way and exhausting yourself trying to get others to see it, too. Watching someone gleefully self-destruct is hard, but if you can't save them, you're right to save yourself.
from nikkifoofoo :
You have doomed us all!!!
from nikkifoofoo :
I actually didn't know. I still have the same email. [email protected]
from dangerspouse :
Rats. I was hoping for some good (read: sordid) lesbian stories. Oh well. Welcome back!
from ping-island :
congrats on your date!! i hope everything goes well. :)
from comebacktome :
I don't think you have to be an encyclopaedia to be Pagan. As you said, it comes from within, the whole point of casting or practising is focusing your attention and your desire/will (while still obeying the whole 'no harm/compulsion thing obviously) so that's kinda what it's all about. I was lucky, I was taught by my grandmother, but it's been hard for the last little while as I can't have an altar here. Doesn't mean that I don't think about it, doesn't mean I'm still not witchy at heart. The lack of practise doesn't affect my value system and I would say that it's the same for you. Then again, I've never worn a pentagram, because I've never felt the need to advertise, or hide. But not every christian wears a cross either ;) So this is really long, the point is- you're not a bad witch, you'll be fine and I find that basic crystal magick always helps to centre me. Even just walking the circle chills me right out. Good luck!
from sapathetic :
It'll depend on my mood the next few days, right now I'm just sulking.0) I'll get back to you. BTW, did you get the email I sent you recently?
from louis45 :
Just thought would say hi from London. Read a bit and it reminded me a bit of how I need to analyse the world and vent on this thing. Plus you mentioned being hormonal and I reckon the older women get, the more crazy it gets! I'm 31 and am crazy hormone bitch all the time. Enough of my ramble.. bit drunk! Take care x
from sapathetic :
Heads or tails?
from corposant :
I was contemplating the Serentity Prayer today (I often do, it's such a savvy piece of advice). I think "the wisdom to know the difference" is the most difficult part for me. Thank you for including me on your list of favorites. I have added you to mine.

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