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from my-solitaire :
Congratulations on your marriage! Feels nice, eh?
from switchcraft :
I leave for two days and you're locked. I'll call tomorrow, hope all is well.
from ravynespeaks :
Just want to wish you a very Happy New Year. May 2005 be your best year ever!
from nicky-d :
I see you've locked up again. I hope all is okay. If you're willing to share the username/password with your readers, it would be greatly appreciated. If not, it's completely understandable. Take care...
from dont-stop :
You're locked. I'll try back later.
from candoor :
followed your banner... it always amazes me to realize how many people are here at DLand and as many as I have read, there are many many more I have never found... it is good to have found you :)
from poison-words :
you are gorgeous. ♥
from spritopias :
thanks for adding me
from spritopias :
PBS Moll Flanders nearly lost me a job once. It's good. It's hot, but not as good as the book.
from abu-daddy :
it's his loss. great site. keep up the writing.
from dont-stop :
It's all an illusion. Everything.
from banefulvenus :
Great site!!
from ktdream :
Aww thanks for saying my site is cute as well. =)
from newfoundsoul :
now you can get in, your password is in the mail...dizzy
from ktdream :
What an awesome quote and picture, colors of your banner.
from newfoundsoul :
hey i really like you journal...its real...dizzy
from lostboynada :
Hey man... You're all locked up. That sucks. If I could get in that would be cool. Hope all is at least... Well I hope it's good.
from mnowicki81 :
Hey thanks for your note. You are only the second person who has acknowledged the fact that I have filled out their survey. Like your diary very much.
from bandchick182 :
hey, sorry to see that you've locked your diary. i was wondering if i could have the username/password. i love reading you. you remind me so much of myself. i hope things are working out for you. anyway, if i may leave me a message either on AIM (neon pink moron) or in my gbook or email or something. yeah...thanks in advance. ~sara
from sarahsundae :
cool diary. 100703
from livingwreck :
Love the photo. Yum.
from letnitout :
HEY! Lets Make Music Together. Join my Diaryring and we could be on our way to the top baby!
from hieronymous :
tanning? boooooooooo! I shall mourn for your skin
from nicky-d :
Hey, thanks for the note and words of advice/encouragement. I definitely agree with you on many points, especially the respect yourself first thing. And, I also agree with what you said about following your heart. Obviously, that's what you're doing with Chris now. I genuinely hope he has finally changed his ways for you and that this is the end of all of the crap he has put you through. If it's meant to be, it'll work out. If not, like you said, you can't say you didn't try your best. Although my issues aren't resolved with the guy in question (long story), I know even right now, I gave it my best shot.
from nicky-d :
Hi, I've read your diary for a while now, and I have to say that it's weird reading your diary lately because what you're going through with Chris is EXACTLY what I'm going through with someone as well. (Ironically enough, the guy is also someone here at Diaryland and he's on your favorites list.) It's sickening to see how guys - Chris and this guy I'm dealing with in particular - think they can play a bunch of women at the same time, lie through their teeth, and never get caught. I hope you're truly over Chris and can move on, and I hope I have the strength to do the same once and for all as well. Good luck. :)
from letnitout :
Hey girl, yeah you know me. I am now part of this community so get in touch.
from redivivus :
sweet read
from lostboynada :
Congratulations! (I can't think of any thing else to say...)
from prissy-pants :
You won't believe how much stress you are under until it is gone.....won't it be great not to be wondering where he is, who he is with and what kind of funk he may bring home to you. Best of luck to you!!!!
from keryanna :
In all of my breakups, I become physically ill. I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, couldn't think. I was basically useless. It was just my reaction to not having someone in my life that had become habit. Or better yet ... an addiction. There just withdrawal symptoms. Don't worry, they'll go away. That doesn't mean you're meant to be with him - it just means you don't like to be alone. And that you're human.
from ravynemyst :
YOU CAN DO BETTER! There, I said it. Now believe it, dear :)
from lostboynada :
hey, you rock! I have alot of the same shit stuck in my wheels. But I still keep spinning them, just to see the mess perhaps... What ever, Stay real...
from affablealien :
It's sad to see so many people losing faith in the things they used to believe in these days. Perhaps there's not much left to be faithful in...but I'll never give up. Otherwise, there's nothing to do but complain...
from ravynemyst :
thanks for making a comment on one of my entries. love your site. Will be back
from glowcircuit :
i cared deeply once, she broke me and left me to fail on the salt plains. im watching the dawn, reading you and for the time happy. may peace find you, thank you. glow.................
from hieronymous :
there's nothing sexier than a woman who plays Final Fantasy
from mayfire7 :
I know what you are going through. It's not easy to NOT trust your boyfriend. He does not deserve someone as caring and understanding as you. I think you could easily find someone who will appreciate you and be honest with you. I hope things get better. :)
from smltwnsorrow :
hey dear I know what it is like, the way that you are feeling... the need for a rebound and the undying truth that we are attracted to people for how they act not who they are. Ultimately, we find ourselves in a never ending cycle of breakups. Maybe it's time for the cycle to end?
from bandchick182 :
don't leave hopes is that something new can start and that he might be persuaded to go for all the depths of you, not just your happy-go-lucky side
from orpheusd0wn :
You said- "I called Scott today and expressed my feelings about him not wanting to be my friend.. you know, he wants a relationship or nothing at all. And actually, he saw my reasoning, and aggreed that he did want my friendship afterall. :) Yay. I win.!" I don't know the whole story there, but I'd bet a shiny penny Scott has real feelings for you. That's not a good or bad thing really, just something to be careful about, especially if it's not something you reciprocate. Good luck though, either way.
from devallyk :
Sorry honey. Needed the rant, I guess. I'm calm now though, and not a suspect email in sight. Good stuff will be back really soon, I promise.
from jason75 :
has been ages since I read your diary sweets... sorry for disappearing and am really glad you havent changed. Your honesty and fresh approach can only help in the long run. Stay strong
from amalthea23 :
hey, i love your diary, i'm a sick kid, so i'm digging that theme... i haven't read your whole deal, i'm about to... if yer like me, check out my new ring, "always-sick"...
from madkoadr :
Seralynn, you rock. Take no prisoners!
from proofrok :
You're intense. You go in my favorites now. Thanks for putting me in yours.
from agentfatman :
Does the hunt end so soon? Did I waste my nubers?
from agentfatman :
And would he/she know if you speak to hime/her?
from affablealien :
You're welcome. (For what, I cannot ascertain...)
from adugan :
well, that's certainly wonderful to hear! i'm happy for you. have a good weekend!
from adugan :
your last entry sounds like you've had a bad day..or perhaps a bad life. why do you think that is?
from jason75 :
nice to finally find you online! loving ur entries but was cool to actually chat
from rckstrreview :
Hi! Want a review? If so please go to to get your review today! Please read scoring and the rules before you sign the guestbook!:)
from decemberguy : of the most stellar diaries I have ever read. Keep it up..and I'll keep reading.=)
from jason75 :
hurry up and get online gorgeous.. I want to chat!!!!!! I am sure the boy is not that crazy!
from jason75 :
Now i just have to find you online and actually have a chat. thanks for adding me!
from jason75 :
thanks for your note, love the pics by the way, who would have figured you could write, you are a HTML expert and you are cute! I am lost for words.. still loving your page by the way
from jason75 :
I only felt sorry for her because when she looks back at er experience with men, her experience is limite dto just me, an awkward teenage guy too scared to even kiss her. I am happy she found who she was and stoked that she loves life. She was a beautiful soul and will make a girl very happy
from halfdevoured :
I saw that you had one of my favorite people linked, Ripe Tomato, by checking her linkers. (She's popular, isn't she?) Anyway, I thought I'd drop by and give you a read - I really like your writing! Good stuff! I'm in the middle of a move to another city, but when I unpack, I'll come back to read more!
from seralynn :
Yay! I finally got a photo up on my Profile! It took a while, but I figured it out!
from vampishone :
wow, a note for me and a compliment...i don't do those well, but thank you. deep within the heart of your bitternes is beauty in it's truest form. grasp onto it with all your might and watch the very gods descend to bow before you... have a nice night ~Vampy~
from sageadvice :
Hey Seralynn, thanks for filling out my survey and writing nice stuff in it. I'm getting annoyed with people's bitchy answers. I was just reading your diary: "Why do I always chase these lost cases?" Story of my life! I understand what you're going through.
from nakedave :
Ok. On both accounts (pictures and signing)
from seralynn :
NO one loves me.. *pout* someone write me a note.. puh-leeeze.

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