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from candora :
sending more love to all.
from candoor :
been wandering, looking for your other diaries... candora too.
from purex :
An entry! :) Brought tears to my eyes.. Hope to read another (entry) soon!
from serena6184 :
i just wanted to let you know that i was reading pretty frequently and then i wasn't...i just now came back and as i write this, i'm still crying. you and axel had a great relationship. he will be there foryou when you get to heaven.
from candora :
Your own spirit is as even more inspiring than the Axel you gave words to (and he would be the first to tell you). I hope, either here or in your own diary, that you will continue sharing some portion of yourself and your life with us. It is something to we can do to ease the aloneness, to release the frustration of life's challenges, and to give the world a more caring feel. For Axel, for yourself for all who care, please enjoy and share your life as much as you can.
from funda :
you are inspiring.
from buzz-chan :
I haven't been reading for very long, but I was already attached to Axel! I wanted to cry when I read what happened...especially after just losing both of my own Rotties...Goodbye Axel! *hug*
from blue-belle :
goodbye axel. my deepest sympathies to you, his loving parents. *hugs*
from dizzy2003 :
hi. I signed-up in Diaryland just so I post this. I just heard about beautiful Axel on a friends journal. So sorry to hear of your loss. Just wanted to send hugz. -dizzy.
from trinity63 :
I am so so so sorry. Hugs. And Axel may you rest well.
from candora :
from funda :
from purex :
There's nothing to be said that will make any pain go away, but I am very very sorry and I want you to know that you and Axel will both be in my prayers tonight. You wrote in a way that makes people feel like they know you.. and although I don't know you, I admit I really teared up reading that. God bless you ~*~
from firemind :
Goodbye Axel.
from milkmaid :
Rest well, Axel.
from milkmaid :
Rest well, Axel.
from purex :
Just wanted to say that I'm very happy you *both* now have the Internet! I was worried that maybe you had stopped putting entries in here.. Anyways, glad to see you're back :)
from wonka1106 :
Axel, you rock!
from fuzzy-grey :
I understand that you are moving and all, but I hope you will be done soon. I am so looking forward to a new entry from you. WOOF!
from firemind :
arff! arff! I get delayed pausing to pet people's dogs. I do talk to the owners. One thing I have learned is not to pet working dogs. Your tale reminds us why that isn't a good idea. Hope you like your new home!
from purex :
I just read your entry about Best Buy - I plan on not buying anything from there as long as possible. You sound like a real sweet heart and so does Axel! Don't give up Axel because of those crappy individuals. Don't let them change who you are or take away what you love. Have a super nice day :) ~*~Katie~*~
from candora :
to David: keep the faith (and the dog)... to Axel: humans can be ignorant sometimes, but some are worth the trouble ;)
from funda :
never give up.
from sunnflower :
I am shocked by the Best Buy story but I am glad that I found your wonderful diary through all the save Axel buttons I have been seeing in some of my favorite diaries.
from katehackett :
You should seriously consider suing. You do have a case and with a large corporation behind you (the ADA), you don't have to worry about taking on a big corporation (Best Buy). Give the ADA a call/letter and see if they'll support you.
from service-dog :
Greenies: An awesome 'treat' that you can get at lots of different pet shops and pet-sections in some stores. They have a web site at:
from lolas-a-fox :
i am so utterly disgusted by your story. i would personally like the phone number to that particular best buy and i intend, after talking to the lady, to call corporate. i don't understand or know what exactly is wrong with you but i want you to know i care. i am serious about this. get back to me please. my diary is lolas-a-fox. you may not get hoardes of people but after i am thru with best buy they will have hoardes of phone calls and hopefully someones (forced or unforced) resignation. truly yours, lola
from taliarant :
4/11/03 Greenies? What are greenies? Am I just ignorant?

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