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from argentum :
Gotta' take a risk sometime. If a cliche' suits your needs, try on this for size: if you don't make any calls, you don't make any sales, ya' dig? Or, howzabout this: He may not be Mr. RIGHT, but the next guy could be MR. RIGHT-NOW...
from awittykitty :
I hear that all the cool kids are wearing cats on their heads. Guardcat would have a nervous breakdown if I ever attempted that. Sorry about Wordpress. There's still a lot of things I don't understand about it, like transferring my archives and such, but I'm confused about just about everything, so things are going just about as they should be.
from notme2000 :
Hey, if you still read my diary the username is "reader" and password is just "password".
from errantnights :
i know you'd like to get real deep, but you know what they say
from awittykitty :
Those two spiders under your porch probably died of exhaustion from making all those spider sacs. Okay, I know you probably killed them. I was just speculating.
from awittykitty :
There is only three of me. Oblivion has a lot to be said for it.
from awittykitty :
I've been going to a figure drawing class for over three years now and I still can't draw hands. Plus I even went to a seminar last May that just taught the drawing of hands and I still can't draw hands. They are <u>really</u> tough. Give yourself time. I think you're doing really well.
from awittykitty :
That sounds like a fun thing to do. I wrote a children's book for my shrink's kids about 8 years ago (incorporating their names into it and such) and then illustrated it, but that was before I started doing art so I used clip art. But he was very, very touched by the effort as your nieces will be for sure. Good luck!
from awittykitty :
Oooooo! 45 degrees!! How totally tropical! We broke a low temperature record last night at -9. Yay! Hopefully soon we will also be hitting 45 and melting these mountains of snow around here, because being able to see a sidewalk would be most exciting! P.S. Congrats on being competent with your tools. I think we all are, if we really try.
from argentum :
Ode to Joy breaks into german talk radio after five seconds. I almost added that one to my list, but I'm not all that into german talk radio. See? Someone gives a f*** what music you listen to.
from awittykitty :
I never knew anyone sold diaries on E-Bay. I have tons of them from 1970 on and the ones before computer days were all illustrated with cartoons and movie star pictures. Glad to see you back.
from la-the-sage :
Howdy. Another welcome buddy lister! Thanks! Curious, how did you get to my place? I ask because I hardly ever read my stats or know who's linking me. (Gives me stage fright.) Glad you're aboard. ~LA
from awittykitty :
I'm just here to say...yes, some of us, have been wondering where you were and how you were doing. Hope things are improving incrementally. Spring is on the way, if nothing else. best wishes.
from suta :
HI! I noticed I don't know you. How smart I am... *is talking shit and she knows* Well.. I liked your diary... yeah! *nodnod* wellll...that's it. *is nipping tea and glaring at the computer* Yeah I know I am crazy. heeeee heeeeeeeeeee BYe
from fallstarrevu :
♥ Hiya, if you would like a review or know anyone who needs a review, please refer them to FallingStar Reviews. We are currently looking for reviews and reviewers. We provide reviews that give a detailed and constructive criticism for the benifit of the diaryist. We are not here to provide an ego boost, nor are we here to rip you diary to shreds. Just to produce a good, constructive review xxx ♥
from spritopias :
Sorry, I blew our shot at the state title because I was getting high. I hope you understand.
from kstyle :
a happy belated new year to ya! - michael
from im2evil4u :
Re: Your comment 12/30/03 - Yes, the digital camera I received for Christmas. It's a Sony "Cyber-Shot" I was amazed how great they came out.
from gumphood :
hey there. Thanks so much for adding me on your list. That's very nice of you. I am going to check you out now~!!
from djc360 :
what the hell is a "national lakeshore"!!??
from djc360 :
i hate it when i think of a good way to insult somebody, but then forget it the moment i'm about to use it. ugh!
from myramains :
Hey, thanks for adding me to your favorites! I know it's most a result of the acid-bath currently on my page...but that's good enough for me. Just so you know, the pinheads I'm trashing thoroughly deserve it, and keep perpetuating it right by themselves. Neither has figured out yet that they are no match for me or my sister, and will be consistently stomped like the mealworms they are with each lame attempt they make to get the upper hand. It's kind of sad, in a way...they're such good kids. FOR ME TO POOP ON! Glad you enjoyed it, and very pleased to be on your favorites list. Thanks!
from herkinerf :
I would love to say that I was joking about the 'lesbia' thing...I'd sound so much smarter. Unfortunately, I am chagrined to admit that I totally missed that. Funnier now? Or sad? Heh. Anyway, thanks for reading! ~Gracie
from crooked-nose :
Hey there, I saw that you left a note on my diary so I thought I'd check yours out. I really like your layout. You said something in your note about my layour being pink and aqua... is that really what it looks like? (I have no idea what my template looks like on other computers so sorry about that.) Bye:)
from djc360 :
that observation is sooooo true! except when i'm sleep deprived, i get depressed and hate myself, and not the world. sleep = prozac for me. i should remember that more often :-S
from straysparrow :
Hi. Thanks for the complimet of adding me to your faves. I took a look at both you diaries (the English and the French). Very cool. Cheers. Sparrow.
from creepatron :
Thanks for adding me to your buddy list (I'll do my best to keep up the mediocre-at-best work), and nice going keeping your job! ;)
from laukat :
Is it complete coincidence that you update your profile less than 10 minutes after I updated mine, and we share multiple buddies? Or, uh, at least we used to, 'til I cut my list of buddies? ...and can I add you?
from squirrelx :
Thanks for complimentin' my banners! Your kindness is much appreciated. Regards, Xtine P.S.: harvestin' vegetables from one's own garden is a wonderful thing, isn't it? My problem is I overplant. Now I'm up to my eyeballs in excess produce.

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