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from shawntasy :
@Vicki, girl! My neice and her super snoop ass! She admitted when she was about 10 that she used to read my damn journals! That is why I am all sneaky up in this piece. You see all the old shit is gone. Not a trace of evidence in sight!
from shawntasy :
@BlackMartha, you should! You should! You know you missed dland!
from vickiholiday :
Girl, yes... a sista gotta be all tactful and discreet and whatnot elsewhere in cyberspace...
from blackmartha :
OHH shit! day two had me crackin the fuk UP!!!!!!!! im here HOLLERING! and you right, when i rolled up to your other blog, i was like, "dayum wtf happened to shawn????" glad to be back. sheeit. i might have to open up my dland again and close down my other spot, just for old times sake. lol.
from shawntasy :
lol. girl I've missed her too! How you doing Miss Martha!
from blackmartha :
yay! i missed me some shawntasy :)
from bettyford :
years. seriously, it's been freakin' years! i've got some catching up to do, can i get a secret password and stuff?
from vickiholiday :
LOL! I'm glad you enjoyed that. Late night feenin', I tell ya....
from macdiva :
um... password please. :)
from signomifly :
Can I get the password too? Please sis!!! *smile*
from bleek420 :
i thought u were bouncing. can you hit me up with the password if you are back?
from signomifly :
We should make a pact together to start school either this coming up fall or in the summer. I hate my job too...hate hate hate it. Email me and let me know how you are doing sis! I miss talkin to ya!!!

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