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from ladypoetess :
May I request a password, please?
from crazymonkey6 : said u were getting a major publishing deal..umm.and that your stories are coming out as series of novels...are your books coming out in Canada too? -Ana
from crazymonkey6 :
I heard you write stories,,I would love to read them!!!plz can I have ur Password?
from erato :
Password, pretty pretty please!
from weirdlilgrrl :
yeah uh i loved your diary, and i didnt get to finnish reading it. can i please have your password so i can finnish the story?
from mawce :
Hey, I really enjoyed reading your diary...can I please have a password?
from babykeileigh :
I found your diary about a month ago and I absolutly loved it. But you locked it and I cant read it any more. Can I please have the pass word? I love what you write. It's do intresting. So can I please have the password to keep reading it??
from temptresskat :
Ack! you've locked it! Can I please have a password?
from mtrxrefugee :
I only found your diary a few months ago, and I fell in love with everything about it: the layout, the stories... Wow! Could you please grant me further access to it? My email is [email protected]
from brokendollie :
*gasp* I think I love you
from mtrxrefugee :
Just the layout alone is breath-taking. WOW! "The Arabian Nights" is one of my all-time favorite books, and it's great to see someone carrying on that tradition.
from weirdlilgrrl :
you are a word goddess. i commend you
from banefulvenus :
clicked on your banner.... great site!
from trapidi :
ummmmm...your diary gives me nitemares
from ktdream :
Excellent writing. Capturing and descriptive. Wonderful. I love the image on your layout too. What does the Chinese character mean? I know there's "female" in there but the lines above it? I'm in Chinese 1 now [actually am Chinese American but came to US when I was 3 and my parents wanted me to focus on English so I don't know how to read/ write it or speak it fluently..=( so we're starting to learn how to write and read characters. I'm scared I won't be able to memorize it though.
from dearroberta :
you are devine lovliness. I am enraptured. Tongues, eyes, sisters, serpents, fates and stars. Your mind is a wonder.
from caudelac :
My god: lovely critter, darlingorange, darlingstar, darlingwhite, but I haven't enough to say about the new chapteresses. I love your fat tounges and your new names and your wierd sisters. I thought you should know.
from neuroticaa :
i will respond to a prompt, i will immediately, as soon as i can sit down and concentrate after exams are over. blast when school takes up all of your time sapping the will and creativity out of you. don't remove me just yet, i promise i won't leave you hanging.
from neuroticaa :
*sets out in full stalker mode*
from neuroticaa :
darling. you have 2 now? add you i shall.
from raven72d :
You are a seriously delightful find on a rainy Saturday morning... I'll be reading here often. Your stories have intrigued a small, long-eared desert hedgehog.
from supercilious :
Oh, by the way, I have to attribute you with the choice of colors for my template. Appropriate, no?
from posthumous :
and another story tells its story! excellent...
from ladyvivien :
Delicious. Moremoremore!
from autumnal :
from posthumous :
This is just brilliant. You must continue. I'll bring you fine dinners.
from gallinula :
how are you feeling lately? take care, be well.
from gallinula :
from gallinula :
wish I was as prolific. . .
from gallinula :
'Tale of the Witch' is coming out badass, it scares shite outta me!
from tower :
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful... The Woman-Girl sighs, weaves flying butresses, chandeliers, spiral staircases out of Inspiration, wafting southward. I sip tea. ~thy bleating Jabberwock, Partner in Crime.
from ladyvivien :
Beatiful words, lady. Craft a couple more while you're at it. La Dame du lac
from jonathan :
You paint words with the artistry of a Pre-Raphaelite.

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