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from c1rcu5fr34k :
Slight problem. I can't mail you your password because I don't have your email address. Oh!, I remember, I can use your Diaryland one, don't worry.
from c1rcu5fr34k :
I locked it simply because I want privacy for my friends that I mention and blah. Yeah, I'll sort it our for you now, I'll think of a password easy for you to remember.
from c1rcu5fr34k :
Thank you for the survey, I'll do it now. Do you like jumping on broccoli on Tuesdays? I do.
from c1rcu5fr34k :
Hi. When are you going to make your next survey? I love filling them out - and I want to tell you about my random dream where evil badgers were after me . . .
from pagetemp :
from dulligirl :
Thanks for adding that immortal quote to your description of me on your buddy list! I have another one that I said today as I was driving..."what the motherfuck?". I really have no idea why I swear so much but at least it's colorful,eh?
from augustdreams :
Thank you! :D Are you writing a novel or non-fiction? What's it about? (If I'm not being too nosy!) It feels great to be finished and I've started on a second one. Couldn't fit everything I learned in my research into one book. The next one's about the drive-in era. I miss drive-in movies. Sad that when I have kids they'll probably never get to experience that. Stupid society!
from c1rcu5fr34k :
Pleased to know that I made someone choke on their own spit laughing. It's something to be proud of.
from xt4j :
Saw your banner and clickied, just wanted to say that I love your layout and your blog seems like a fun place. I think I'll add you to my favorites, if that's ok.
from yrmartyr :
o, thank you. everything i write here is shit, but thank you.
from pagetemp :
Isn't all insurance companies inherently evil?
from coexistapart :
Clicked through on your banner. I take a lot of self-portraits in mirrors as well.
from button-maker :
from xparamorex :
That's completely understandable, it was freaking John Mayer! You're allowed to be overly excited for at least another week or two.
from xparamorex :
It really is an evil, evil thing. It totally had me tricked there for a day or two. Thanks for helping me snap out of the math-induced trance. :]
from babyboat :
just stopping by to say hello and that i liked your diary :)
from ms-fashion :
from kidzpinkcat :
I HATE you!!Do you hear me??? HATE!! You are going to see John Mayer? AHHHHHH! I wanna go? Can I go too? Pweeeeze? It's not fair! I want to see John Mayer too. He is I've heard he's really good in concert because you get to see him play that guitar of his and he's good at what he does. Jealous! That's me!
from xparamorex :
The new survey = highlight of my hour. Hehe.
from cherryjjones :
Hi ya, just read your entry about anxiety. Not to worry! You are now a member of a very large club. I had panic attacks for a couple years and they are scary but if you can detach yourself from the physical symptoms and step back and realize 'this is just a panic attack, I'm okay' it's a big step in the right direction. Educating yourself about how they happen, how to manage them and what triggers them also helps diminish their power. I eventually went on Lexapro which ended the cycle and made a huge difference. It is also really important to talk about it and utilize any support systems that you have. They are like monsters in teh closet, they seem so real and awful and threatening, but once you shed some light on the issue, it's really not so big after all. Hope this helps!
from m-lewis :
My absolute favoite tea is London Cuppa, which is sometimes hard to find. Then there is Gunshot Green Tea (it's a loose tea that has been rolled into tiny beads... thus the name). The extracts taste different from other green teas. And I can't say enough about the many health benefits; improves cardiovascular health for one thing and lowers bad cholesterol. AND it speeds up your metabolism -- weight loss. So... what kind of tea do you drink?
from kidzpinkcat :
Tried that, doesn't work. Threatening him with bodily hard doesn't work either. He's 6'3 and 240. His foot is so big I can wear his shoes with my shoes on. Plus he just shuts down and turns off when I begin to "bitch". He's such a typical man, my God I think he's hopeless. Men are so dumb they should wear helemts.
from sglis :
Oh, it was my pleasure. You did a good job on the diary ring code. Very cute. :)
from xparamorex :
That's one of my favorite quotes from Ferris Bueller's Day Off! And of course there's always "Not that I condone fascism, or any -ism for that matter. -Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, 'I don't believe in The Beatles, I just believe in me.' Good point there. After all, he was the walrus. I could be the walrus. I'd still have to bum rides off people."
from kidzpinkcat :
My boss at work actually passes out from time to time from not breathing or whatever because she has anxiety/panic attacks. Her doctor has her on some medication I call her "chill pill". Breathing methods is good and so is venting it all to a good shrink. If I could afford one right now, I would. I need to get back into therapy. It's not me, really. Or my kids, although I tell them they are driving me crazy. Really what it's my husband. That man can bring out the monster in me. It's a long story but just know that sometimes I don't like me (or him) when he's around. Which is why I try to never talk about him. Yep, he's the love of my life! Can't cha tell? Take care dear.
from pagetemp :
You're a pretty girl. And I enjoyed the pictures. I hope that doesn't offend you (you never know).
from xparamorex :
Ha I'm glad you enjoyed them. I just read my answers over and was semi-appalled that I missed the whole Disney movie reference. But we all have our off days. I choose yesterday :] P.S. Platypi (plural of platypus?) lovers unite!
from kidzpinkcat :
Like OH MY GOSH!!!! Were do you LIVE?? Those are amazing pictuers. Did you take them all? Amazing. Simply amazing. I slowly scrolled down the turkey vulture photos until I got to the "One Turkey Vulture"; Two Turkey vultuers" Then the one with them all in a row with wings spread. You made them pose, didn't you! The Turkey Vulture Wisperer, right? All those pics are so colorful and the sky in the one of the lake looks like it's going to fall and plop right into the water. I'll say it again: AMAZING. Thanks for reading my diary by the way. That sounds silly: Hey, thanks for reading my diary! Thanks for inviting me to yours. Keep the pictuers coming. You got maaaaad skills, baby. You have a wonderful talent. My mom is into the whole camera thing too. You guys can share notes.
from catsoul :
Thanks for the read ideas. I read "Lovely Bones" and I would have to agree with you that you couldn't put it down. It is the same with "Running With Scissors." I plan to read "Dry" by the same author also. So you say you are into altered art. Mixed media. A person can get so creative and involved that they lose track of time. Anyhoo, I did like your pictures of the vultures, the depth and detail of the birds feathers are great. A feather is a great subject to draw. The picture of your boyfriend was too much in the shadow. Do you want to keep him a mystery? :) Take care. =^..^=
from beautiflntmr :
Halloo. I found you through your banner only today. I tried to comment, but Dland is saying that my comment was spam. I'm also interested in all manner of crafts, but don't have the funds to indulge myself. Primarily I'm into knitting, beading, and floral arrangement. I'd like to get into collages, paper crafts (a handmade card is so much more thoughtful than a store-bought one, don't you think?), and photography (particularly black-and-white photos). Alas . . . I must content myself with the bittersweet torture of working at a craft store without being able to buy any of the precious objects. I love the photos you have, especially the squirrel! I'm a nature lover, so I must say that your choices of subjects were lovely.
from catsoul :
Hey thanks for the positive comment. The following dates are some of the poems I put in diaryland. 9/23/03, 9/29/03, 11/16/03, & one of the poems I am proudest of because I wrote it to and for my husband and what we share is entry 11/17/05. So I thought you might like to check that out because you also have a way with words. Take Care. =^..^=
from dulligirl :
Thanks for adding me! I saw that you are a member of the Travis ring. I love that band so much. One day I will see them in person if they ever make their way to my part of the country.
from catsoul :
Hi, your writing about grocery shopping was too funny, way too funny. I am 51 years old, and I still have similiar grocercy shopping experiences that you described. Between my husband and myself we both really don't like to grocery shop, ok, we don't like to shop for anything! We have split the lists, on his list I usally give him what I know, he knows where it is. We have shopped at Wal-Mart for grocercies, and the cookies are in the aisle past the cereal! :P Actually we just try to have fun going grocery shopping. I gave up my self control and self esteem, ok so I use my hidden persona, to help me get through grocery shopping. But you know, it sure bets going out and hunting, dragging the meat, skinning, cutting up the meat, and preparing the damn food we need to survive!! So enjoy the experience, I laugh alot while grocery shopping. Oh yeah, when I make a list I abbreviate everything, then when my husband or myself shop, it is like a puzzle, sometimes you decipher it even correctly, or you may get a food surprise. Anyhoo, I liked your writing and I have added you to my buddy list to read. =^..^=

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