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from raven72d :
Good entries.
from guitarphreak :
Hi..i love your plain template! Can you tell me where I can find it please?
from englishsucks :
for some reason your complain about window install & iphone made me laughed!!!<3
from englishsucks :
from offence :
Hope everything's okay with your family. :(
from stilettolove :
I didn't know how to comment on your blog thing, so I'm doing it here lol. But I have done something similar to the staying up late with something school related and important the next day. I drank the night before finals. Not smart. :/ But we all do it.
from offence :
OMG, loved your Chinese entry! Really well-written. :)
from offence :
I used to watch anime! Does FMA Brotherhood stand for Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood? Is it a sequel of some sorts?
from offence :
Hey, I JUST saw your note. I'm sorry, I haven't checked my notes in the longest time. I didn't know people still used that function! Thanks for your note. It means a lot. :) I shall add you to my buddy list and start reading your entries! :) Yay for a new friend!
from keperi :
Hi Silverywhite, I really enjoyed the Tolkien Movies - The Lord of the rings etc. It is interesting that these stories and Richard Wagner's operas "the Ring" are bases on the same Celtic Myth. Things are won in the spirit before it comes to pass on earth as the Last Tolkien movie indicated so well. At present I am very much involved in a David and Goliath battle. See my Diary entry for the 2/3 08 for the Web Site. I live in Australia
from purplebanana :
Mmm. It is my secret desire to be the innocent victim of a surprise party. Maybe someone I know will read this and throw me one.
from ecappaccino :
i like your blog, but take care of yourself. (that was written in a i-love-humanity, non-patronising tone btw).
from to-my-heart :
interesting site.
from livebanana :
What?!!? How can you justify saying that?! Child Abuse is a terrible, and serious thing! Children today are no different from years past. Nothing in this “modern world” has suddenly made them become “monstrous little devils” as you so fondly call them. When a child is being abused, they are always terrified of what might happen to them, if they told another adult. They’re terrified of their parents finding out, and just abusing them again. You say that there’s a lack of discipline in today’s society. No, parents are still allowed by law to spank their children when necessary, and there are PLENTY of other ways to discipline a child without physical touch. Children will only misbehave when their parents don’t teach them how to behave like a civilized being. Anyways, children are only a reflection of their parents, so maybe you should really look at parents instead. Think about it.
from brdwaybebe :
Hello! Lighted Path is now up and running! You are more than welcome to come and add your site to our Christian Directory! Can't wait to see what God does in and through us as we all work together! - with much love, Christy
from soandsotgs :
hi, i wanted to tell you i liked your diary and that i LOVE user name on neopets is bubblbutt in case you wanna be my neofriend.... i wanted to show you this website that i think is pretty funny.... tell me what you think
from angelbaby137 :
Yes I still remember you!! It is so good to hear from you! I haven't been on much either so don't feel bad. =) I haven't had time to read anyone's diaries due to school. At this rate I won't catch up until summertime. But I am still thinking about you and praying for you! Becky
from megepooh :
It's me Megan from NbN! nice diary!!
from angelbaby137 :
I'm good. I'm glad you have great friends now!! That is so good to hear! I've been praying for you. God bless! Becky
from angelbaby137 :
Glad to see you back! Becky
from smileyreview :
your diary has been reviewed :)
from blue-out :
cool diary. take care.
from prettytear :
Mm for some strange reason i wasn´t able to sign your guestbook let´s try it this way.. Hey there! Thanx for signing my guestbook.. I think your diary is pretty cool and i enjoyed myself reading some of your entries.. I actually thought you were way older than 14 =D ~Take care~
from jenna-bug02 :
wow we like practicly all the same writers lol. coco lee is really cool. i only heard the song she did from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon though. read my diary sometime! bye!
from ravenheart :
Thanks for joining my Nightheart ring, you are welcome, take care!
from gonzostar :
hey there. =) i'm glad you really took all the review tips to heart, and i'm sure you'll be reviewed soon. see, you've got a star next to your name. i also wanted to thank you for linking me and everything, that's cool! ~holly
from bobbipuzel :
Hey you never wrote me an e-mail back or did you not get my e-mail that I replied to you with a while back???????? *HUGS* I have not talked to you in forever. I love the new diary look and yes the people at r-e-v-i-e-w are really nice. I review there!!!!!! ;o)
from adobogirl :
I love Neopets. Hehehe... Anyway, welcome to Asian Pride. (^-^)

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