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from americansin :
I go to college in chicago and I grew up in marblehead and salem. love your diary man. lets keep in touch and check our sites out. parker
from sinus :
americansin ... i am actually living in boxford right now, but i am originally from watertown ... where are you living now? [sB]
from americansin :
hey you live in massachusetts also? wherabouts. im originally from marblehead.
from candoor :
you are strange enough for me to mark for further visitation... thank you :)
from dura-luxe :
Thank you for the note. Normally I don't get to thank sinuses, this is special. My diary does not taste like citrus, but Evan does. And I don't mean that to sound dirty, I mean it to sound culinary.
from darkfairy13 :
cool diary, black is a good color for a diary
from autumnal :
im also in boston and im following you
from autumnal :
cool you like anais and henry too
from autumnal :
you sound as though you may be experiencing the early stages of paranoid schizophrenia. but i do like your layout. oh shite, you live in boston too? perhaps ill be watching your fascinating walk from car to office! (dare we say how 007 of you in that Brooks Brother's ensemble, daring, dashing, dangerous!) I better take my Top Secret Agent notes and get out the Sinus Files. (lol)
from zoopy :
I like big stalls
from fallencupid :
I had a great time visiting your diary. I hope that you can stop by mine and drop a note to me :-) I love your graphics too! ~fallen
from sparkarse :
Well done. You have been awarded a special SPARKARSE BAD-TASTE-IS-GOOD-REALLY AWARD. Don't tell misswerner though... she might offend.
from slowblow :
hello. yr typing is interesting - that girl has no idea what she's talking about. mobiles are bad, very bad, unless it's an emergency then they're all right. actually i think people just have TERRIBLE manners( or lack of). take care.
from shellbug :
Fingers??? In your trash can??? Huh...gross...I like your diary alot by the way :)
from dirtyhessian :
i hope you play devo at said radiostation.
from bounce- :
What is it like to work at a radio station? That's where my fancy lies. I've been looking into broadcasting and such. It'd be interesting to hear about it from someone who is actually in the business. So if you have any interesting info let me know.
from mad-cronie :
my office building is ugly too

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