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from rotted :
from her-story :
It's insane, isn't it? It's like people haven't ever seen snow before. All of our area schools are closed tomorrow... (dammit) So, I'm waiting to see if my class is cancelled for tomorrow night, too. (*crosses her fingers*) Well, I'm glad to hear you're doing ok over by you... ttys
from her-story :
So's the weather in your part of the state? We got 1-1/2 feet of white stuff...
from princesstosh :
I always read and never leave comments--shame on me. Anyway, yay! pictures are back. Things will work themselves out with the man, they always do. best of luck!
from ladybug-red :
I have had to lock temporarily. If you want to keep up with me my username is ladybugred and password is temporary. Sorry - I hope you can stay with me for a short period while I chase away the stalker.
from jess1976 :
I've been reading you for awhile now but never got around to saying hi! I wanted to comment on your entry about the dog. When I first started dating my boyffriend Dan (10 months ago), his golden retriever would eat my socks, my clothes, mail, stuff I bought for the house like pillows for the couch and such. She also started pooping in the house and getting very territorial. She always slept in the bed with us and in between us - which was uncomfortable because she is a 50 pound dog. She was very jealous of me and the time Dan was spending with me because he didn't play with her as much. Then I moved in 6 months ago and brought my cat with me. The cat and dog hated eachother at first and they used to fight and avoided eachother like the plague. Now that I've lived there for 6 months, the dog gets along with me great and she gets just excited to see me as she does Dan. Her and the kitty get along great too, they play together, even though it looks like they are hurting eachother. I'm glad to hear that things are going well in your relationship. As for Matt, forget him... he never appreciated you from the get go.
from princesstosh :
I'm so excited/happy for you. I hope you get to float on cloud 9 forever. It's the best place to be.
from keryanna :
I'm so happy for you. See, this is how it is suppose to be. Give and take. Reciprocal. You should complement each other, fit together like two pieces of the same puzzle. You should just make sense, ya know. Congratulations. Enjoy the rapture. And never settle for anything less than this. :)
from betchy :
hi, thanx for the note and for adding me to your faves (now there is 5 whole people that like me, yay!!) yeah karen and sal are arseholes i know. i cant be bothered with them anymore. lisa keeps saying "why dont you just ring karen and sort it out?" because i have absolutely no desire to sort anything out thats why!!!! theres nothing to sort out. she stabbed me in the back, now she must be punished for 100 years. thas the law. glad you're on my side though, it helps when impartial people can see you've done nothing wrong. take care sweetie, hope everythings going ok for you, beckz xxx
from betchy :
hi again, just read your most recent entry, and i am so glad matt called, but am now on tenterhooks waiting to see what happens with you and him!!! it is so exciting when you feel that way about someone,but it is so awful at the same time. when something like this, that you want to happen so badly actually happens, you want to tell the world, but then other times it sure does get you down. i hope you get what you want sweetie x
from betchy :
oh, and i added you to my favoutites!! hope thats ok x
from betchy :
Hi, just read the most recent few entries in your diary, and i love it!!!! love it love it love it!!! only get access when i am at work so havent really got time to go through all the older entries, so what is the deal with this matt guy? why, if he loves spending time with you and having sex with you, does he not want to be with you, i dont understand! you are beautiful, and seem like a really nice person, he must be mad!! check my diary out if you get a chance, i'm a size 18 dream too ;-p take it easy x
from her-story :
Yeah, isn't THAT something. You're from Jersey too? I think in order to live here, you have to have at least 1 person that you know who is a G-M. However, I was the only one growing up that I knew. When I was older, I met 1 other Gina. I guess Gina isn't goomba enough for people. Now they're naming their babies Giovanna or Gianna. That's ok, I like being rare. :) I guess not that rare anymore, eh? hehe
from irishdream :
Everyone needs a guy who likes them for who they really are, not just the sex part of it. Love the diary, keep it up. ~J's
from clevergrrl :
hey chick. thanks for spilling your guts and taking my survey. You seem to rock. Please continue to do so.
from shady78 :
hey gina, i'm locking my diary because of some drama going on with my b/f and his friends. hopefully things will be solved, if not i'm gonna be working on gettin everyone a password. i hate the fact taht i might have to lock shady78. that diary is my heart and soul, to lock it would be to lock myself into my house. :o( hopefully things will be fixed.
from ariawoman :
Just stumbled on your diary via a friend of mine that had you on her buddy list so I added you and have been reading. I can feel your pain, really I can, but I think the best thing for you to do, is to cut him out of your life and start over. Sometimes, we have to. I know, easier said than done. I too am from NJ. Actually it's funny because I always know where you are talking about when you talk about area joints hehe. Chin up, and keep looking, there's someone out there for you...unfortunately just isn't the one you want it to be...
from my-mind :
ahh, john cusack and ritalin... 2 things i can identify with :) hehe...
from cherry-girl :
Your banner was cool. :D
from mayapple :
Busta Rhymes is the wee beagle dog. Also known as Buster. Thanks again!
from mayapple :
Thank you so, so much for the nice note. I really needed that.
from voodoogrl :
hi there. i just stumbled on your diary and thought i would say hi. i didn't get a chance to read too much, but i'm sure i'll be back to read more. as soon as i saw your name, i knew we'd have something in common :) h.
from lilyrain :
You left me a note forever and a half ago, sorry its taking me so long. I am determined to write a real entry soon. But anywhoway, thats not why I was leaving a note. I just wanted to pop in and say hello and I look forward to reading more of your diary. I only hope I can write something as equally interesting. TaTa
from omzhaara :
Hi there! I ran across your diary and realized that you have quite a few of my faves listed as your diary - so thought, "hey, she's got EXCELLENT taste!" and started reading... You're SPECIAL, fucking special, so there :) (to beg some words from Radiohead), and just wanted to let you know, I added you to my fave list. Take care!
from ryan8-5cut :
kidssuck - member kidssuck - password
from nikkiwilson :
Happy Valentines Day! I hope you have the time of your life!!!
from scanzilla :
My little brother got his arm stuck in the microwave. So my mom had to take him to the hospital. My grandma dropped acid this morning, and she freaked out. She hijacked a busload of penguins. So it's sort of a family crisis. Bye!
from superniguer :
welcome to supernigger
from raven72d :
Joyeux Noel! Call sometime.
from raven72d :
Hey, Gina! Thanks for the kind words... Call sometime!
from shady78 :
it makes me very happy and proud that you are getting stronger and wiser to realize what the situation with matt brings. and even though you might have a bad night every now and then...i know you'll be strong gina. i just wanna say that i'm here to support and to read and to always send you positive karma thoughts your way. holla!
from chubbychic :
Wow.. your last entry about Matt made me cry. You convey those emotions sooo well, its almost like going through it with ya. I wish we lived closer, I'd take ya out on the town and the hell with him. (easier said than done, right?)
from shady78 :
hey girl...thanks for the supportive thoughts! lol...of course i'm overreacting...thats just me! lol...hehe...and gina...i know you can do all those things on your list...your a STRONG WOMAN. you can do it girl...we are all behind you!!! muah!!!
from nikkiwilson :
Aww, I'm so sorry. It doesn't matter if you allow it to happen. It still hurts. You're allowing it to happen because you still hope. That's perfectly normal. I'm just sorry it hurts you. Don't worry though, I know someone better will come along. You know it too.
from sexfiendgirl :
if you want my password, leave me a note
from amalthea23 :
it's true, never settle, as soon as i stopped and chose being single over settling i met my bf. (online! to give support to that) my new motto is "a taste of honey's worse than none at all." live by it, and you too will be happy... 8 mile, dumb? NEVER!!!
from nikkiwilson :
Ah! Don't ever "settle for" anything. Ever! Being picky helps you find perfection. Trust me, I know. I love your diary and keep being picky! It's worth it!
from chubbychic :
Thanks for adding me as a buddy! I love your site. Reading about chubby chics having wild sex just makes my day. :) Keep it up!!

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