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from ravynespeaks :
Just want to wish you a very Happy New Year. May 2005 be your best year ever!
from lanne :
First time living with a boy? I am 28 and my now ex fiance and I moved in together. It was oh so exciting.. playing house was the best. For me, it didn't work out, but that's b/c he was phycho and it just took me living with him 24/7 to realize it. I kicked him out and kept the house! :)
from madam-rose :
hey great site. queen of hearts how kewl.
from madam-rose :
hello found your banner and clicked it lovely site darlin.
from ktdream :
Good job on getting your coursework done; sorry to hear you're not very satisified with it though. I do have to agree that most women enjoy sex, and as for myself, the idea of sex doesn't repulse me but I'm still a virgin so I havn't experienced it and I won't until I find my true love. PS I like the sparkles from the mouse and your icon is pretty!
from pantypulldwn :
just trust him, truelly from your heart. the rest will follow.
from dyingisanart :
don't worry about the guy- i always think that way, but he is probably worrying the same thing
from banefulvenus :
great banner!
from dyingisanart :
that is so amazingly cool- but how on earth do you join the circus... where are you from
from dyingisanart :
the circus thing- is that true?
from dyingisanart :
nope- all guys are bastards and the ones who aren't are never interested- its the law. sorry
from dustcloud :
I am so digging your diary. You're so refreshing. Plus you like Perfect Blue. Good movie. *thumbs up*
from dyingisanart :
what can i say- i enjoy mad rants although you can hardly call your writings that!
from dyingisanart :
your latest entry was amazing
from dyingisanart :
hi- just to say i'm loving your diary
from renalanford :
You have a really nice diary. You sound like you're so sad though... *hug* Things might be bad now but they'll get better!
from candoor :
Every time I think I want or need somebody to wake me up, to make me who I am (and the song plays again), I wait for that moment when nobody comes and I realize nobody really can. I sort of hate that realization, but it is wisdom, so I accept it and try something new. Waiting is, after all, the hardest part.
from mickeyeyez :
I read your entry and definately know how you feel as far as everything goes. I wish you the best of luck, life sucks balls.
from banshee-rose :
Hey great site. Good luck with the internet thing.
from velvet-heart :
Loveliness in its best fashion.. I'm jealous of your talent... *d r o o l s*
from mixtape- :
when i first clicked on your diary...i thought it was my ex girlfriend...cause of your username...and the font you're using on yer diary...and the color of yer font. pretty odd eh. anyway. nice diary.
from no-yes-maybe :
You have an awesome diary
from ind2006 :
Happy 4th of July!!!
from janysdrkpoet :
Hi! Just wanted to let you know that this poem you entered on the 17th is so incredibly beautiful! You are very talented =)
from ind2006 :
Its ok as soon as i sent the note i thought that's probably what u ment and i didn't know how to take it back without sounding really stupid. im sorry. i've been going through some things and lately every little thing seems to grate on my nerves. yea...let's talk sometime! :)
from ind2006 :
Don't tell me i don't understand stuff. i understand plenty. talk to me sometime.
from candora :
So instead of getting busy catching up on my own dairy/journals, I am seduced by banners and find myself here... again... this time I am letting you know. With favorites like yours, I wish you all the love, romance, and happiness your heart can hold.
from dombilly :
thanks for the note! I will try to get one of those mouse star thingies. lol. I will try, yes. Thanks again! from, Carolyn. Have a great day, and remember-life may be expernsive, but it does include a free trip around the sun every year :)
from ursaminor2 :
Cool! I had to note you because you posting my all time favorite evanescence song. I am actually working on it right now as a cover tune (my husband is a keybored player) anyway, I love the magical little pixie dust looking thingys that follow the mousey thingy. How did ya do that!?
from willbeforgot :
i know how you feel....but never give's never too late....i don't think...there's always hope....always hope
from darkfairy13 :
Saw your banner (nobody cares) and loved it. I also love your diary
from ravynemyst :
I saw your banner and just had to click it. Love your layout! I take it you are pagan? If so, I am too :) I will add you to my buddy list under my other diary (Ravynespeaks) because the list on this one is full and will check back often to see what you are up to. Blessings and Light
from lilchrissi :
Have to tell you how much I loved your banner :)
from fallengrace7 :
Hi, saw your diary pop up at the top and decided to read. What you wrote in your latest entry i have felt so many times before. Keep the faith, dear.It will work out for the best.
from z0tl :
yo, skye, i love you, but you know people aren't what they seem, so don't get all excited, it may turn out i'm a huge asshole. i'ma go back and roll with my g:z now...
from poppyfish :
So - do you get banners even just with the 3 month membership? Sorry, but I'm curious. ^^
from eloira :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUN!!!!! 21 at last!! *^.^* Big hugs and many happy returns!
from eloira :
from davidnm :
hello, i noticed it said in your profile that you are a wiccan. Being of an unafilliated family, i never really thought too much of religion, but i could tell there really was power behind nature. I had already been influenced by christianity, as i live in a small (17,000) town with over 20 churches, but i find christianity to be stale, implausible, and hypocritical. My mother purchased me a book on wicca some time ago, and i had faithfully read it, being always interested in the past. it is called wicca for the solitary practitioner. It was enlightening, and i would very much like to know more about the wiccan religion, and basically, some basic teaching, perhaps? It would be extremely courteous of you to help me with this, i have been seeking somebody for help in vain in my own town, as they are very much hated. But perhaps you could share some of your knowledge? if you could, could you please leave a note on my diary, 'davidnm' , Please? I would be in your debt
from rainbow-dyke : repetative but cool :) xx
from eloira :
Thank u hun! I got your card, it's all sparkly!! Going to eat truffles now, bye!
from eloira :
Wow, our 1st ever falling out. I hate it so much! Peace? Big hugs x
from eloira :
OK... I've TOTALLY re-done my site, and it's unlocked! Ah well.... Take II
from eloira :
Hehe...... there are many tests that r hidden in entries - sometimes there are 3 pages in 1 day! And no, I can't stop, I HAVE to DO them!!! :) P.S. A succubus is a female sex demon (incubus is the male form) (In 1 legend, they r fallen angels!)
from rainbow-dyke :
hey thanks for what you wrote on your profile...
from eloira :
Argh!! Interview in 15 mins :S Hope ur OK, Poppy
from eloira :
.:~*HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!*~:. Have a good 1 my friend!
from eloira :
Nah, I just blame u 4 fuelling my Angel Delight addiction!!
from eloira :
Sorry - the shops are just so appealing!! But don't worry too much - I have stayed on the computer all day, instead of giving my shiny pennies to the deserving shopfolk of this quaint little town. Because of this, my eyes are no longer able to focus on anything and make it resemble that thing. I'm talking crap now, so I'm gonna go and get coffee! P

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