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from jimbostaxi :
Let me know how the melting of the painties goes!!, if if works for you I will be buying a guitar too!!
from kenny-loo :
When i saw you mention you read Cracked, i laughed. I love that website. Provides me with laughs and lots of sarcasm. I also read that article where it mentions Weezer. Don't know why i felt compelled to tell you that, so now my job is complete :)
from sunstargirl :
poem about work - I did think you were talking to a lover the first time I read it. I assumed it was about Alia. Then I read what you said at the bottom about it being about your workplace and I read it again. It then seemed obvious that it was about your job. I kind of like the ambiguity of it though. It can be whatever the read wants it to be - about a lover, or, something else... :) About your three new poems - Wow you sure are on a roll with poetry! My few attempts at poetry were always so terrible. What comes across most strongly to me is not necessarily to whom these poems are about or directed at, but the very strong emotions behind them. I'd keep exploring that. Delve deeper into the emotion you feel because of X person or Y situation. Create a metaphor for that feeling. What does it look like? What does it smell like? etc. Turn it into a story all of it's own. Give it a name. A color.
from sunstargirl :
I think the "together" is implied. I like the first way better. Fewer words to explain the same thing.
from sillymunky53 :
hey! sorry i kinda dropped off the face of the earth for a bit. how've you been?
from sillymunky53 :
hi! did u get my last email?
from sunstargirl :
You'd never feel fulfilled though. You'd always feel like you've settled, and that is a more degrading feeling than loneliness. You'd hate yourself for it, and you'd take it out on her in the form of resentment. She doesn't deserve that and neither do you. :)
from sillymunky53 :
hi! how've you been?
from and-darling :
'Sup, yo?
from sillymunky53 :
you met jasmine trias??? that's so cool. my mom and my aunt love her because she's filipino and stuff. and you kept your cool the whole time she was right in front of you! lol i probably would have started hyperventilating. i remember when janine and i went to a meet and greet with gym class heroes last year and i totally froze. all i could do was hide behind janine while trying to take pictures. they all looked at me like i was crazy. haha
from sillymunky53 :
hehe sounds good. my email's even though my actual bday turned out not being so bad, that doesn't mean that there aren't any more shitty moments to come lol
from sillymunky53 :
haha thanks! i just wasn't sure. my friends use it as either a verb or an adjective so i figured it was just one of those words that you can stick in wherever you feel like lol

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