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from karmacops : must have been the mention of bubble tea and tokyo...your friend is near tokyo? i even confuse myself at times...
from karmacops :
where abouts in japan are u teaching?
from insomniacer :
Whoo! Thank you for the Japanese boys in their high school unfiroms. =) Muchly appreciated. =) ::runs off with them:: (I love those uniforms... hehe)
from coffeeadikt :
Here's another song you might like: "Fly With Me" by Dj Mystik
from coffeeadikt :
Talk about unfair. I checked AudioGalaxy for "Skolka Let" by Reflex and got that "X" that means its been blocked. I also tried several variations on everything just in case someone renamed it to get around the block. At any rate, can you email me the mp3? Send it to [email protected] please. Also, write me at [email protected] to tell me you sent it (The yahoo one is a dummy email address for sites I'm sure I'll get spammed on, but can take up to 5Mb apparently. hotmail only accepts 1Mb...) Thanks a million!
from breathless- :
Hey! I just wanted to say that your diary rocks. But I'm sure you've heard that before. You also know how to write. Keep it up. ;) Anyways, if you get a chance, drop me a note and check out my diary! Byebye!

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