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from karmicenigma :
I've been feeling the same way about my own diary, lately. For so long I played 'true confessions' on my journal, and I often fear that someone could stumble upon it and not understand the context of I understand. Let me know if you move, I really enjoy your writing and pictures!!
from karmicenigma :
I agree. I was a bit worried about being a snoop...but then she put it out there. It's nice to know other women would do the same. BTW - why'd you lock your diary? For how long?
from karmicenigma :
I have found myself in similiar situations on a few occasions. I'm bordering on it now (the boss/coworker that needs to vent issue). Anyway, it seems I always end up in the middle of things, not being able to trust anyone, then swearing that I must learn to keep my mouth shut. So yes, I can relate. Now every morning before work my mantra is "don't get involved", which is kinda sad, really. Not that it always works...hence my last entry. Anyway, that's my 2 cents.
from karmicenigma :
You definitely have a natural talent for taking pictures. You inspired me a bit...and my eye is just not as good as yours. Hopefully experience and practice will help. It sounds as if things are really going well for you (which sometimes results in fewer entries due to more enjoyment of actual life). I hope life continues to treat you well, as it sounds like it is much deserved. Oh yeah, don't worry about telling your life story on here...I like your perspective on things and rarely feel the need for a back story. But that's just me, wanting to read more of you. ( cheesy was that..heh)
from ravynespeaks :
Just want to wish you a very Happy New Year. May 2005 be your best year ever!
from karmicenigma :
Glad to see you back. The pictures are awesome. I liked the one where it looks like he is holding the sun. Never seen anything like that before. Have you taken photography classes?
from michelle033 :
hey you! email me! I found an old email that lead me here. Ive been trying to get in touch with you! email me soon [email protected]
from karmicenigma :
Damn, and I thought PCOS is when you wanted to eat dirt. Guess I got that one wrong. On the upside (and there is always an upside through every dark haze...or so they say) you can eat lots of cinnamon to feel better. Unless you hate cinnamon, then I guess there is no upside. I don't mean this to sound rude, but are you guys living under some power lines or something, or are your odds just plain terrible? Either way, my heart goes out to you.
from speak-out :
Hi Solstice! I've begun revising Speak-Out and I'd love if you'd stop by. I hope you are well and will begin writing again. ~ Inkdragon
from karmicenigma :
Thanks for putting me on your diary list. Wish ya would have left me a note so I could have found ya earlier. As it stands I am reading 04/02 and can't stop (I like to start at the beginning). So if you could please stop writing until I get caught up that would be a great help....heh. J/K. Really, I am so engrossed...thanks for that.
from deadlyhope :
Love your log, Solstice. Just thought I'd drop you a line. ~ Dead ~
from summer-gale :
I'll miss you until you return. i hope everything straightens out quickly.
from speranza- :
Would like to know what your Speak Out thing is all about. i mean, i know that it is something to do with rape, but the whole site, Speak Out... Is it where people that've been raped can talk about it, or just information or...what???
from teddygrahamf :
i just wanted to say thanks for the note, and for the abused ring... i can't check out the address you posted in my notes right now, (my common-law husband probably wouldn't be to happy) but i will check it out next time i'm at my father's haus.
from magicfanta-c :
Cheer up. Life is an adventure filled with hardships and dangers but things really do work out. And there really are happy endings. I wish you the best in finding your happily ever after.
from anaz-gurl :
I posted a post on "speak-out"
from dailycomic :
I hate cancer more than anything. It makes people sick and suffer and die, and it stole my cat.
from inkdragon :
Sorry about the work situation. Better things ARE out there for you! Thinking of you, Y.
from candora :
great image, great words, especially the 'ready or not' entry.
from mojo1915 :
Hello. Have an aweomse day! ~Jesse
from lancesroom :
Hi, thought I'd check out your diary. You've got a great voice. I like the rhythem of your sentences.
from cryxangel :
the way your last entry sounded makes me wounder, did you eat your cat???
from dcalienz :
from twelvetigers :
E-mailing you proves to be difficult right now, so I hope this os okay. Sorry for the inconveniance. And the ring should be up on my page within the hour. Sorry if it takes a while to load. ^_^
from mistresslink :
hey--you're in the vincent d'onofrio ring and i thought i'd sent an invite to my new criminal intent one. (crim-intent.) :)
from dani-lou :
Hi. Thank you for your note. My cancer references are on my about me page. It lists the people in my family that died from various types of cancer. Although, it doesn't mention my current boyfriends wife died of brest cancer. Thanks for considering me in your ring.-Dani
from his-boy :
the ring code is on my rings page.take care
from elzangano :
Hey! thanks for welcoming me to the ring, i will enter some of my stuff there eventually, its just that i have to translate a lot of it, and it doesn't sound as good anymore hehehe... Oh yeah!! congrats on your graduation on friday, this friday is my B-day(may 23rd), and i'll graduate on June the 13th friday also hehehe see ya later
from katehackett :
there's a link. it says "rings" there.
from kikl :
from kikl :
did you get many ppl wanting to add to that online diary/poem thing????? get back to me on that one thanx
from brandone :
Why not?
from brandone :
from ravynemyst :
Found your diary by way of momenchance. Hope you find direction in your life; I didn't find mine til my mid-twenties and I am still traveling towards it now 11 years later. Will add you to my buddy list at my other diary (this one is full). So if you see ravynespeaks has added you, that would be me :)
from shawntasy :
Please forgive me, but after a struggle with a pretty hectic schedule I have reached the sad conclusion that I can no longer run the review site, Pretty on the Inside with the time and dedication it deserves. So this means that I will not be able to fulfill your request for a review. Please accept my most sincere apologies. Thank you.
from coldapathy :
Woah, you went to Pasadena city college? you're really close to me...
from krazypenguin :
It loaded pretty quick. I just right click and saved instead of trying to stream it. You so should send that to america's funniest home video.
from cryxangel :
I like your diary. And he dose look pretty bad in "Don't tell mom the babysitters dead."
from darkfairy13 :
Your diary is super good, hope you feel better =^.^= :-(
from coldapathy :
stumbled onto your diary, can't stop reading...hope you feel better..
from jerrbear :
I freaked out & locked it when C told me she found it, it was only locked for two hours though. I solemnly promise to notify you if I have to lock it again. :)
from sp0ngebubble :
Well could you put me back there in a bit, I've only got this locked for about a week, until someone quits trying to check my diary.
from blueswoon :
I'm so sorry for not responding to the note you left me eons ago, I had somehow turned off the notification option. I never check to see if I have new notes. I have no idea when you left it, or if you still want to start the diary, but I would be happy to help. Sorry again! and thanks for having me on your diaryring :)
from krazypenguin :
not any cliff..... this one:
from groovebunny :
Sorry you're having such a rough day.:( Hormones can be such a total bitch. Loved the pics of the cat boogs and the snow man. Seriously, that snow man put a smile on my face. Take care. Ta~!
from krazypenguin :
a challenge you say?
from krazypenguin :
did someone say drugs? i'm coming over
from andthis :
i wish i had that dream. i'm not a bush fan or a pro-war fan myself.
from krazypenguin :
I'm assuming you live in socal since you mentioned angelcrest. Meaning you would know where Chico is. Did you know it's only a 500 dollar fine to denate a nuclear device there? :) Shhhh.... don't tell GWB.
from onemanisland :
I check my notes about once a year - so I didn't see your pleas for help until now! If you still need HTML/javascript assistance, drop me a note at [email protected]
from cadmium-red :
hiya - i manage "badkittyna"'s layout. her ring code is on, or if you just click the daisies you'll find it. cheers.
from i-bled :
yeah i don't get the big deal about v-day either..
from writerchic88 :
I'm sorry. I didn't know. I guess i better not join it, since i don't have a reason, except my grandfather died from lung cancer, and i guess thatz lame.
from erz :
ah, you don't have to like flowers to be a girl. I kinda have fun playing along. Oh, and I like your diary, btw. -beth
from raven72d :
I clicked on your banner because I always feel sorry for small abandoned stuffed animals.
from reelthing :
just imagine yourself standing naked under a waterfall wrapped up in the arms of someone special feeling the rush of the water over your beginning to boil bodies, than you feel the blood rushing through your veins anyway just wanted to say: HAVE A HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!1
from fallnsilent :
i would love to be in it, only, i am grounded from the internet, and, i am sneeking on every once in a while, but, i would love to contribute, thank you for doing it, i hope that you can get it started. it would be an excelent thing to start an open diary... xoxo... kitti
from cheshireluci :
k. i'm choking, i think. i'm taking time (again!) to think about the site. i plan on replying to your email, but i'm thinking.. i think i'm scared. i'll figure out why, and then let you know. in the meanwhile, enjoy your hiatus. thank you for being a good "friend"!
from superchk :
yur open diary sounds like a good idea
from goal-is-love :
my email is [email protected]
from lovealot69 :
email me at [email protected] Grace
from goal-is-love :
Here is my entry if you want to use it still. Dear Diary, This entry is a big deal to me in my life. Since I gave my life to Jesus Christ, I've tried to talk to my dad about how wonderful God is and I've witnessed to him many times but he would argue with me, yelling at me and cursing God. It was always dreadful. About a month ago, I had a short conversation with my dad, who we take care of here at the house, because he's got Alsheimer's and can no longer take care of himself. He's been living with us 1997 and most of that time he didn't even know who I was. His mind would go in and out of reality. Anyway,recently I felt led to let him know that I understand why he acted inappropriatly with me when I was a young teenager and that I forgive him and that all is in the past and not to worry. To my wonderful surprize, the very next day, he accepted every thing that I felt led to tell him about God. It has changed him so much, that he is in his right mind now, all the time and is so loving towards everyone, as if coming out of a terrible nightmare, realizing how precious love is all of a sudden. Just amazing. I know this must sound incredible to someone esle, but it's true and I'm so thankful to God, because without Him, none of it would have happened." To whom the Son sets free, is free indeed."
from tenaciousnat :
i not gud at ritin poetry etc n i tend not 2 talk much bout ma shit but id b likely 2 ritte the odd comment n stuff... i fink its a gr8 idea ^_^
from lovealot69 :
of course i would!!!!:) grace
from xxmizeryxx :
yeah, i'm interested i would love to! i always feel like nobody can relate to me, and this would just really help to talk to people have gone through the same thing. thank you
from b-ballbeauty :
Yes I would like to contribute to it, even though the mental abuse I've suffered from isn't probably nearly as painful as others I would be happy to.
from lovealot69 :
how do i do that?? grace
from thehidden :
Yeah, ill contribute to it. Go for it.
from silly321 :
sure no problem
from silly321 :
Go for it! It sounds pretty cool
from lovealot69 :
i love ur idea on the diary.u should so do it:) Grace
from z0tl :
ain't no better feelin' than getting laid off from a job you hate. congrats.
from dieg-man :
congratulations on being laid off!
from b-ballbeauty :
I think the idea about a place for people to vent about abuse and rape is an excellant idea. I myself have never had either done other than mental abuse, but thats another story. I think that would help alot of people! BTW Great Diary!
from fading-gold :
oh, geez. sorry that showed up three times. i was distracted by ads and kept refreshing the page. oops. heh. i sawhee. i go beddy-bye now.
from fading-gold :
hi, summer. thanks for the note. i was glad to hear about your new work situation. [i mean, in the respect that you're happy about it, which you seem to be.] i hope everything's looking up for you.
from unfit-man :
...yeah we barely hear men confessing to being raped cause society wants to them to be non-emotional people...which is stupid
from unfit-man :
i just wonder if you will ever get males to open up in the new diary that you want to make...
from swtseduction :
your welcome :D i thinks its an awesome idea for this ring because when i saw all the people it kinda helped ya no? not to think i am the only one in this situation. nice diary by the way :D <333 cute froggy!!! haha
from raven72d :
I understand about living too deeply in memories. But I do wish that '03 will be a year of delights for you.
from dcalien :
Your new years poem was great. I am happy to call you my friend.
from shawntasy :
no worrys chickie!
from dcalien :
You are so thoughtful. I appreciate that in a person. Read you later.
from benkenobigal :
Thanks for the welcome. I actually have a "My diaryring" link on my older entries page.
from megalou1225 :
Luke has hodkins disease which has come back for the 4th time now. He also just had a non cancerous lump in his lung... a lump that usually only HIV patients get. Luckily the lump was caused by his chemo. He has gone through so much of it, so over time, the lump just grew. He does have a great attitude about it, and even jokes about it. He is one of a kind. I just want everybody in the world to meet him to learn from him because he is a great example of what people should be like. Thank you for accepting me into your ring:)
from dcalien :
I loved you tour of LA. I miss LA a lot, and you brought back some memories. I glad you had a good day Sat. Your entry to day was so well worded and poetic. I really enjoy reading your diary.
from dcalien :
Thank you for adding my diary to your life.
from dcalien :
Your "used to you" entry is amazing. So often, I Love You, means I love what you can do for me. write on
from dcalien :
Just read I want to be a white girl when I grow up. That and many of your other entries are very amusing.
from raven72d :
I've missed hearing fom you... But I loved the photos...
from mitfordgal :
Hi! I just read parts of your diary... I am in the same diaryring. You are a very talented writer by the way! Do you know of any on-line support groups or even how I can meet people with the same problems? I have all kinds of help here in person but am trying to explore my past with poetry and prose and would love to share that with others and have them share their stuff with me. Jennifer
from potireviews :
Are you stin interested in a review? If you are please send an email to [email protected] Thanks!
from maira-rose :
Thanks for your note -- I'm doing fine. I know his quality of life wasn't so good and he's in a better place now. I only wish I would've made more of an effort to see him when I had the chance. Still, I know he loved me and he knew I loved him -- guess that's what's important. Sorry to hear about your Dad's job and, on another note, enjoy Netflix! You're going to swear signing up was one of the best decisions you ever made. cheers, maira
from pretty-june :
sure, but i forgot the code...can you tell it to me plz? leave it in my guestbook, thanx!
from raven72d :
Ahhh... I do love large, friendly doggies.
from allpraiseamy :
Hello. I was wondering how exactly to post your ring into my diary. Or rather, where do I get the html for posting it? Then, I'll be happy to do it! Thanks. Amy
from raven72d :
Apathy is so seductive... And Xmas is always a scary and depressing time.
from stardust20 :
Hello chica! My computer was broken for two weeks, which is the cause for my dramatic absence. Thanks for noticing...somewhere out in netspace, someone realizes when I've disappeared! (internal chuckle). The universe is plotting against me as far as mental stability goes...but i'm rolling with the punches 'cause that's just what you gotta do. I hope all is well for you--aren't you distraught about the election? I certainly am. It doesn't help that evil repubs are taking over the country. My heart goes out to you sistah...have a beautiful day!
from raven72d :
Grey Street at the end of the world... I loved that.
from raven72d :
"AFLAC!" isn't a bad thing to say... I love the little butterfly...and I'll look forward to the photo.
from raven72d :
Lovely and gentle and fun entries...
from s-w-a-t-girl :
hey i like ur out look on they way things are, there somewhat like mine, u seem like a really cool person.
from brandone :
I really enjoy your diary. I read your 100 facts list and my fav was the one about your grandfather telling your brother how to fix the cupboard so it would stay shut till someone opened it. Brandone
from stardust20 :
Hi-hi! I clicked on your banner because of the ani lyric. it's so fucking strange to read other people's thoughts...and then I realize that other people might be reading mine and that freaks me out a a, "the teacher intercepted my note in class" way. but i think that that is what having a "diary" online is about--the chance that some unlucky person will have to wade through my various commentary and outrushes of insanity. that is, if they're interested in that sort of thing. i really didn't write you a note to talk about myself, i swear. i guess just reading the entries that i did, i thought you sounded pretty cool and it appears that we have some commonalties i don't have a funky banner for people to click on...or a pretty butterfly fluttering across my page. that rocks. i'm jealous as all get out. anyway, you seem groovy and i thought i would let you know that i thought so. you should check out my little rambunctious collection of neuroses and get back to me. just ignore the most recent entry--it's an unabashed whiny outcry of a pathetic girl-woman. peace, brooklyn
from beangeled :
heya just wanted to tell that i like your entry were you talk bout Lord of the Rings fanfic. I guess there's fanfic to nearly everything. I really enjoy Pretender fics ;). But your right some things are really just so stupid that they are funny again ;). Have a nice time *hugz* beangeled
from asrael :
I'm in the algebra class right now. Boolean algebra, which is the satanic grandfather of high school algebra. All hail satan! *shudders*
from justmyluck12 :
can you tell me your HTML?? Im confused as to how to make my site look better and I like how yours is. I will give you tons of credit and make them my own colors, can you please email the main HTML to me!? [email protected] Thanks, if you will...Amy
from parabola77 :
hi. i noticed that you link things in your entries. i am trying to figure out how to do that. can you please leave me a note explaining it? i would be so appreciative!
from maira-rose :
Don't quit the diary rings, Solstice! I'm sure people mean well, even if when they don't follow directions all too well. Happy 2 years, too! --maira
from maira-rose :
Love the new layout! Hope you feel better and thanks for the birthday wishes; it turned out to be a great birthday despite its poor beginning. cheers, maira
from busted-stuff :
yeesh, nevermind. im busy and i havent had time, but if youre THAT obsessed with me not having the code up... well, you can sleep easily now because I quit. I dont see why its such a big deal. Good grief.
from sparklefae :
My diaryings are under Sparkles and it's down near the bottom.
from of-her-soul :
Thanks for reminding me. When I changed the layout, my rings page link got removed. It's posted now. Take care.
from punksniper :
thank you for accepting me :)
from princess1024 :
hey sorry i changed my diary layout and totally fogot to put the ring in there sorry
from jaded1970 :
Thanks, and so sorry about that, I know how that is I used to have a very slow internet connection and took forever to open lmao, so got sick of it and switched to road runner, which is cable. And with all the rings on one page it was even slowing my computer up. And so I figured I would split them up! Well anyways here is the page Thanks again :)
from busted-stuff :
Im so sorry! I joined a bunch of rings then had to get off the computer before figuring out the coding! Trust me it'll be up by the end of the day!
from roserapturer :
P.S. ignore lockedupnow. She obviously doesn't appreciate the effort of running a ring and can't respect you're reasons for that. Thank you so much for having this ring by the way... It really truly is a service. *hugs you* I'm not normally this friend ly either. Enjoy. lol.
from roserapturer :
OOOOOPS!!!! I am really sorry about that. Not putting up the snippit that is. I've been meaning to leave you a note that i would like to be removed anyway because... well it's a long story but unfortunatly i can't be on your ring right now. i'm REALLY REALLY sorry about it though. i'm not usually so rude!!! I swear!! Thank you for noticing, and my diary will get more interesting, i promise, so i would really appreciate it if you would keep checking up. Thanks!!! Bye.
from onemanisland :
my advice - forget about Frontpage, just learn HTML, it's rather simple. <a target="_new" href=""></a> should have a tutorial that you can use to learn. feel free to email me with any questions you might have.
from lockedupnow :
your such a bitch for not letting locked diaries join your rings. god. you should like, go to hell and shit.
from comment-anon :
I love your butterfly.
from quantum87 :
um, take a look at my "vicious rings" page. It's in there. Au revoir
from chikkyd :
hey, just wanted to thank you for the comments in your note . . . always nice to have other perspectives, and i appreciate you taking the time to do it. :)
from ickle-miss :
Thanks, its nice to know someone else understands.
from open-eyez23 :
Hi my name is Natalie and im 16 years old. I joined diaryland about a week ago and i was sooo happy to see your diaryring. However i cant seem to get it to show up on my diary. I had and am still dealing with alot of issues do to a previous relationship and i would really like it if you would e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks
from chikbeatnik :
due to a bunch of jerk-offs, i'm locking my diary up. i intend to give you a password if you would like. <a href="mailto:[email protected]"><img height="9" src="" border="0"></a> me. in the email, the subject line should be DIARY PASSWORD. list your name, desired username & desired password.
from chikbeatnik :
you really just hit the nail on the head. my parents are just disappointed that i didn't get in (or even apply) to Berkeley like one of my friends... and that i don't have impecible manners. my response... "hey its your gene pool." *evil smirk*
from chikbeatnik :
just letting you know i've added a notify list. if you want to be added, simply click on the link on my diary. luvs, k
from saesaedevil :
No problem. It's a good diaryring though. It's just good you put it up
from chikbeatnik :
Ah... web-surfing on the company dime. That's a passtime of mine as well... on weekends though. And thankfully enough, my boss' daughter downloaded AIM & Yahoo on the work computer. Good times. :o) Thanks for the compliment... I've found that these days few people even read my diary anymore... let alone LIKE it! So it's good to hear someone does!
from chikbeatnik :
You make my heart smile... as it does only when I come across another person who's soul you can see through their eyes. I'd love to chat with you on AIM or something. Mine are listed on my profile. Luvs, K
from megsta86 :
hello- my name is Meaghan (my user name is megsta86) and I just joined Diaryland.. I also joined your diaryring 'abused' but i cant seem to figure out how to add it to my diary so it shows up.. if you could e-mail me at [email protected] that would be great.
from jodiebob :
Hey.. here's the link to an entry I talked about cancer.
from belladonna- :
Hi, just stopping by. Tasty layout. Your mom and the frog? Funny story. Sounds like my mom. She calls squirrels dirty names when they run in front of her vehicle. Laters!
from humandebris :
thanks :)
from aloka :
Uneventful things which happen in life are the most interesting things which could ever happen to me. I hope you had an uneventful day!
from aloka :
Thanks for the advice. All I need to do is tell her, but she's never around. I'm thinking of leaving a note for her on her bed, so that she knows that I'm here for her. I've been reading your diary & I'm so sorry that you're going through rough times. I know it will get better soon.
from ndslotesse :
Hello! I just wanted to say, I stopped by your diary. Keep Updating! :)

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