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from akindofmagic :
why thank you very much! times three.
from fight-club16 : this is Valerie, from ethereal-reviews. I was just wondering if you would still like that review (I'm sorry it's been such a long wait!) or if you'd like to be taken off the list. If you can drop me a note or sign my guestbook back, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
from measi :
Hi there~ I haven't stopped by in a while, but it's been due to life insanity... not that I haven't enjoyed your writing. While I had a few minutes, I just wanted to stop by and say hi. :)
from blondenbrown :
hey laura! o man o man i am grounded for 3 months! but i will write u letters okayy!??i promise n trust me i have alot of time on my hands so PLZZ write me back and i am going to be updating my diary n redoing it...cuz how it is now is not me now..LUV YOU! n i hope it'll be okayy bout Pat's bf..
from raresilk :
Your review is up! Thank you for your patience and I apologize for the delay! Sara
from girl-razor :
Are you still reviewing at beyondreview? There hasn't been an update there for sometime....Hmmm... Well if you're not please let me know. Thanks xxx
from tarotreading :
Please visit my site if you or a friend would like a Tarot Reading! Thanks.
from blondenbrown :
True, true. I guess that would make more since but I didn't know he had family out there.
from blondenbrown :
i don't know because you just should come n see your dad here instead of making him make the trip
from blondenbrown :
you should go to michigan
from onedarkrevue :
You've been reviewed by Attack Cat. Come see!
from dark-alure- :
hey it should work and i spelled it rigth
from xluvlegox :
i love the music on your diary. evanescene is so awesome.
from bbreviews :
Hi.. we t BBreviews are very sorry... one of our past reviewers was recruiting people before he left and forgot to mention who he left messages for. Sorry again!
from bbreviews :
Like reviews? Why not try Bondagebear reviews?
from dr-fez :
dr fez wishes to have you take a quiz!!!!!!!!!! lucky you
from red-reviews :
Like reviews? Try Red Reviews! =)
from deadendmoon :
i just sort of stumbled across your diary and i really like your layout. i just figured i would tell you that.
from appletwist :
Hi there I came acrossed your diary and was wondering if you are from MI? Cause I noticed the places u hate are in michigan. lol. MI is a pretty boring state :)
from reviewplug :
We were just going a link check, and we have your diary listed as an Advice Diary...yet it doesn't seem that way right now. Can you please get back to me and let me know if you've stopped with the advice? Thanks.
from dr-fez :
from dr-fez :
well sorry i hate to spell your daiy worng hump!!!!!!!!! bob well take his revenge (and yes i am changing it right now.....)
from literaryjoey :
hey, my AIM screen name is LiteraryJoey so IM me if u wanna get to know me better
from dr-fez :
hey its me (u knew that i hope...) there is an id theif help!!!!!!please save Dr. fez form the hands of an evil theif (i am telling the truth)
from sethius :
*shrugs* We can start over by talking about some randomness, if you want.
from bbreviews :
I've noticed you like reviews... why not try Bondagebear Reviews?
from mattalexlur :
Sorry 'bout the whole he thing, in case you're wondering, I'm a typing disembodied hand, no gender.
from blondenbrown :
hey hey laura i guess i have to talk to you on here lol since you don't have a tagboard ne more!! hehe well ttyl and go on my tagboard once in a need to help me upload pictures!! thx luv Ju Ju
from ladybugthe2 :
hey how ya doing, i havn't talked to you in a long time.
from sethius :
Sorry about your e-mail. Mine was acting up too, and I don't know what our most recent conversation was about.
from dark-cabaret :
Hello Laura, yea most of my friends don't undertsand my writings either without me explaining the meaning of them. It's the way you write, and the creativity you put into your writing's that make them good....whether your friends understand them or not..check out my story, " Dialouge between a boy and a serial killer ", on my old entries page..-Bryan
from dark-cabaret :
Hello, you left a note on my poetry page, and left your diaryland address. I thought I'd check it out. I see your a bit of a writer yourself, here's my diary : Bryan
from sethius :
Life of secrecy, huh? You'll have to tell me al about it. What's to do in Riverside? Uhh, actually, I don't think there is anything to do in Riverside; that's why I go to Redlands so often. They have a theatre and a theme park, and some nice hang-outs if nothing else. Riverside, riverside, riverside... I think there's a mall somewhere out here...
from sethius :
Riverside's fine, so long as I can leave it regularly. You should come for a visit. I'm 18, BTW. What's the statistic for?
from sethius :
Smog is wonderful. Actually, I just moved from Redlands to Riverside, but it's still the same genaeral area. I visit friends on an almost daily basis there. I doubt that really matters to you, but I couldn't help it.
from wiccareviews :
Your review at Wicca Reviews is up! Hope ya enjoy it! ;)
from ilona719 :
thanks for joining the atlantis diaryring :)
from raschel :
Thanks for joining the ocean diaryring. Welcome!
from afitchbaby87 :
sry to have to send u two notes i reviewed u back. u did ok.
from afitchbaby87 :
hi umm i guess the reveiws ok. the reason the links dont work is because i put them up today in a rush.

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