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from crazynproud9 :
I absolutely think its so awesome that you started a diaryring for penguins! That rocks. You should check out my diary.
from nosecandi :
SparkleFae! dont ignore me! I know we both loved the Babysitters club, and as Claudia, or Maryanne, I am prone to going through old things. Such as notes. old old old.
from piecesof8 :
Hi there, this is Pieces of Eight, a new fanlisting for avid Pirates of the Caribbean fans. Would you care to join? Please check it out!
from insanegerbil :
if you can't even trust your dentist to keep his hands in your mouth while he works,who CAN you made me so paranoid.i feel for you more though cuz you had to experiance it firsthand.
from bonkersquipy :
welcome to the drop dead gorgeous diaryring...and thanks for joining...
from dinguspie :
i despise gelatin dongs
from p3-corr :
hi, as a member of my power-of-three diaryring i invite you to take my charmed survey!
from solstice36 :
thanks for joining the abused ring. also check out, a place where you can post poems, stories and experiences about rape & abuse
from janet71712 :
Your page rocks! Paula rocks! You rock!
from heidiann :
Hi there. Welcome to the Geek Love ring! Thanks for joining and have a great weekend! =)
from yodelingyoda :
okay, i added the-donnas diaryring code to my diary. it's so cool that it's the album cover!! peace,cork
from laurelote :
Hi! Thank you muchly for joining my (Captain) Jack Sparrow diaryring, mate! :-D
from soandsotgs :
hi, i wanted to tell you i liked your diary and that i LOVE user name on neopets is bubblbutt in case you wanna be my neofriend.... i wanted to show you this website that i think is pretty funny.... tell me what you think
from innocence101 :
sorry bout the code... i'm workin on getting all the codes on my rings page! trust me it'll be there soon.. Ttfn
from extrafox :
No prob! I've always aspired to be one.
from jzyjsmalls :
Thanks for hosting it. And cool image!!
from changeitall :
Thank you so much
from changeitall :
Haha. nevermind. i get it now. if i were to archive my pages..all of them/they wouldnt show up in that list, but when they click"older entries" it would show up, because, it doesnt get erased totally from the times you put it in there, only from thte list itself. i gotcha. thanks tons!
from changeitall :
i think it's making some sense. So your saying if i were to archive my rings page, if they clicked on 'rings', they'd be able to see it? But going back and forth they wouldnt? Idk..haha..just leave another note for me
from endlessfield :
Ahh!! I'll put up the code!!! Sorry LoL.
from changeitall :
Thank you so much. And if i join a new ring i have to go back to that entry? And what exactly does archiving a page do to it? Thank tons! leave just one more note for me!THANK YOU!
from changeitall :
Hey. Uhh, I joined your lillix diaryring. only i dont know how to put tat link in my template. IM me at Cheerbutt2091 or leave a note in Changeitall's diary. Thanks!
from lerin :
Hey there... thanks for joining my zima diaryring! -Lerin
from anne-jumps :
Yours looks pretty fine to me, except for some capitalization errors. Since you actually took the time to consider whether it was right for you (I think some people just look at the "bitch" part exclusively) I think you're already in.
from fayewhitney :
I got your note and I read your diary. It is so cool!!! Penguins rock!!! Yes I am crazy....don't look at me like that....
from goldenlight3 :
hey ur welcome... lillix rocks!!!!!!! i need 2 get her cd (cringe) but i am broke lol... well cya
from lillix08 :
Hey.. Sorry about me not having the HTML up for the LIllix ring.. and I didn't realize that my rings page wasn't working correctly.. I always used to have the HTML up, but I recently changed my layout and forgot to put the code back up. Sorry, cos a lot has been going on lately, but the code is up now, I just have to fix the rings link.. Thanks for telling me! *Britt*
from slash-mel :
Thanks for becoming the 150th member of tatu diaryring.
from pillowhed :
hot pockets are terrifc. how could i not join?
from okdonnasgo7 :
the donnas rock, thanks for makin the ring. your rad.
from measi :
Thanks for participating in Interviewed. Your journal is up at :)
from p-brain :
Thanks for joining the 1979 ring.
from raschel :
Welcome to the Jensen Ackles diaryring. Isn't he the best looking male actor in the world ;)
from vyv-xx :
Welcome to the phobophobia diaryring.
from angryquail :
Thanks for joining the alphabetize diaryring. I can't find a link to your rings. Please leave me a note.
from avalonia :
*pops her head back in* Thankyou for joining the Pills ring, too! 303...dear me. You should win a prize or something *wonders if you've joined the 'obsessee' ring* ;p
from broken-eva :
jesssssicaaaaaa i neeeddd your screeeennameee for AIM!!! (IM me on either rebelyell876 or drownedworldxx )
from broken-eva :
*pokes you* the-velvet is basically me watering down a diary like this with stuff like whats on rockergemini. this is the really really almost sickening self-loathing Im-so-pathetic-I-made-an-entire-diary-about-it diaries. XXXXXXX Im warning you! XXXXXXX signed: you should know who this is...
from guessitsme :
"I have enough "reality" and "survival" in my life, I don't need to sit down and watch greedy people eat pig anus to "survive" and win money." bahahahaha. i agree. reality tv sucks monkey balls. music television? no, no. reality programming. like i give a fuck what sorostitutes would do if they all live in a house together. i like the osbournes though. yeah, so, i'm glad you're feeling better and happy and stuff. laters. <3 :)
from guessitsme :
i hope you feel better. *hugs* even if you are sick and contagious :)
from rockergemini :
readign IWTV!? BEST FUCKING BOOK ON THE PLANET! *I <3 Louis* oh...didnt realize Id affect so many people by shutting r-g. I didnt think I affected anything...
from angelicspill :
You have the cutest diary! Awsome job!
from no-answers :
I still have a complete set of care bears from the first time around :) I was a bit obsessive..... ;)
from guessitsme :
go here: happy holidays and stuff. *hugs*
from guessitsme :
fuck you nameless man. bahahaha. i wuvles you too and i'm glad you're feeling better. :)
from rockergemini :
aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, your diary entry title is from Aerosmith's "Just Push Play" !!!
from wifemotherme :
Thank you so much for adding me to your favorites. I am such a DiaryLand nerd but I get absolutely gitty when someone adds me. Again thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!
from wifemotherme :
I love your layout!
from no-answers :
Rainbow Brite! Ahh, I remember it well! :)
from guessitsme :
oh, i guess they took it down. it used to be a bot you could talk to like dellsteven and stuff. oh well.
from guessitsme :
have you tried IM-ing smarterchild yet? it's good stuff.
from guessitsme :
gee, thanks. i've never been anybody's hero before ;) awwww.
from solstice36 :
i cant find the raped diary ring on your page, maybe i'm just missing it. can you let me know if it's posted? thanks.
from sweetphatty :
just wanted to say how awesome your diary is and to give you a quick invite to the qaf-brian diaryring... see ya later
from guessitsme :
i'm sorry you're feeling bad. i know that's a big understatement, but whatever. and while it may not make you feel a whole lot better, i don't even know you really and i'd miss you if you were gone. i have a friend who also has pcod and all she wants to do is have kids. it seems like life always trys to fuck people that way. there's 8 million redneck morons who have litters of kids and the ones who want them, can't. anyway, i'm sorry you're upset and stuff. i hope stuff gets better for you. *hugs*
from rockergemini :
Aerosmith Rocks?!? Ok...thats it---you are going on the faves list RIGHT NOW!!!
from rockergemini : are *spectabulous!* thanks for adding me as a fave. Youre my new best friend. and Im not imaginary! Hey, we all have 'em...I, on the other hand, have an alter-ego. Roxanne Gogh Inghdown. Dont ask. Alanis kicks ass. Adios, chica! Rock on!
from rockergemini : are *spectabulous!* thanks for adding me as a fave. Youre my new best friend. and Im not imaginary! Hey, we all have 'em...I, on the other hand, have an alter-ego. Roxanne Gogh Inghdown. Dont ask. Alanis kicks ass. Adios, chica! Rock on!
from guessitsme :
hey you, just saying hi. and i really like your blinky buttons. they rock. k, bye
from pearljamie :
Oh my lord, that haircut story was absolutely horrific! That is traumatic. I can't imagine anyone being so cruel - and I'm sure your hair wasn't dirty. The gagging part was just ridiculous! And believe me I know about curls, I had a VERY bad, tight perm in eighth grade that my friends still tease me about. I sympathize with you 100% - I might just stick to Supercuts from now on :)
from nosecandi :
am I worthy to be talked to yet? am I forgiven for not writing? Im practically kissing your feet Im so low on the ground!
from i-am-a-girl :
hey there! just wanted to say i love your layout!
from perfectmeow :
Wow, I saw some clip from a movie where people's bodies were invaded by cockroaches...not a pretty picture. yes thanks for agreeing. They think all women like to wear that tight crap and ten ear old, who have NO chest yet..seem to try to be showing off what is yet to come. *lol* Sorry that has always bugged me
from perfectmeow :
Why would bisexuality scare me?? it's natural. *grin* I might be immature at times, but I won't point at people and go 'OMIGOAWD THEY'RE GAY..THEY SUCK!!' that's totally wrong, and I wouldn't be scared of them for wanting what they want in life ^__^
from guessitsme :
gee, thanks. you're not so bad yourself. no matter what they say ;) i still read you even when i don't update so keep writing, even if it is inane. *hugs*
from perfectmeow :
You've had some pretty ruff days huh?? Sorry I'm not on as much
from marieh :
welcome to the miss swan and julia stiles rings and thanks for joining!
from nicebox :
Hey, thanks for joining both my Neopet Addict Diary Ring and my NKOTB Diary Ring and posting the code and whatnot. Sweet ass layout!
from phoenixtease :
Thanks for joining the sparkly diaryring! :o)
from p-brain :
This is one gorgeouse place you have here. =) Really like it. I'm considering making your page as a bookmark at my place. =D
from itsmylife :
Welcome to the Alanis ring!
from erica2175 :
welcome to the phoebebuffay diaryring
from invisiblepal :
:) I absolutely love your page's design. Oh.. but I came here to say, hi, welcome to and thanks for joining the Days Addict ring. But really, the pretty design seemed more important. (:
from march-hare :
welcome to the kevin smith diaryring and thanks so much for joining!
from solstice36 :
thanks for joining the raped diary ring
from p-brain :
Thank you for joining my Hug Ring. Enjoy!
from forleafclovr :
Welcome to the Now and Then diaryring and thanks for joining!
from cailin :
Hey, Welcome to the Clea DuVall diaryring :)
from missprisy :
Welcome to the Brady Bunch Diary Ring.
from gbg :
Welcome to the FivebyFive diaryring!
from clauren :
YOU did both SURVEYS> After I left the last one, I check my email and saw you did the other one......YOU ROCK.........Thanks for everything......
from clauren :
YOu rock.....Thanks so much for doing that survey......You really answer the questions so good. I learn something about the move objects. I didn't know that..... I appreciate it so much. THanks.....
from panjandrum :
Welcome to the Dru†Spike Diaryring! Blessed be.
from clauren :
Hi and welcome to addict2sims diaryring...Great diaryland....Your layout is beautiful especially the artwork on the left is gorgeous. If you get really really bored, I made two surveys for sims. It is a great way to get info if you read the answers or if you have time, answer them yourself......ANyways glad you are a part of this phen......
from guessitsme :
yay horns. your hair looks really cool too. so there to the teenybopper. hee.
from guessitsme :
hey you. i'm sorry about your dog and that your friends are assholes. hug for you.
from guessitsme :
welcome to you. so sad you're going to be gone for a month :( i'll miss reading your diary. but i guess you'll have lots of stuff to write about when you get back. um yeah.
from guessitsme :
go you for standing up to that waitress bitch. i hate rude people like that who act like it's a huge pain in their ass to be waiting on you, not like, their job or something.
from elise273 :
Hi, cool that you find my diary nice! I think your is very nice too!! Houdoe, elise273
from poked2x :
when you get all jealous like about your friends with the abundance of money, just remember that you have an awesome mom, and they don't, so in actuality, you are richer.
from guessitsme :
hahahahahaha. . . i don't knoooooooowwwwww. thanks for your other note too. it made me feel lots better. i was having a bad day, well, week actually and it made me feel all loved and shit :) *hugs*
from guessitsme :
poor sparklefae. it will be ok. fuck what they think. if they judge you by a few isolated instances of you making mistakes, they don't deserve to be your friend. and you should wear your horns to the party :)
from elise273 :
Hello, you're cool! You're a fan from Alanis Morissette, and so am I! Houdoe! Elise
from perfectmeow :
OOH thanks but now my dad was trying to fix that mutant laptop from hell, and it got screwed so the internet duzn't even wrok nemore...*Sigh* o.0 I knew he should have let me do it
from mairwen :
Love your journal! Interesting reading - and the fey graphic is beautiful! :D ~ Mairwen
from nosecandi :
yeah i know if i wrote in it more id get more notes but my computer @ my mom's house is screwed up so I cant go on diaryland when im there, which is most of the time. So I just though I would share that with you.
from perfectmeow :
I think it was about 15 or 16 dollars lol *hugs back* yeah I know it's such a drawback o.0 hehe
from perfectmeow :
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU (see me diary to know why I'm thanking you ^_^) *hugs*
from guessitsme :
um, hi. so, i found your diary while browsing cause i thought your name was cool. and then i kept reading it cause i thought you were interesting and stuff and i am very unarticulate at the moment but basically i think you're cool. and you're birthday's the same as my best friend's. so happy early birthday. and this is why i never left you a note before. cause i sound like a dork. ah well, c'est la vie.
from chodagirl :
Wow... all the stuff I said in my entry on men and marriage was all a big joke! It was meant to be comic relief, especially to one of my dearest friends! So, I don't really believe all that crap... I sit here now with hairy legs, unbrushed teethies, and my hair wraped in a super water absorbent hair towel which looks like turban... and my hubby just kissed me goodbye to go to work and told me how beautiful I was! :) So, we actually see pretty much eye to eye... except for the nail thing. My hubby doesn't care, but I like them! ;)
from weezerdork19 :
boy howdy, that would rock to have a lj code. muchos gracias senorita. that was your spanish lesson for today. :) happy trails, beth
from weezerdork19 :
how bout that, i remembered. what i was going to say was that i had the same problems with livejournal too. i find the links through websites and become indulged in some stranger's life. im dying to snag a livejournal, but that damn code gets in the way. yep that was it. happy trails, beth
from weezerdork19 :
bonjour. i noticed that you added me to your list of diaries so i figured i should take a peek over at yours. i love your blogs. amazingly lovely. there was something i was going to say, but i forgot. worry not, it was good. :) happy trails, beth
from busy-milkman :
Thank you for spreading the truth about St. Patrick's Day. When I was little, I would wear green and my British mother would get mad and say "you're not Irish!" - Back to the point: I don't wear green anymore for the same reason I don't wear hearts on Valentine's Day. It's stupid. But, from now on, I am going to wear black. Or a black arm band on St. Pat's day and drink wine. The arm band should get some attention! busy-milkman
from nosecandi :
hey there, I was reading your diary again yesterday so I thought Id leave you another message. hi. hey mind if I ask how old you are? cause Ive been trying to figure it out, you have a husband but you're way too cool to be like middle aged. Anyways you dont have to answer that, I know Im being pushy. You could just give me a little estimate, like early twenties, mid seventies :P. Anyways, buh bye
from cagedspirit :
A very nice mixture of cynacism, optimism, nostalgia, sarcasm and the word fuck. I think you have a start to a great diary and I look forward to future entries. Also, I had forgotten about Smurfberry Crunch cereal...I used to love that stuff. Glad I stumbled across your diary, but I'm supposed to be studying for my Shakespeare mid-term which is less than 3 hours away if I do poorly, I'm blaming you. I imagine there will be other times I'm supposed to be studying and find myself reading your diary instead.
from nosecandi :
hey there. nice music pickies. i was listening to alanis and stumbled upon your humble diary. anyways, youre cool! we can hate the olympics and figure skating together.

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