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from lunarsea :
you left me a note... i was ohmyjetsabel x
from lunarsea :
psst! this way! i have a lot of things i want to update with but i've had no internet and i feel awkward copying things out from a notebook in the middle of an internet cafe. keep yr eyes peeled though! :)
from used-romance :
omg! du actully listen 2 the mamas and papas? I hav ever since i was tiny and i have never met anyone else who even knows who they were
from brokenwords- :
sure, whats your email?
from yvette18 :
oh sweetheart. I hope that things get better for you. You are in my thoughts.
from brokenwing1 :
"this i leave unspoken made me cry.
from hairplay :
off and on, I havne't had the Internet lately, but now I do, so I'd like to start again. [email protected] thanks 'hon, xo.Brit
from xgreymousex :
yes, or xgreymousex[@] thank you
from on-empty :
Thanks a lot dear. :) [email protected]
from jadedfreedom :
[email protected] - merci.
from murdered-luv :
oh, me me!! please!!
from hatexbreathe :
I do, I do. Could I have the link please?
from always-never :
[email protected] <3 why WOULDNT i read?
from ethereal-red :
I read. [email protected]
from failinglight :
I still read, and it would be lovely to continue reading. My e-mail is [email protected].
from cold-heart04 :
I read it, and I'd love your new diary. My email's [email protected] <3
from kyraga27 :
i would love to have your new link. <3<3shira
from yvette18 :
you know I will always read your diary dena. My email is [email protected], I would love your new link.
from longitude :
thank you for the recommendations dena. i will definitely put them on my list to read.
from soxfarxgonex :
i absolutely LOVE your layout...just thought I'd tell you..xx
from enchanted-be :
You're review is up at: sorry about the wait
from bradydale :
It's cool that you're feeling so driven to get out there but also get inside yourself. I think keeping a strong push and pull between living life and then making stuff from what's churning inside you is part of what makes both so good. if you're an artistic soul, you should never feel like you have enough time for making art or living it up. Just goes to show you how little time there is in a day. I appreciate your obsession with time. It preoccupies me as well.
from yvette18 :
hey girly I hope that you are doing fine, I have not seen you online in a while, so you must be uber busy with your job I hope that it is going well for you. I hope to hear from you soon.
from yvette18 :
hey you are not alone, you have me so there. *smile*
from molzo :
never alone. have me.
from eyesvacant :
I saw you added me to your favorites list and decided to check out your diary. I really like the way you write :-)
from suggest :
you've been suggested as a great diary :)
from hastfulangel :
I was passing thru and I came across your diary...let me just say I love your writing. Absolutely love it. You should be a writer. ^_^ ~Rachael
from yvette18 :
oh wow dena are you okay? That current entry really touched me. Just know that you are not alone okay?
from hairplay :
I agree, you don't sound like a cheap novel at all. Hope your mouth feels better soon. Mouth pain is probably one of the worst, because it effects other parts of your body (usually causes enormous headaches for me)... xo.Brit
from theghostgirl :
You don't sound like a cheap novel. You sound a bit like me.
from yvette18 :
I am glad that your surgery went well, but sad that you have dry socket or whatever it is called. I hope it feels soon. About your new job, where will you be working?
from molzo :
It looks like my mail will be too late, but it's on the way now.
from breathe-salt :
so glad to hear it went well...dry socket sounds lovely. poor thing...i love you! <33salt
from molzo :
Hey, I want to know if there's anything I can send you to help you through the time of the Evil Wisdom Teeth. I would send you ice cream, but I don't think it would make it. What are some other feel-good things you like? I will make you a get well package!
from ethereal-red :
Thanks for the note. :)
from breathe-salt :
dollface, relax...i've had oral surgery before, having had braces for eight years because my orthodontist is a fraud and we almost filed a lawsuit...but THAT'S not the point. you'll get through the surgery, it'll be okay. stay strong prettyone. ♥salt
from ethereal-red :
I just had my wisdom teeth out a couple of weeks ago. All four were impacted. I can guarantee you that you won't be changing gauze all the time- the bleeding will stop and will stay stopped as long as you're careful not to mess with the wounds. Best of luck!
from molzo :
Mmm...I like the new layout. It's spooky, but the other one was actually scary. This is sort of romantic too.
from floatnangel :
=) we had the same birthday! but i was only 18... happy belated Birthday, Beautiful!
from watty :
Happy birthday! Yeah, it's not the best way to celebrate by writing two finals, but I hope you are having a great day. All the best to you. =)
from molzo :
I would like to apologize for not having my shit together this month. you should've received an online card, 'cause I try to set all the cards at the beginning of the month. I don't want you to think you've gone unnoticed or un-thought-about. I check your diary everyday, and I hope that this birthday or this year brings you everything you ever wanted....or more importantly, ever needed. MWAH!!
from ethereal-red :
Happy birthday and good luck on your finals!
from jadedfreedom :
from treewillow :
Happy Birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day.
from redstarhelix :
like the layout lots. and, gary jules or tears for fears?
from soulfulrain :
I totally feel you.
from crying-dove :
Hi found your diary, you write so well I find ur diary so interesting, have a quick look at mine and leave me a note, it'll be reli gud to hear from u <3
from stats01 :
thx, i wanted to use this kurt cobain image, i will leave it
from untranslated :
this is pamela (morceaux) for untranslated, a new writing community nick (topbunknoose) and i are heading up in place of cry. if you're interested and would like to join, drop by and apply. we need some decent start-up members. merci beaucoup.
from blavender :
You are beautiful. <3 Brittany
from leslieirene :
Hi there, fellow Sparkler! I love your current run of banners. They are totally the kind I love to run. Great job. Love 'em. Keep up the great work! Love, Leslie Irene, (or just call me Les or Leslie)
from umbel :
just great.. you're true, ordinary and that what makes it so special. the truth is out there, but pple are to afraid to face it. i'm not. you're not. this means you're braver than others. "face your fears".
from dombilly :
♥ yr not a cheap novel. you are more than that. yr words are beautiful, love.
from soxfarxgonex :
hey...i woz reading wot that moron sed about u...and even tho i dont know u, and u have no bloody idea who i am...remember that all counselors and the like are all a load ov other words...dont believe them. xxraexx
from molzo :
If you really are a cheap novel (which I don't believe for a second), you're my favorite cheap novel. However, if I had to describe you as a book, I'd liken you to Poe's poetry. You're dark and deep and interesting and true. You discuss what others fear, and you do it openly. You don't cover up your pain, no matter how esoteric or ordinary, and I like that. I don't know what is with the sudden exclamations of love toward me...but I'll take it!
from molzo :
Can I float on the Styrofoam Winds with you?
from anotherwish :
no matter how many times you fall, you have always gotten just that little bit further than you ever have before
from readmypain :
Stunning pictures, even more stunning words. I do hope you will find the beauty you are looking for but may I suggest that you try the miror one more just may find what you are looking for.
from candyfloss9 :
You don't know me and I don't really know you, but after reading yuor diary, you made me think. I hope your okay. I sometimes feel like that. One minute I can be the happiest girl in the world smiling and laughing and the next I can look like a panda. I often cry so much that my eyes swell up and mascara runs everywhere. Anyway, if you want me to mind my own buisness and leave you alone then just tell me to get lost. If you don't, can you do wana talk, just send me a little note.
from blow-me-away :
oh and by the way you're going straight to my favourites list.. I hope this is okay? <3
from blow-me-away :
Your banner intrigued me, I clicked upon it. your writing reminds me of sylvia plath's who in my mind is one of the most beautiful people in existence. you are breathtaking. you are beautiful. and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Emma c xx
from molzo :
Mmm...this makes me sad. You know, I think you should come to Ohio for a visit. Springtime in Ohio makes everything better. Also, so does chocolate milk...drink some!
from yvette18 :
hey girl, man I hope that you feel better. I did not know that you were not being so bad. I Have been wondering how you have been doing, I have not seen you on or anything, so yeah email me, I am here to listen. Okay?
from hairplay :
I clicked your banner ( a nice looking banner by the way), I love what you wrote, the alarm -ed -ing -s thing. So true.
from brokenwords- :
are you my twin? i have been feeling the same way. happy & content & delighted. and then there are the days, days where nothing can make me smile. but the sun will always rise, my dear, we have learned that.
from yvette18 :
hey dena, I am so glad that good changes have been going for you. Take it one day at a time okay?
from lovelynight :
I saw your banner. Then I went to your diary...I loved it. May I please add you to my favourites list?
from yvette18 :
you are so welcome, I do not know what I have done for you deserve to link me in your diary, but you are very welcome. *hugs*
from brokenwords- :
oh wow. honestly, i was planning on doing the very same thing with photography and poetry. that would be an incredible experience; good luck, love<3
from yvette18 :
wow, that is a great idea dena, that will be great for you to do.
from sunnflower :
Beautiful banner!
from morceaux :
i've been browsing diaries today, and yours caught my attention. the words are beautiful - mind if i add you? <3
from toxicflowers :
thanx :)
from funda :
This is a test. (beep) This is a test of the Emergency Valentine's Day System. (EVS) This test is to see if leaving notes around DLand will make this a wonderful day (and weekend) in spite of not particularly being with anyone romantically at the moment. (ummm) May the results be that all this love in my heart found some productive use. (smile) And maybe a giggle or few (Happy V-Day from my other persona too :)
from starlit-lily :
Your review is up! Thanks for requesting! ~*Cielamara
from prettytear :
i like your banner :)
from glass-faerie :
I love how you write. Your latest entry is how I feel in so many ways. I think I'm going to add you to my favorites, because I like how you're not a phoney. You actually have depth, and quite a bite of it, it seems. Drop me a note sometime.
from notme2000 :
You see something in life. Something most people look over and never give a second thought to. It seems to make you feel like you want to die. But if you look hard enough you'll see reason to live.
from gloryxxfades :
kisses for making such a great diary<3
from gloryxxfades :
from jadedfreedom :
from lullaymarie :
Captivatingly beautiful. Your words are a window in the darkest of rooms(:
from fauxpas- :
wow. i assumed that nobody read/reads the shit i write. and did you know that you reciting it back to me made it sound 127312 times better than it actually is? and oh, just because i don't tell you this enough, i adore you.
from ktdream :
Wow interesting design.. I like it. Love your username too. Good writing as well.
from fauxpas- :
hey dena. i heart you.
from bluechicken :
thank you x1000 <3.
from cheap-irony :
only if i can bleed for you <3333333333
from cheap-irony :
anyone ever tell you you beautiful?
from opaque88 :
yr appeal to my conscience went through. credit will be up from now on (thanks).
from szumiebabe :
you. are. gorgeous. i am amazed. beautiful.
from asweettale : <333333333
from mlefantome :
you are a beautiful person - never forget that - and to take that away from yourself and others would be a shame
from fauxpas- :
you are wonderful.
from dirtypanties :
hey person. well, I just added you to my buddylist. I clicked on your sn and then I had to keep on reading your entries. I like your diary. Well, my name is marie, but my friends call me frijoles for some odd reason, but whatever.
from anotherwish :
*hugs* babydoll smile. x.
from scar-my-mind :
miss dena; thanks so much. i returned the favour of adding you. &i am honored being on yr list. yr layouts are fucking gorgeous &yr writing is as well. au revoir <3 x;kathryn
from fauxpas- :
hey lover; i actually had the site that i got it from bookmarked, but my laptop fucked up and now all my favorites are gone. sigh. it was an editorial from some magazine. if i find it, i'll let you know. lovealways.
from owauno :
(it's molzo) you're beautiful.
from his-boy :
username=cleo password=love
from his-boy :
I love your writing and the way you express your feelings.You're a very beautiful person.I hope you know that.
from fauxpas- :
starr moved here. because she's a weak fuck. love. toujours.
from crystalight :
hey, chanced upon your diary and decided to leave a note telling you how nice i think your diary is. sorry for intruding into it though. hope everything will go on fine for you. (: keep the faith. take care! (:
from half-hearted :
from foxwar :
the gorgeous girl in my layout is devon aoki the supermodel. you can find amazing pictures there. i am glad you like the new template though, i just needed a change, &inspiration hit. all the love i have left in my broken body. love, starr.
from eden-x :
i am going to be updating both, love, but maybe mostly foxwar. i love you, dena.
from glassshell :
can't sleep...havnt slept for days... we'll never sleep god knows we try... *itches ear violently*
from annexx :
Hi! I really like your diary. Enjoyed many entries, especially the later ones. You really inspired me, so keep it up! Your diary is full of emotion... Hugz
from ethereal-red :
Your words paint images in my head. You're on my favorites list- your writing is so visual, poignant and vivid.
from molzo :
Hey! I made layouts for the other spark diaries. I used your code, but created my own images. I don't think they're as good as yours, though. So, if you want to make new images to replace the ones I've made, that's cool. Just e-mail them to me at thespark account. I'll replace the ones I have. If you like mine, that's fine too. Let me know what you want to do.
from sad-doll :
<3 so pretty. ♥
from pinkwalls :
wow. w o w. ::adds sparklytears to favorites list::
from funda :
Not sure how I got here, the window to your diary has been open for a day or more, I must have fallen asleep before exploring. Fine words. And all you want is flowers and apologies in the rain? Everyone should be so easy to please.
from eden-x :
dena;; starr here. miss you. ♥
from babyisblue :
your writing is so gorgeous ♥
from sparklejaxie :
Hope you have a good vaca!! I look forward to reading more when you get back :o)
from nofat-chicks :
You mentioned the futility of resisting despair and disaster. Allow me to submit that the resistance is the point in and of itself. Yes, you get knocked down, over and over and over again. And you're goddamned right you get back up, every single time, no matter what. There's no shame in losing. There's gallons of it in being beat. Maybe you'll go down after all and maybe things truly are hopeless. None of this is any excuse to go easy.
from latintiger :
I think we Have something In common and both of us Miss our Man :( and Need attention isnt It? I LIke to read ur Diary :)
from barbye-gurl :
i know what you mean....never feeling good enough that is. but that isnt true. you are way more than enough. dont ever doubt that.
from x-schizm-x :
aww..i dont know you so i dont really know what to say other than ; i love you take care <3 amanda
from wings-x02 :
doll! you don't have a password only because this is extremely [ temporary ]. opening up in 5 minutes. ♥
from leely :
then i shall keep giving you more pretty words so you can write forever&ever; deal?
from leely :
your words are full of meaning &its quite beautiful; to tell you the truth. &your layout is [so so so] gorgeous. i love this<3
from wings-x02 :
dena;; i.m still reading. stay lovely, yr words still glow.
from kill-soma :
niiice<3...errrm..but whats the link to the ring?
from deprecated :
thank you...
from starlight42 :
hope you have a nice memorial day weekend. maybe you'll have a good time with your ex. stay positive :)
from carlita27016 :
heyy! no problem for the note - I love getting to know ppl. And you seem totally sweet! And thank you for the comment - I know you didn't see my pic, but I saw yours (on your Diaryland profile) and you are truly beautiful too! Thanx babe. Take care and I shall keep readin your diary! :) Of course. *hugs* From - Carly.
from carlita27016 :
WOW - is all I gotta say babe. I saw your banner and I clicked it. I LOVE the layout for your Diary. Thats what got me reading it. Wow, I hope you update A LOT cuz I really love reading your diary. Have a great day, from *Carly*
from glasscutmind :
hey dena, i got a new diary because.. well, i needed to get away, etc. i was wondering if i can continue on in your ring under that one too. -by the way, i checked your diary out. simple amazement. please keep it up. xo - starr
from exalt :
Thanks for the very comprehensive content review! Those are rare these days - you'll be jaded soon enough I'm sure heehee. I willlll just take this time to correct your misinterpretation of my layout. It is actually very related to me and my journal; the entire concept is the protagonist "female", myself (red riding hood image) alone in a world of chaos, emptiness (the grey colour), and male-dominance (the "wolves" shown as the image of the motorcycle dude, and hence the title, "ridden with big bad wolves"). Anyhow, thanks for the exxxxxxcellent review. I';ll be sure to be reading more of your recommendations in the future. tatttaaaaa.
from heartshaped :
is anything prettier than this? probably not. we should talk. xo.
from smurf869 :
Your entries are amazing! Your writing is touching...keep up the good work!
from mattferrara :
thanks for the link, and no, I wouldn't want you to take it off your site. Why? 'cause you called some of what I said stupid? Well, yeah, some of it IS stupid. Intentionally. And some of it might be unintentionally stupid. I'd expect people to call me on the unintentional stupidity... So, no, I take no offense, I'm glad there was some things in that letter you agreed with. Take care.

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