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from bloodnhate :
heh, babe, ur gonna yell at me but that day on aim i never wrote down the password n username n i cant member it *lil embarassed face* ... can u email me it ... yet again? *sighs* im sry. -
from cai5fnatux :
Hi. I haven't been here for the longest time. It seems like I take stability for granted around here. I hardly read this place anymore.... and I miss it. Anyway, I'm sorry you've been getting hassled again.... when will people learn to let you be? I miss your words already. I've learned to trust more since the last time I asked for your password. I was so scary and paranoid then about giving out my email address. [No specific reason, just another phobia, I guess. :)] Remember, the last one? was the one I used to talk to you. I only made that account so I would get reached if my other one [] shut down because of junk mail. So, I'll join your Notify List, and if you want or need to talk about anything, email me at either one. I'm getting better about regularly visiting the Library for internet access, so I'll try to respond to whatever you send ASAP. Whew, this is a lot, but I wish you well, and again, I miss you. Thanks for reading all of this. :) I hope to hear from you soon, Kat.
from bloodnhate :
actually no, i didnt get it, i dont have an email like that, sorry hunny, send it to the email i listed below
from bloodnhate :
awwww. i don't wanna join the notify list cause i never check my email. but u can email me the password and ill check it juss that once ok. :P my password is
from bloodnhate :
if i matter, why dont i get a pw? :(
from bloodnhate :
hey i ran into your diary...u seem pretti interesting. nice aol s/n there lol. :P
from cai5fnatux :
I just read your entry from 4 days ago. I'm sorry that you're feeling sad and trapped. If you want to talk, you can email me I'm jobless, too. It's hard being depressed and bored, but I hope you can find comfort in Moo and the friends you have here and in RL. Be well, and I wish you luck. :)
from cai5fnatux :
It always happens -- once I've caught up on my reading of your brilliant words, you've ceased to update. :S I miss you, and I hope the move has proven beneficial to you, Kat. Come back soon.
from cai5fnatux :
I decided to make a last entry before I don't update for awhile. There's so much I have to fix in my life without erasing my mind.... anyway, I'll write you here when I can. Thanks for everything. :)
from inanity :
Also on FTJ as Ars_Obscura. Uh, yeah.
from cai5fnatux :
Oh.... what happened? Is Noah still giving you a hard time? Is it because he locked you out? Well, I'm sorry you're locking your diary again, and I'd appreciate a password. However, if you're not up to sharing all the emotions in your diary, I'd understand. Sometimes, we all need a little privacy. Thanks for offering, though. Stay the lovely person you are, and smile through it all. :)
from cai5fnatux :
OMG, I'm so sorry that Noah could be such an unappreciative person. I won't call him names, because you probably still have feelings for him.... but, crap. Guys.... only their priorities mean anything. I hope you'll be okay, and maybe once he realizes all the things you've gone through just to be with him, he'll see you for the precious girl you are. Keep your smile, no matter what happens.
from valschick :
Hey Kat. I just read the entries you wrote on the 27th. I just wanted to tell you, for whatever its worth, that you are good enough in my eyes- you always have been. You are one of the most talented, gifted, beautiful, and strongest people I know. And if anyone can make it, you can. I've always thought so. Please don't let anyone make you feel differently. I still love you.
from drnkbynoon :
what up! its josh. from glendora i see you went off to college. thats cool. well i just got out last week and i thought id hit you up to say hi and ish. i tried emailing you but seems like your on this thing nearly everyday so im sending a message here. well babe it seems like your doing good for yourself im proud. well you can call me if you want it would be nice to talk to you. josh
from splnorton :
kat, Please, don't find solace in the idea of suicide. I, nor anyone, would want that. U r too speacial to ruin what u have and what u will have. Well, i hope to see you tomorrow. Love (i know i shouldn't say "love"), Scott
from bluelaser :
Hey there! Wow, I have a new fan (sp?) Anyhoot, I'd like to read about your exploits if you're reading about mine. Not that you have to though, if you have your diary locked, it's obviously for a good reason. Thanks for reading!
from cai5fnatux :
Thank you for adding me as a buddy, and I've enjoyed reading your brilliant writing. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be updating my diary any time soon, but I hope to one day return to Dland. Have fun, and good luck with your guys. :)
from quantum87 :
I thankyou for caring.. Your kinds words have touched my heart.. Yes, I have a heart.. I love you, my friend. One day I will thankyou properly.. till then : .xo.
from jonny427 :
Hi Kat! You're cool, you know that? I think I told you that before but just re-emphasizing it. You know what? I feel connected to you somehow. And I haven't even met you yet. lol crazy isn't it? Keep reading my diary. I'm so glad that you do sometimes. I'll keep reading yours.. but update more often!! Please! Stop thinking so bad of yourself! You're a cool person.. don't make it seem bad when it isn't. You'll find the answer when you're in all those psychology classes at UCSB. Not to say you're crazy tho (um...). No i'm just kiddin. Stay asian.. even though you don't really like it. Heck.. half asian, half american.. but i'm really Persian at heart. Hehe Bye Kat!! ~Jon
from quantum87 :
Salut mon ami. Merci Beacoup for your note. It couldn't have come at a better time; Awful first day back at school, fell over in the rain and ripped the scabs off my face, my dad stole my diary e.t.c. e.t.c.. Your note made me smile, the first smile the nerves in my face have felt for quite sometime.. So merci beacoup. I'm reading over some entries in your diary at present, and feel as though YOU are the one that deserves all the compliments in regard to brilliant writing.. Through your writing you are baring your soul to all those who are perceptive enough to see it.. So thankyou for sharing with me (and maybe a few others) one of your most precious gifts. I will be back. Au revoir ~Saignement s'est leve
from jonny427 :
hi kat! you're cool! just thought you should know that. bye bye! ~Jon
from cai5fnatux :
I know what you mean about that unrequited, one-sided "love" thing. I've actually stopped believing in it ever happening to me -- although there's a lot of space between me and forever.... I sometimes feel that it's not worth waiting for. And about that "bad person in a past life" thing -- I think that must have SOME truth to it. It's like: What could I have possibly done to deserve this crap I laughingly call my life? All well... good luck, we all need a little. :)
from jonny427 :
hey i read ur diary today. the one about someone who lives in wisconson. wow. i kinda had this relationship with this girl in northern cali and it seems exactly like the relationship you're having with Jonny from wisconson. Yeah long story on my part. But just wanted to say that this is some coincidence. ~Jon
from spookythingy :
yeah, its deify. good job. its IN the lyric booklet, so if you try and prove us wrong, ill send out my horrible fuck-minions to eat your flesh.
from tofukiller :
it actually is deify...
from jonny427 :
thrice at night? LOL i can't sleep listening to them.. they actually wake me up. I listen to them in the car on the way to school. But thats pretty much it cuz I have football and work till like 11 (i just got back from work and it's 10:40). Hey I read your diary and it was pretty meaningful. IM me sometime if you want. My screenname is: Jonny427. yeah same as my diary lol. msg me sometime if you want to. You seem pretty cool. If your shy (like me so don't worry) check out my website to find out more about me. tty soon I hope. Lakers won yeah!! (sorry.. i'm a lakers fan)
from phoenixtease :
and the ilovedave diaryring :o)
from phoenixtease :
thanks for joining the kittiekat diaryring :o)
from blackcat14 :
w00t we both azn n we both like glitter, give it here sista! there's actual decent guyz out there on the internet? i am amazed.
from dazy81 :
Thanks for joining the sleepnaked diaryring :)
from punkprepgrl :
Hey hun, here's the html, you can have it. <script src='' language=javascript></script><style></style> You seem really sweet. Rock on! Have fun with them starz, now!
from darkcircle :
I got the test from morguecrawl. I guess it's making it's way around:-P Nice diary lady. Good stuff.
from jonny427 :
wow you're good at spanish.
from dataguy :
And I, you.
from jonny427 :
haha yeah thrice rocks. they're my hometown band.. Irvine yeah! they're my fav band. hope you have their cds, or i'm gonna be mad at you (haha i don't even know you!).

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