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from onlydespair :
Wow. Thank you so, so much, that was such a heartwarming told what I needed to hear, I guess I could say. Yeah, being a teenager is tough, but you got through it huh? And you seem to be so happy and content...I hope I'm like that in 5 years. I hope to God I'm like that. And when I am, maybe I'll come across a 17 year old girl who reminds me a little of me at that age and I can tell her that she isn't alone. No, maybe she's just a little wise for her age and gets confused when no one can understand her...Sorry if I'm rambling, thanks again for the sweet note hun! <3
from wngsparadise :
LOVE the snarling Xmas tree. Hilarious, I just had to click to see what it led to. AHH! Good diary, in a favorit type-a-way.
from periwinkel :
hey, i found your diary when i searched for the lyrics to "What a Good Boy" by Barenaked Ladies. good stuff. you're pretty awesome and, if the pics don't lie, easy on the eyes. so yeah. hi.
from themoonbeam :
Honestly, no offesne, but you are flat-out gorgeous.
from carrythe0 :
thanks for the kind words. :) i like yours, too.
from carrythe0 :
...i don't know why we're not friends already. i'm nick, nice to meet you.
from superdimple :
Luke loves tha song, Meet Virginia. Oh god you guys suck.
from themoonbeam :
good for you
from sugarie- :
that song -- does it go like "i used to dream about everything in color, now im here and it's only black and white, i like to drive fast cars in the summer, now everything i do, everything i do is nothing good to sing about..." cuz i've had it in my head for the longest time and i have no clue what it is!
from splash-girl :
Found the site via some currency. NOTE. The world is full of attention-whores, and I'm proud to be one of them.
from sxepunk :
yeah i know your right.
from superdimple :
Hey Eva... I didn't get your address on any currency but I did hear that you are currently back in Halifax... give me a call or die, it is quite simple.
from natedogcool :
hey, nice diary! I like the pictures.
from trishtastic :
You may have noticed that in a fit of insomnia, I've read a large portion of your diary and failed to tell you I like it. I like it.
from augustsend :
I love Counting Crows, Raining In Baltimore is a beautiful song...
from lapisllong :
i throughly agree with your thoughts on birthdays, but there is one small revision - 16, 21 - the 16th birthday is likely to be either the best or most traumatic experience in your life, and the 21st is a great excuse to be stupid and schedule a day off from work for the ensuing 'following day of misery'. now that i am way past 21, i try to hide from all my birthdays now, anyways.
from esoterotica :
Much better on the font. Yeah, my settings are probably different since I am on a LCD flat display.
from esoterotica :
Your font is too small for me. Gives me a headache. *sighs* would like to read your journal. If you decide to enlarge it let me know and I'll stop back in.
from supernigger :
what kinda faggoty font is that...
from shelbyhul :
I don't see how anyone can hate Weezer.
from raven72d :
Moms are like that... Just play TMBG for her...
from raven72d :
Love your entries...and your sense of the sardonic... Does your mom really hate Weezer or does she confuse Weezer with Creed?
from panzer-kitty :
Wow, I feel like a little kid who just got a new coloring book and crayons. I love being the first to sign. But yeah, I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your banner.. how can your mom hate Weezer? It-it�s impossible.. she likes kittens though? right? ;)

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