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from jack-lyn :
exploding dog is my hero. :)
from silentlylost :
Hello.. you don't know me.. [ what a most interesting way to start a message. Cliche out the ass.. but to the point here. ] I have been with diaryland for quite sometime and I came across your diary today. What surprised me the most is that you live in the same area that I've recently just moved to. I dont know exactly what my intentions of this whole leaving-a-note-thing is.. but I guess I'm looking for a friend? Regardless, respond if you have the time. Thanks for listening.. - Courtney / Silentlylost
from drunklazy :
Yo sporky... I don't know if you'll read this message, but I liked your diary.
from parkplace :
from gumphood :
Whats up spork. How's it going? I am sorry to see that someone found it who you didn't want, but I guess thats the way it goes. Anyway. I just wanted to say hi. Hope you keep on keepin
from parkplace :
Hey. I'm Parker from Static Designs. I just want to tell you that I think your diary id fucking hilarious and that I added you to my "favorite diaries." I also ahve the same guestbook template as you, but I "modified" it to look alot better. If you want, I could give you the code to my modified guestbook. Just write to me, requesting it. Hilarious diary. Keep in touch -Parker
from gumphood :
Thank you. I do like Ms Sara. and I really loved Greg the Bunny. I wish i could have seen the Conan
from spork-master :
hey, some of my links work. i think... anyway, i got this template from static designs and am very happy with it. ive gotten to change a few little things so far, but when i have some free time im going to edit out the links i dont need and such. and who says im not 12? oh, wait. i said i was 24 in yesterdays post. dammit. i SUCK at this cloak and dagger shit. btw, enjoyed your wedding post, drunklazy. and thanks for stopping by, static. i had a hard time choosing between a few of your designs, and even got a friend to snag one, too. thanks for saving me from a the horrors of a default template from DL.
from parkplace :
Hey, this is PArker from Static Designs. Your diary is fucking hilarious. I'm adding you to my favorites. Keep up the good work.
from drunklazy :
I think you should try and split that couple up; screw her happiness, just remember "What about me?!". Oh, and none of your links work... fix that crap up; makes you look like a twelve-year-old :)
from gumphood :
Sing it brother. Well. Like the name. We will see how it goes. I will keep my eye on you. (only one eye, the other is used to watch the two in the back of my head that are always up to something) *stupid eye*

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