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from slick45 :
i am so glad you're having fun now chelsea.
from slick45 :
it's spam XI, not spam two (II).
from beanheadb :
hey, its brittany, whats up,lol!
from seenuh :
Happy Birthday!
from thecrankyone :
Baz Luhrman's Romeo and!! I hope you havea great birthday and congrats on the license
from bluebonnet :
from preciousgift :
Happy Birthday!
from overlyemo :
Have a happy birthday!
from dombilly :
happy birthday! :)
from ktdream :
I hate guestbooks sometimes. Anyway loved the romeo and juliet pictures and your username is really cool. By the way happy birthday. and have many more to come !
from mkboog :
Happy Belated Birthday!
from cinderellen :
Have a wonderful birthday!
from kathiec :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great day... heck, have a great year!! Love and birthday hugs, Kathie
from elliorange :
♥ Happy Birthday!! I hope you enjoy your special day!
from glass-fairy :
Happy birthday, love! Beautiful layout, I have a Romeo and Juliet theme as well. ♥
from pezpunka :
Oh, and what the fuck! The "(insertnamehere)dactyle, rawrrr" bit is all mine! I demand credit! Oh no, listen to me, I'm sorry.
from pezpunka :
Thinking of you...
from sad-doll :
Your layout is stunning!
from star830jj :
I was really glad to see you looking so happy on Friday night. You seemed to be the happiest you've been in a long time. : ) ~Jamiedactyle (raaaawwwwrrr)
from laudien :
I appreciate the note you left me, and I'm glad you like my layout :) I love yours!
from elise05 :
Hahaha! loved the comments! You just brightened my day times 300!
from star-gazer33 :
what what what what what ... ???? im confused
from hobbesthecat :
thanks pat
from star-gazer33 :
thanks pat
from the-slacker :
I just thought I'dsign this becasue not many people have signed this. So I hope you have a nice day and I hope that the next time that you want to lay on grass, it won't be wet.
from star-gazer33 :
from oddbawl :
hi. purple is pretty. kinda like... um.. hmm..lilacs.
from rachjean :
hey! whoa there! i was taken off you favorite diary list. well im writing again. so there. noe i demand to be put back on. now. love you, rachel
from patw-21 :
hey there, thanks for the guestbook message. I made you laugh? Great! I hope you have a great day too...check out if you get a chance. I'd love to chat...
from tinkerelly :
hey thanks for checking out my diary..congrats i believe you're the first person to have ever read it..
from undesirable :
You too? Muzzy makes me want to hug something squishy while speaking French. I don't know why either, since he's kind of ugly. Maybe they're using subliminal messages. *Hug something squishy* (insert french dialect) *speak french* (more french) *buy our videos, all of them* (french) *eat a lot of tuna* Oh no, nix the last one.
from peach-review :
Please check back for further pending reviews
from pimpshack :
thanks for the review, i did better than i thought. so you live near me too? how interesting
from undesirable :
are you back yet? i miss you. *smile*
from dominobox :
Why thank you so much! I promise, you can play with my thingy any ole time you want *giggle*. OK?
from undesirable :
Ooo! Can I be the 3/4ths of a reader? Oh that's right... You won't see this. Well, I proclaim myself the 3/4th reader of this diary.
from undesirable :
You prolly won't see this til you're back from NC, but you get those things at Or at least that's one place I know you can get em from.
from pezpunka :
Chelsea! I saw your convo on Bobby's profile! You're famous!
from star-gazer33 :
yeah ... the winning team that loses the championship
from undesirable :
Hey, I told you'd win didn't I? I told you that your team was undefeated and would stay that way. Winning team yay!
from slick45 :
3.15.12 - you stole my next entry.
from star-gazer33 :
thank you jen
from jentheash :
It's Kurt VonnegUt, sweetheart. Love you muchly. I'm off to bed, good night. :)
from brokenwords- :
such a perty layout : )
from undesirable :
from pezpunka :
FUCKING NO! I SAY WIIIEEEERRRRRDDD! NOT BEN! HE FUCKING RIPPED ME OFF! By the way, it's spelled W-e-ird in normal terms. Later, honey buns.
from thenewkid :
I left a note. See!

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